Who Will Be Left Standing after the Election?

IMG_4553One of the photos in my article about the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum (“Prim Lists Zinke Vulnerabilities, Zinke Tosses Jail Deficit ICE Ball to County Board“) was a long shot in which one could see foot ware.

I guess the Northwest Herald ran a similar photo.

There were more comments about the shoes vs. boots the candidates were wearing than about what I wrote about the event.

They caught my attention, too.

Below are of the comments (as of just before noon Thursday) left below the debate story.  Feel free to leave your own.

From Fukoku Kyohei:

The bottom line to this debate is that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke fired his torpedoes, one after another into Bill Prim’s hull and he was sinking throughout the debate as Prim struggled with his own words as he was drowning.

Also, I am still in shock how Bill Prim was wearing those 100 year old unpolished cowboy boots and looked like he just came off the range from riding on his jackass.

What was he thinking??????

I know he is uneducated, but dear God man, at least he could have tried to look professional.

It was an unforgettable debate that I am sure that you Prim supporters are trying to forget.


Bill Priim’s cowboy boots.

From another watcher:

Sorry another…this was a public debate–the first and only one (most likely) in this contest.

This was THE time for the candidates to ‘polish’ up and present themselves to a (as yet) undecided public in a hotly debated contest.

First thing I noticed in the pics were Prim’s boots…right, wrong or not–image does matter.

There’s an old adage about dressing for the part.

From Really?:

Sorry another…this was a public debate–the first and only one (most likely) in this contest.

This was THE time for the candidates to ‘polish’ up and present themselves to a (as yet) undecided public in a hotly debated contest.

First thing I noticed in the pics were Prim’s boots…right, wrong or not–image does matter.

There’s an old adage about dressing for the part.

From anotherwatcher:

really, you only have to polish up to go before a Judge.

Hard working men do not have to polish up, how many shoes were polished up at that debate . . . most were real people who do not have to fool people.

out there watching were polished up. I call that FAKE. Polished up does not mean respect!


Andy Zinke’s shoes.

THey hire a consultant, pay for it and then they do not like the results??

So, Then Zinke says the results are a LIE!!!!

From oldtimer:

Zinke sounds like a Dem.

Shove the blame on somebody else.

For years I have been hearing about how much money the jail brought in.

Nygren bragged about it everywhere.

Whenever he was asked how much money went out, he would puff up angry and not answer.

Now his clone and heir apparent is saying you don’t make money off of this.

They need to go.

Prim makes sense.


From Fair Play:

I’m shocked by how unbiased this report was.

Well done Cal.

Nevertheless, Zinke won the debate.

I would like to point out that the juvenile detention question was a very important one too because both men agreed that there should be less incentive to detain youths; that we should look outside jail cells to get them help.

From AZ Supporter:

I agree Zinke won the “debate”, but come on guys, Prim’s problem was his boots??

They’re just shoes.

He has enough real problems with the reality that he’s not gonna win, so I’m sure boots are low on his list of concerns.

Besides, boots ARE very comfortable- worn some for last.

35 years myself, some good, others not so much.

Stick to issues; some have a tough time with that.

County got 6.5 mil to build out its jail which taxpayers didn’t have to pay for ( note the word COUNTY, not MCSD), at least not directly.

Any time you deal with the government there’s a win/loose joint in the mix.

From oldtimer:

AZ – HELLO – THE $6.5 million was our tax money as well.

Where the hell do you think it came from??

From Susan Koziol:

You must be kidding.

The cowboy boots?

Is that all you take into consideration when voting for a candidate?

It’s a shame that all you can come up with is a fashion design issue.

I then can only presume that Mr. Prim was a well qualified candidate for McHenry County Sheriff and you couldn’t find anything wrong with his qualifications or his views on the future for the citizens of McHenry County.

From Concerned:

Is that all the Zinke supporters do is make cheep shots at another person.

That alone is not very professional.

