Prim Signs Stolen on Route 14 around the Early Voting Site

You can tell that an opponent is nervous when his supporters start stealing signs.

As I was driving to Cary this morning, I saw the four by eight foot Bill Prim for Sheriff sign in front of the mobile home park property right before the railroad overpass missing.

Bill Prim walked in the Marengo Parade next to one of his 4X8 foot signs attached to his float.

Bill Prim walked in the Marengo Parade next to one of his 4X8 foot signs attached to his float.

The stakes were still there, but not the sign.

Around the corner is the Algonquin Township Hall, where early voting will take place in the room right next to the Sheriff’s Annex provided by the Algonquin Township Road Commissioner.

Then, passing Marshal Lowe’s property I saw that the four by four foot Bill Prim sign wasn’t there either.

At the edge of the abandoned concrete factory next door, a four by four Zinke for Sheriff sign had been stuck in the ground.  That’s just past the eastern edge of Lowe’s property.

Some might consider this a coincidence.

Some might conclude that the Zinke folks are stealing signs.


Prim Signs Stolen on Route 14 around the Early Voting Site — 37 Comments

  1. …..or Mother Nature’s wind and weather doesn’t like those signs……….just sayin’.

  2. These shennagins always take place in the Sheriff’s race.
    I guess it helps prove the old addage that the real crooks in the County are working in tbe Government Center, not locked up in the jail.

  3. Right on Rich.

    Same thug mentality people that steal them from any good candidate.
    The establishment cronies.

  4. Waiting to hear from Prim on this.

    Are we sure they weren’t taken down by IDOT for being on the right of way?

    If foul play is involved, if is truly childish and disgusting

  5. I have a stupid asinine assumption also, and here it is:

    Maybe God is sending us a message by having the wind blow down the Prim signs.

    Now doesn’t that just sound as stupid as this article is?

  6. Holy conspiracy theory, Batman.

    True desperation are the candidates that who every single election cycle start saying the other campaign is stealing there signs.

    These mostly paper or cardboard signs often end up destroyed by weather, vandalized by kids, removed by municipalities because they were placed in the right of way or removed because they lacked permission of the property owner.

    I even once called a candidate to have a missing sign replaced to have them apologize as they were short and relocated it to a higher traffic location.

    True desperation and mud slinging as the primary approaches.

    I anxiously await the next vague personal attack from “team Prim”.

    I certainly don’t expect and positive policy based campaigning.

  7. Jim B… I don’t believe you….

    WOW! the “Regime is out in force….

    Trying to invalidate the truth about the “Regime”

    Well, guess what?

    The people are listening and now you are getting desperate.

    The Prim camp has acted with integrity every step of they way.

    You don’t’ see Bill Prim giving his middle finger at a public parade, like Andy Zinke.

    You don’t see the Prim camp taking down signs.

    That is not happening.

    However, the Zinke camp is taking down signs..

    Be careful guys, you might just be on candid camera…LOL….

    Think before you incriminate yourselves.

    This is time for the people of McHenry County to take our Government back and vote for Bill Prim… march 18, 2014

  8. Klatu: Last time I checked, the wind does not carry side cutters.

    Had a Prim sign which was put up with wire removed and a Zinke sign went up in its place.

    The cut wires were found laying next to the now empty posts.

    its OK though we have the act caught on tape.

    Beware Zinke sign people: There are cameras everywhere!!!

    If the sign mentioned above is again whacked, we will get the local police to prosecute – it is not in the incorporated area.

  9. A little known piece of election law arcana is that you are allowed to place a sign directly on the property of the polling place on the “day of the election” so long as it is 100 ft from the door to the room in which the voting is taking place.

    With early voting, the “day of the election” is every day the polling place is open.

    Therefore, so long as a spot can be found that is 100 ft away from the door to the room (not the outside door of the building unless that opens directly into the room), and so long as the signs are put up when the polls open and taken down when they close each day, candidate can plant a sign right on the township hall property regardless of whether or not the township objects.

    The same would be true for example of the CL City Hall, and the County building.

  10. Mike Walkup, you are just too nice . . . stealing of the signs has been going on for a long time. I think Cal posted a video of that happening a number of years ago.

  11. Yes, those video cameras are amazing.

    “Smile your on candid camera…”…..

    Let that Zinke camp keep putting foot in mouth… WOW! that Andy Zinke hole gets deeper by the day..

    One side show attraction after another….

    And now, the side show attractions include, “Jim B”, “ButSeriously” “Fukoku” and “GulfGuy” What an interesting Zinke entourage…

    More like a bunch of clowns…

    It just is not looking good for any of you…..

    Those Local 150 guys better run like H…..ll…..

  12. Oh, it’s the “Zinke regime” again?

    I didn’t bitch that much last time I got fired.

    Some people just can’t let things go, ya think?

  13. Could these orders be coming from second senior tax break in Florida ?

  14. ‘tinker belle” Probably… The Regime blubber mouths have the right to remain silent, but they don’t know how.

    Hey guys from the Regime, “SMILE YOUR ON CANDID CAMERA”…..LOL……………….

    Keith baby, whats the consequence for stealing political signs from your opponent?

    Don’t worry Mr. cell phone Sheriff, you can text me…. Who will arrest them, you?

    Please from above do not bring them in front of Judge Gordon Graham.,,,

    Chances are, the sign thief’s love popcorn..

    Very incriminating evidence…

  15. FYI, it’s even illegal for a municipality to take down a sign.

    If it’s on the right away, the municipality still needs permission to take it down.

