Smith Tagets Schuster in District 6 GOP Primary

I have encouraged candidates who want to make it easy for those seeking information about them on the internet to send me their campaign pieces.

District 6 Republican challenger sent what you see below:
Smith card bio

On the top is the statement, “My opponents are costing you money every day!”

On the right hand side of the bottom is how Smith stands on various issues.

You will note that there is a sustained attack on incumbent Ersel Schuster on the lower left hand side. ┬áHe criticizes her for voting against accepting Federal and state grant money, while voting to hire Washington lobbyists “to help get grants for McHenry County.”


Smith Tagets Schuster in District 6 GOP Primary — 4 Comments

  1. What Larry Smith doesn’t know is that grants do cost tax payers, not always locally, but they do raise taxes.

  2. Not only do grants raise taxes, they cause the local employment of MORE public sector employees. Go to this link:

    The link shows you ALL government grants.

    We are not talking one or two, we are talking at least one hundred.

    Each grant has to be tracked and proper reports have to be issued or the federal / state government will ask for their money back.

    In addition, by reading the linked document you can readily observe where the RULES were not followed.

    Now, go to the federal register and look up the definition of “homeless”:

    Read from page 75994 through 76019 and you tell me if anyone can possibly adhere to all of those rules.

    If the feds want to find a problem with a local grant – they will.

    Just read the audit report referenced and you may understand why we should totally understand the ramifications when we take federal government grants.

    Mr. Smith has shown his total ignorance of what is involved!!

    Mrs. Schuster understands and serves the citizens by understanding the impact of grants.

  3. Well done Knowledge voter! The question then becomes, why did he target Schuster and not Avang?

    Is it because he is afraid Schuster will vote against his governmental beliefs?

    Or is he and Avang in cahoots with one another?

    His HIT piece sure begs a lot of unanswered questions. Just askin’……

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