What do they have to hide that they are trying to divert peoples attention by talking about shoes rather than the issues.

From Duncan McHenry:

So, what they are saying is, boots determine if Prim is capable of running the McHenry County Sheriffs office.

Have to say they are desperate.

That is a ridiculous assumption.

They should know better than that.

Frankly, that only shows how superficial and shallow they are…

Personally, I would much rather have a Sheriff that wears boots, than put up with the Antics of Andy Zinke..

The Nygren and Zinke Circus will never end if Zinke is voted into office.

What needs to be recognized is that Andy did not address his own reprehensible behavior or take the time to explain the Rita Corporation fiasco, that famous middle finger and more.

Andy Zinke, had a lot to say, but what we need to realize is what he didn’t say during the debate.

He owes an explanation to the people of McHenry County, about the things he has said, and his bad behavior during is campaign.

If Andy is voted into office, his actions are just a preview of things to come..

Andy should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself because of how he has conducted himself…

Instead, he accepts no responsibility and has justified everything he has done. He is a disgrace disgrace to our County.

He acts more like a child than a Man that is capable of running the Sheriffs Department..

And, they are more worried about boots. If you really cared about the real issues, they wouldn’t be using boots someone wears to validate their opinions.

You are right Susan, Prim is the best candidate for the job..

From KnowTruth:

So Fukoku aka Mrs. Zinke, glad you were able to control yourself and not yell profanities from the crowd.

So much classier than cowboy boots!

Of course giving the finger from a tax payer funded sheriff’s car to a crowd of tax payers is REALLY classy.

It was obvious to me one side had the answers to the questions written for him on index cards.

Didn’t appear he needed to think on his feet…wasn’t even “smart” enough to pretend he wasn’t given the questions ahead of time.

If the public knew what was really occurring in our so called Sheriffs Dept the crooked lawyers and judges in this town would not be able to save their corrupt hides.

Wake up McHenry county, you cannot afford to keep paying the tax dollars wasted on covering up the incredible lawlessness of the branch of government elected to uphold it!


From James K.:

There is much people do not know about Bill.

He went to school in Montana, He has branded and roped cattle.

Worked ranches in every way.

Has family in the ranch business out west.

Boots are a part of him.

A real sheriff!

The toughest thing Zinke ever did was ride a bicycle!


From Rich:

Time for a little truth…

The McHenry County Government Center is just like most other government buildings across this great nation and is essentially nothing but a “den of thieves.”

Most of our elected officials build their little kingdoms supported by cronies to whom they hand “gravy” positions, tons of overtime and promote them constantly.

Mix in wasteful spending, training sessions all over the country and then paint a pretty picture for the dumb voters.

We can see this exist in our little kingdom on Seminary Ave.

Our Undersheriff blames the County Board for the shortfall in revenue and failure of the jail bed rental “program.”

This is the same County Board the Sheriff Administration goes to every time they replace a jailer who leaves or retires like the 7 new ones there now.

They also beg for the endless promotions within that facility.

This despite the numbers of inmates/detainees falling drastically.

Add to that the formation of specialty jail teams with all their training, the special sergeants, (IT sergeant, special team sergeant) and you see that instead of belt tightening they have done the opposite.

The same number of jailers watching empty and near empty cell blocks on the third floor makes no sense.

Of course we have a Jail Deputy Chief we ferret in from Lake County on our dime (we pay for his gas) despite having a very able Chief already.

There is also a number of jailers doing clerical work; two in Programs ordering supplies, one quartmermaster ordering uniforms, two folding clothes for the inmates, two filing paperwork in classification.

Pretty good gigs for topped out officers at over $37 an hour.

The fiscal irresponsibility shown at the Sheriff’s Department is incredible!

For the Undersheriff to blame the County Board while all this waste is going on at the jail is inexcusable.

Of course there are plenty of people who support this waste.

Those beneficiaries in Patrol and the Jail constantly comment in this forum and others just like it.

