“Where Do People Get the Crazy Idea that Once a Tax Increase Is Approved, We’re Stuck with It Forever?”

Tobin Huntley Pd Dist flyer 2-15That’s the question that the Northwest Herald’s Kevin Craver asks in a column.

He is referring to referendums put on the ballot by the Huntley Park District and the Johnsburg School District.

In the Huntley example, old bonds are being paid off (I believe ones with which Huntley area taxpayers bought the old high school building for a second time).

The result would be that tax rates would decrease.

But, if voters approve new bonds, they wouldn’t.  (Maybe I’m a bit off on this, but that’s the general idea.)

He also comments on the 377 Mental Health Board referendum in Kane County.

Tobin Johnsburg flyer 2-14You remember.

That was to created a new tax district.

Now County Board candidate Andrew Gasser led the opposition to in McHenry County.

Craver is on a roll in this column, so read the whole piece.

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You can find campaign material that could be used to oppose the Huntley Park District and Johnsburg School District referendums here.

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