Mark Gummerson Mails Letter in Three-Way Race for Seneca 1 GOP Committeeman

Seneca Township Precinct 1 Precinct Committeeman Mark Gummerson is running for re-election.

Just as last time, there are three people running:

  • Mark Gummereson
  • Robert Schlenkert
  • Ersel Schuster

A friend of McHenry County Blog forwarded a copy of a letter Gummerson recently sent to people living in the precinct.

Before looking at it below, please consider sending me copies of campaign mailings or door-to-door literature your receive.

Gummerson’s letter is below:
Gummerson precinct letter 2-14


Mark Gummerson Mails Letter in Three-Way Race for Seneca 1 GOP Committeeman — 9 Comments

  1. Gummerson claims he is currently the Precinct Committeeman for Seneca #1.

    Ersel Schuster, on her campaign website, claims that she has been a Precinct Committeewoman from 1993 through present (

    How is this possible, and has Gummerson won a head-to-head Precinct Committeeman election against Ersel before?

  2. Gummerson bested both Ersel Schuster and Bob Schlenkert in 2012.

  3. Could Ersel be guilty of puffing, or is it just political blather?

  4. How many meetings did Gummerson attend?

    Schuster devotes her life to the business of McHenry County and the Republican party.

    Gummerson runs to stop a REAL Republican from representing Seneca 1 when it comes to electing the County Chair.

    If you like having a County Chair who supports Jack Franks, do not vote for Schuster!

  5. Knowledge voter: your post makes no sense.

    You praise Schuster thru3/4 of you post, then say not to vote for her.

    I believe that Schuster NEVER supported Franks.

  6. Klatu: I will try to be more clear. If you want to elect a committeeman who will vote for a county chair that supports Jack Franks, vote for Gummerson..

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