George Bernard Shaw said it best when he stated, “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul.”

From McHenry Voter:

I’ve been reading all these posts and have been reading all of the qualifications that each candidate has. Seem to me that Mr.Prim is farmore qualified that Mr. Zinke.

People,just go on each site and read for yourself.

It looks like Mr. Zinke is a career politician and talks like his views are written by some political speech writer.

Mr. Prim is more authentic and really is concerned about the people of McHenry County.

I want a Sheriff who represents the people and not a machine.

Mr. Prim has so many more qualifications than Mr. Zinke and I have decided
to vote for Mr. Prim.

Also, Susan you hit the nail on the head about it’s not a fashion contest.

It’s the future on McHenry County.



Who Will Be Left Standing after the Election? — 30 Comments

  1. If it really matters I guess someone could ask Prim “Why the boots during the debate?”

    However, that would be too easy wouldn’t it?

    Various reasons are possible, I can think of several but don’t feel like more typing is needed and the boots don’t matter to me if they don’t interfere with performing the job in question.

    Politicians used to wear powdered wigs.

    Some men still think bow ties are cool.

    And anyone could wear dirty underwear under a tuxedo.

    What matters more to me is whether he knows to keep his mouth shut about a pending investigation or sting.

    Would he need to have someone TELL him it’s a bad idea to blab to others what most of us think of as “need to know information” as in, someone even slightly connected to the situation DOES NOT NEED TO KNOW.

    Being in the sheriff’s department is not a gossip/buddy/crony position. Or at least, it shouldn’t be.

    Jobs comes first.

    So, whether it’s against the law or some local rules – or not, if a sheriff’s dept. employee thinks it’s a brilliant choice to yak and Prim doesn’t, Prim gets my vote.

    I’ve lived in Chicago and have seen it’s fall.

    As to whether or not he is friends with a bunch of other people in other sheriff departments, who the heck cares?

    That comes with being on the job.

    It takes time.

    Is this the real reason Illinois politicians are in their same jobs until they are long term corrupt?

    Sometimes you just have to shake the cobwebs out and start fresh.

  2. Who cares about cowboy boots? What we need as Sheriff is a leader who can make ethical decisions and treat people fairly.

    That person can wear flip-flops and a speedo for all I care.

    I would agree with many of you that Zinke won that debate.

    Zinke sounded confident and at ease while Bill was way too timid and had ample opportunities to attack Zinke on the issues but did not.

    I did watch Zinke while Bill Prim was talking….

    Zinke was shaking his head, having a sarcastic/confused look on his face, and noted the side off the record conversation where Andy accused Bill Prim of not knowing where Uncle Keith came from.

    To me, that demonstrated arrogance.

    You can tell a lot about a person by their body language.

    I was quite amused at Andy’s statement that morale is high at the sheriffs department and that any low morale is only representative of a small number of disgruntled employees.

    I have been told by many deputies who have been long time employees of the sheriffs department that morale is at its lowest.

    Unfortunately, many employees don’t voice their opinions and concerns because they fear they will be retaliated against.

    Retaliation at the sheriffs department includes being passed over for promotion, training requests denied, passed over for special assignments, removal from specialized assignments (ie. US marshal task force and detective division).

    I don’t believe in many of the accusations of gross misconduct there but I do believe it is ran like a private club.

    A private club funded by the taxpayers of McHenry County.

    Although I would agree Bill Prim got spanked in that debate, I do believe he will make a great Sheriff and deserves our vote.

  3. Years ago, a school resource police officer told me “To a cop there are 2 kinds of people in the world, Cops and Suspects.” While I liked the police officer, I was appalled by his sincere belief. Today, an “Us vs. Them” mentality exists within many of our police departments. All Citizens are Suspects? From what I have read and heard about Rita case, the business owner was identified by the Sheriff’s Dept, in consultation with the Feds, as a witness who may assist the criminal investigation. Then, the business owner was told that he was a possible witness who could aid the investigation. And, business owner voluntarily gave information.