    Signs are property and fully protected by the 1st Amendment.

  16. Allen: They can take signs down from the right of way as you can’t put obstructions up in a right of way but they have to allow you to pick up the signs at the Village Hall and not just throw them out.

    IF the right of way happens to adjoin the property of the polling place, AND the sign is there only on the “day of the election”, AND is more than 100 ft from the entrance to the polling place room, it becomes an interesting question whether or not it can be removed.

    It would probably depend on who ‘owns’ the right of way.

    In rural areas property owners frequently own to the center line.

  17. Allen you are absolutely wrong.

    Municipalities do not need permission to remove signs if they are on public property.

    Call the clerk’s office tomorrow if you don’t believe me.

  18. So let’s see the videos.

    Prim supporters have been accused of being only about vague personal attacks.

    You now are claiming to have video of Zinke supporters cutting down signs.

    I for one call BullHockey, name names if you have such solid proof and lets see the video on this site today.

  19. EVERYBODY has video of this and that-NO ONE has SEEN any of them, BUT THEY EXIST!!!( So Says Dum Dum).

    If you’re stealing signs, either side, knock it off!.

    It’s childish!!

    It’s already starting to come out-no need to look like a moron.

    Like today’s letters to the editor, Prim’s old CHIEF, backing Zinke.

    Some of Zinke’s people don’t back him, and some of Prims don’t back him.


    Cal and Dum Dum back Prim.

    If I did that, we’d all be wrong together.

  20. Dum Dum talking about spaghetti or sauce- kinda hard to figure out what the h he’s saying or meaning; anyone?

  21. ‘AZSupporter’ Pyles traveling buddy…..…..

    Part of that infamous “Posse” are you?

    He also suffers from “Napoleon Syndrome”

    He’s perfect for the “Regime”….

  22. ‘AZsupporter” and Greg Pyle sitting a tree. K…i…s…s..i…n…g…….They make the cutest couple. They were awesome traveling buddies…

    They tried to make him sit in a corner one time with a dunce cap on his head. It didn’t work.

    His head is too big because of that big fat ego of his… That big head of his, makes up for a lot of other missing parts.

  23. Oh, thought we were talking about signs-my grandson has the same problem-he lacks focus too

  24. “AZsupporter” you can’t handle the truth about your big ego…

    How many people did that famous “Posse” terrorize?

    That posse is under Nygren and Zinkes direction.

    One more reason, out or many, as to why Zinke should not be Sheriff…

    The Sherriff’s role does not include allowing officers to terrorize people in our community.

    The Pavlin case is one of those examples.

    We are another example of people, for which you have been allowed to terrorize.

    The people want our Government returned to the people for the people.

    That means electing Bill Prim..

  25. Dear God, you would think Duncan is talking about Thomas Jefferson sometimes.

    @AZSupporter – A few definitions so you may understand Duncan better:

    Splitting (also called all-or-nothing thinking) is the failure in a person’s thinking to bring together both positive and negative qualities of the self and others into a cohesive, realistic whole. It is a common defense mechanism used by many people.[1] The individual tends to think in extremes (i.e., an individual’s actions and motivations are all good or all bad with no middle ground.) [This is why Duncan can’t see anything good about Zinke]

    Projection – A defense mechanism in which a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world.[1] For example, a person who is rude may accuse other people of being rude. [This is why when you say something, he just throws it back at you]

    Credit to Wikipedia.

  26. “FairPlay” You are from the Regime and It’s a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down…

    An insider tells me that you were one of Pyles traveling companions…

    You are the one projecting because the attributes you are describing belong to you…

    Go back to your Cuckoos nest…

    Whats the matter “FairPlay” those famous TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” are no longer interesting enough for you….

    You apparently like your popcorn…

    Depositions going on in Rockford….

    Just remember, I was the one who got a ruling from the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulations…

    By the way, an additional complaint has been recently been filed.

    More to come at a McHenry County Theatre near you..

    The documents to be made public…

    Another one of the Regime side show attractions to be reviewed by the IDPR…

    Maybe this time they will yank the license permanently……

  27. By the way, your friend was just approved by the State of Illinois as the 17 person to be licensed as a “Sex Offender Evaluator” ….lol…

    Are they preparing for Pyle?

    Just asking…

    Does McHenry County know about him and his record?

    If they don’t they should..

    Documents to be released.

    Time to put a stop to those shenanigans.

    To be seen soon at a McHenry County Theatre near you…LOL…

    Have also been told that he loves popcorn…

    His buddy also has a file at the IDPR.

    Do the people of McHenry County know about him?

    Probably Not…

    It is public information.

    To be disclosed at a McHenry County Theatre near you…

    Can’t wait…

  28. Thanks Fairplay-that helps a little.

    Between his TV shows,and those non-existant videos, he’s hard to follow most times.

  29. Court appointed evaluators…lol…

    Not without everyone knowing their history and the findings by the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulations…

    Those poor Judges who continue to use them as court appoint evaluators will have a real challenge on their hands when parties involved in litigation in McHenry County have them derailed as potential witnesses…

    In fact, the public may demand that they be removed from any judicial proceedings that take place in Mchenry County, forever….

    Just remember, our Government is for the people, by the people…

    The people have the right to make informed decisions…

    Oh my gosh, what will the people in Mental Health Court do without these 2 guys?…

    They will be better off without them..

    Believe me they won’t be doing anymore evaluations to determine if someone is fit to stand trial, because they will be shut down…


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