ALAW Announces Endorsements

A press release from Patricia Kennedy, President of the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water:

ALAW County Board Candidate Endorsements

McHenry County Board district map

McHenry County Board district map

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water (ALAW) endorses seven candidates for McHenry County Board:

  • District 1: Andrew Gasser
  • District 2: Donna Kurtz
  • District 3: Nancy Gonsiorek
  • District 4: John Hammerand
  • District 5: John Jung Jr. and Zane Seipler
  • District 6: Ersel Schuster

Our endorsed candidates all have shown an understanding of the complex relationship of land use to the preservation of open space, agriculture and water resources.  

All support efficiency in county operations.  

Together they display a wide and diverse range of skills: ablend of incumbents with a track record of asking common sense questions and newcomers who will bring a fresh perspective to the board.

The primary is March 18.  We urge voters to learn more about all the candidates.  Voters can view all candidate surveys and Statements of Economic Interest submitted by candidates for county board and other county offices at:


ALAW Announces Endorsements — 3 Comments

  1. Endorsing Zane Seipler is a sure-fire way to discredit yourself.

    Who are these clowns behind ALAW?

  2. Mark,

    Did you read Zane’s answers?

    This is an environmental group and his answers reflect what the group espouses.

    Zane’s answers are thoughtful and full of quality.

    I find it funny how people just look at a name and have an visceral reaction.

    You have the full gambit here being endorsed by ALAW.

    From Donna Kurtz who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal to Andrew Gasser who is fiscally and socially ultra conservative… and then you have the middle of the road types like Nancy Gonsiorek.

    Groups discredit themselves when they refuse to acknowledge people who espouse the same things that are inline with said groups.

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