    Whether Mr. Primm or Mr. Zinke, we do not need a Sheriff who thinks all Citizens are Suspects. I hope that anonymous is not suggesting that Mr. Primm will treat decent, all good & hard working citizens, like the Rita owner, as suspects.

    Lastly, it seems the only person who exposed the federal investigation was the police officer who publicly complained about this to the court and newspaper, not Mr. Zinke.

  4. Magellan. Can every deputy be a detective simultaneously? Can every deputy serve in a special assignment simultaneously? Can all deputies be promoted to a sergeant simultaneously? Can all deputies go to training simultaneously?

    I am sure that some deputies are upset that they do not get the plum assignment, promotion or training seminar. That is life. Happens every day in the corporate world, schools and government. Isn’t it the Sheriff’s job to decide which deputies are his best employees and reward those employees with increased opportunity and responsibility?

    I do not think anything nefarious about a Sheriff making personnel decisions. Obviously, with many people vying for limited assignments, promotions and training, some rejected candidates will complain, whine and cry cronyism or favoritism. But, let’s face it, the “teacher’s pet” syndrome exists in every profession.

  5. Could care less what kind of shoes they wear.

    Thank God for diversity.

    Now Zinke caught on camera in his police uniform driving his police vehicle in the middle the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade Sunday July 7, 2013 flipping off the local blogger so everyone whom was looking including children could see.

    That is one unforegettable moment.

    The fact he apparently tried to cover it up as resting his finger, that he apparently received no reprimand or discipline, speaks volumes of how the Sheriff’s office views the public.

  6. Almost forgot, Cal.

    Regarding boots, does anyone know if Ronald Reagan ever wore old, ratty (but comfortable) cowboy boots to a televised debate?

    Reagan actually owned a ranch & rode horses.

    Or, how about George W. Bush who is a Texas rancher & businessman.

    Did G.W. wear old, ratty boots to his debates?

    Mitt Romney?

    John McCain?


    Dress for success?


    How many would show up for a business interview to be CEO of a 400 person company wearing those boots?

    But, we are sadly no longer in an era of our Sunday Best.

    Jeans aplenty on Sunday at FUM in CL. FWIW.

    I thought Mr. Primm had a very nice & appropriate business suit.

    Certainly, the boots say nothing about the job that Mr. Primm will do as Sheriff.

    But, they were still some ugly boots that detracted from his appearance and effectiveness.

    Several times while he was speaking, I was distracted and drawn to Mr. Primm’s nervous twitching cowboy boots bouncing around under the table.

    In fairness, the forum hosts should have provided a table curtain.

  7. Cal, I’m pretty disappointed you included my comment about the juvenile detention issue instead of my debate analysis. That had more to do w/who would win.

  8. Boots or the clothing our children/teens wear to church during confirmation practice?

    Hmmm, what a choice.

    Scene: The young women’s pants were cut so low you could look down the back opening without trying and the tops included see through and low cut tacky as well.

    I’ll also, if pressed, take the boots over the Hawaiian attire of a local mayor any day.

    If the Fashion Police are so worried about what type of shoes someone wears, they need a lesson in priorities.

    In Disneyworld, the words “keep your hands inside of the boat, don’t touch the side of the boat” are repeated for a reason.

    I would think if you are a sheriff’s dept. employee you should know enough to keep your hands (plural) inside of the vehicle and on the steering wheel.

    It is more important to be totally in control of the vehicle than drive w/one hand.

    Some common sense things seem to elude people in power.

  9. Did anonymous really make a drawn out analogy of the 10-2 hand position?

  10. Maybe we should all look at getting rid of all the Attorneys that back certain politicians . . . McHenry County has many to boot right out!

  11. I took the comments under the debate article as of just before noon Thursday.

    Feel free to post yours again.

  12. I am shocked that my joke about Bill Prim’s cowboy boots would make such an impact that sidetracked so many from the main issues, but we have to admit, those cowboy boots did look abnormal.

    What I should have said to get my point across was, giving that first impressions are very important, such as going to a job interview, and wearing those cowboy boots just didn’t give that first good look impression.

    If we all take a look at the photograph of Undersheriff Andrew Zinke and Bill Prim on stage posted by Cal, Bill Prim comes off as one of the “Good Old Boys” that just came from a hoedown.

    To be taken seriously, you must look serious, and Bill Prim just didn’t look like he was taking this debate serious, so why should the voters take him serious?

    I am serious. 🙂

  13. The only thing worse than cowboy boots is white eye shadow.

    Who wears that anymore?!?

    What is this, 1997?

    You know who you are LOL

  14. The photos of the shoes show just how ratty those black (?) shoes are.

    Who would wear scuffed up unpolished shoes and then point a finger to somewhere wearing cowboy boots?

    Says more about the folks that are complaining than either candidate.

  15. Thanks Cal.
    I just wanted to say too, I really appreciate your reporting in the last couple of days. It has been spot on, genuine, and factual.

    Well done again good sir.


    (Per Mr. Skinner’s approval, here are my comments concerning the debate on Friday incase anyone new has joined the conversation.)

    To begin, Mr Prim came out attacking Zinke immediately. Bill came off as rather cold and his initial indictments about Rita as well allegations concerning petitions being circulated were never responded to by Zinke. Zinke took the high road and decided to focus his opening statement on what made him qualified.

    When asked by he was qualified later in the debate, Mr. Prim didn’t point to any qualifications, rather he decided to say he was qualified because he would be able to ask within the department from other officers what needs to be done and then went on a ramble about cost savings saying that there was a 5,000% increase in budgetting at the Sherriff office, which Zinke later pointed out was primarily related to if an officer wants time to take off for his family (i.e. if an officer had a baby and needed time off.)

    There were moments in the debate where the two candidates actually agreed on issues. For example: Both candidates believed that there should not be additional juvenile detention at the sheriff office. As well, they both agreed that social media was a great opportunity to enhance the sheriff’s ability to serve the community. Finally, both candidates agreed that THEY would be better as Sheriff in McHenry County! 😉

    All joking aside, Zinke coldly pointed out that Prim overexaggerated how much money he personally brought into his former department by stating that the 9 million dollars was a multi-department operation and to say Prim brought 9 million all in was an insult to other offices. Prim never responded to this point.

    Mr. Prim attacked Andy for the ICE contract. Zinke responded that it was the responsibility of the County Board to negotiate this contract – which is true as Kevin Craver pointed out on Twitter. Prim asked for additional time and moved the goal posts saying that the Sheriff would still have input in to the decision, effectively backing off of many allegations on this blog that it is the sheriff’s office is fault for the contract.

    Zinke also pointed out that there is a lot of misinformation surrounding the ICE contract stating that the statistic sources Mr. Prim was using are entirely false. Prim never responded to this claim.

    Prim had a great argument when he said that Keith Nygren was not originally from McHenry County. But this was largely a misnomer as Zinke pointed out he had spent time in the community and forged relationships with many of the other departments. Prim, and I quote said, “I have worked with all… well most of the agencies in government [in my career.]” Short on the details, Prim resulted to general brush strokes of “cut spending, eliminate waste, boost morale” as his goals for the department. Andy got into specifics, but to the casual observer, may have come off as a bit confusing because he did say so much.

    Zinke had a great point about the importance of social media in the Sheriff office and being more technologically oriented. During the same question, Prim began on a ramble about how it was important for Volunteers to be part of the sheriff office when he was asked the same question of technology. Zinke asked for more time and said that he would keep to the technology question, rebuttling some of Prims points on the technology question.

    Lasting thoughts:
    Andy Zinke came off a bit robotic at times and spoke a bit too fast for some of the old folks at home. Prim came of rather monotone and was actually chewing gum as the debate began, which came off as rather unprofessional – especially for someone who would be looking over a 36 million county agency. Zinke was very detailed in his responses and proved a very great understanding of the department as it is today. Prim tried to point faults in Zinke even in his closing argument instead of propping himself up, yet, to the casual observer, Prim’s examples may have proved a bit confusing because he never really went on to explain WHAT the Rita Corp situation was or what the deal was with petitioners having complaints filed against them in the Sheriff office.

    Prim’s body language was rather dismissive, condescending and his voice monotone. Zinke, though quick with the tongue was a bit too defensive at times, yet proved an immense understanding of the department compared to Prim. And Prim, despite a large stack of paper next to him that he only referenced the first sheet a total of four times, wrote few notes, and seemed a bit out of place. I would agree with Gary Rabine’s previous analysis that “Prim is no politician.” That said, after this debate, Zinke proved not only his mastery of the McHenry County Sheriff’s office, but also that of public life with his mastery of the stage and having keenly pointed out that Bill Prim has not contacted ANY of the local police chief’s in the area. Overall, it definitely seemed like Zinke won with Prim finishing yards behind.

  16. This entire discussion about the debates reminds me of an old George W line used after his late night TV critics crucified him.

    He told the hypothetical story of himself, Bill Clinton and a Jesse Jackson all in a sinking boat twenty feet from shore.

    Clinton and Jesse jumped into the water and swam to shore.

    “W” however did not panic, looked over the situation and observed some submerged stones.

    He carefully jumped from one stone to another thereby making it to shore without getting wet.

    The TV reports said, “boat sinks. Clinton and Jackson swim to shore, Bush can’t swim?”

    Sometimes people are so blinded by their own prejudice that regardless how good or bad their guy is, they can not see good in the other.

    In my perspective Zinke clearly had a command presence, answered the moderators questions directly and succinctly.

    Prim did not answer questions asked but rather tried to use canned answers aimed at discrediting Zinke or the MCSO.

    I could care less if he wore cowboy boots or high heels.

    I only want someone whom I feel is clearly capable and ready to be Sheriff.

    I felt the choice was clear and that person is Andy Zinke, but there again, maybe Zinke can swim. 🙂

  17. Fair Play, I believe you summed up the debate very well on your post 2/27 @ 7:43 P.M.

    These two men are interviewing before the public for the job of sheriff.

    I feel it is important to present yourself in a professional manner.

    I was turned off by Mr. Prim’s attire and gum chewing.

    In addition, I felt his his answers lacked explanation or resolve to a problem.

    I believe he said at one point that just because he doesn’t know the police chiefs in McHenry County, doesn’t mean that he can’t do the job.

    Mr. Zinke has a long history and relations within this county.

    I did go to both websites created for their run for office.

    Both parties seem to have close police experience as far as working in various police positions within their respective department.

    However, Mr. Zinke has much more education.

    He has a Masters degree and has attended the FBI National Academy.

    Mr. Prim’s website just states that he just attended various colleges but doesn’t actually state a degree earned.

    The Sheriff’s office is not just a policing institute, but also a business that needs to be run.

    Mr. Zinke’s experience and education make him the best candidate to run that office.

    I didn’t know either one and have based my opinion from the debate and what information I was able to pull from the candidates websites.

    Thank you NW Herald for posting the video.

  18. Cindy, Zinke never brought up the boots issue, that was an observation of a commenter here.

    Maybe Prim likes them because they make him appear taller?

    Maybe he thinks of a Sheriff and thinks he should look like

    Matt Dillon (actually Marshall Dillon) Maybe he is infatuated with Nancy Sinatra, who knows?

    I agree with others that it is a non issue.

    More importantly was his inability to answer the moderators questions without resorting to some campaign rhetoric.

  19. For politician’s, appearance & image are half the battle, not substance.

    An unfortunate reality.

    Why do you think that Chris Christie underwent lap band surgery?

    For his health, or a Presidential bid.

    The debate video was the 1st time that I ever saw Bill Primm live.

    Like all humans, I immediately sized up his appearance.

    Clean-cut appearance & haircut, nice business suit and ratty old cowboy boots.

    Then, I listened to his substance when not distracted by his cowboy boots.

    Hosts should have provided a table curtain.

    Clearly, Mr. Primm wore the cowboy boots for effect.

    And, given the preoccupation of posters, Mr. Primm received effect.

  20. In some way Cal did a disservice to Prim. I watched the moderated debate via the NWH website and would never have known about the ratty cowboy boots until Cal posted those great photos of those nasty looking boots here. Thanks Cal.

    In the Chicago area, If I were a political candidate I would not choose a cowboy image.

    If I were running for Sheriff in a county of a western state, then it would be appropriate. I contend that in this area, the cowboy boots depict a cowboy mentality. You know the shoot’um up image.

    If Prim changes his attire, I will take that as meaning he is sensitive to the blogs and disregards people like Duncan with their bizarre repetitive comments.

    But on the other hand Russia’s Vladimir Putin wears cowboy boots and rides a horse bare chested. Maybe Prim wants to be like Root’n Root’n Vladimir Putin.

    Cal, do you have any bare chested photos of a Prim on his horse?

  21. Hey, Gulf Guy, Bill Primm has every right to prance around on a horse bare-chested and clad only in jeans and cowboy boots if he wants.

    That has nothing to do with running the Sheriff’s Department.

    I only care about issues. LOL.

  22. Teacher 155 and Golf guy.

    You are making the win for Prim much easier.

    By your comments which reflect Zinky supporters are childish and shows you are not taking the Sheriff ‘s election seriously.

    You are making the Zinky campaign fools.. How immature.

  23. Don’t forget to make note of who your County Board members are supporting.

    I know I am making note of that for future reference.

  24. “GulfGuy’ You are out of touch with reality.

    McHenry County is not Chicago. Wake Up! Take a look at the McHenry County Fair, horses, cows, roosters etc…. 4H still exists.

    President George Bush has warn his boots at several fine dining events, while he was in office..

    You are no expert on fashion , just hole in ones and Pyle.

  25. VOTER>>> No, quite to the contrary.

    I see these posts as humorous pokes at people that dwell on the little things rather than the quality of the candidate.

    That’s what I tried to say by using the analogy of George W Bush.

    People are so blinded by their like or dislike for one or the other candidate, that they can not see real qualities.

    By throwing some levity into the discussion it lightens the dialog.

    I might add that Duncan McHenry uses neither humor or levity.

    He resorts to gutter politics and name calling which for me is a total turn off.

  26. Very astute observation Notawannabe.

    A McHenry County Blog poster with intelligence who recognize satire.


    You are correct that my 11:03am post was not directed at Mr. Primm whatsoever.

    And, Duncan.

    Neither Ronald Reagan nor George W. Bush EVER wore ratty, old cowboy boots at a televised debate.

    Sure, at some formal occasions (especially in Texas), G.W wore expensive dress cowboy boots, but not his old, worn Sh*tkickers.

    Both Reagan & G.W. reserved their Sh*tkickers for the ranch.

    Personally, I think that nice, dress cowboy boots would have been highly appropriate & complemented Mr. Primm’s otherwise very professional appearance.

    But, the Sh*tkickers detracted from his appearance and distracted from his presentation.

    I am confident that Mr. Primm made an intentional decision to wear his Sh*tkickers for effect.

    He wanted to make a non-verbal statement by his cowboy boots.

    Now, the Primmies are upset when someone comments upon Mr. Primm’s chosen image.

    What would we say if a candidate shows up to a debate in a gaudy Hawaiian shirt, beach shorts & mandles?

    That is OK.

    It doesn’t reflect upon his ability as Sheriff.

    Just a laid back personality.

  27. S Gal.

    Give me a County Board District and tell me who the candidates are, then I will give you my picks.

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