State’s Attorney Warns of Delinquent Tax Bills

A press release from the McHenry County State’s Attorney:


When a homeowner fails to pay their real estate taxes, those delinquent taxes are sold by the County Treasurer’s Office.

There is a detailed process for the county to sell those delinquent taxes, for buyers to buy those delinquent taxes, and ultimately for the tax buyer to obtain a deed to the property.

Recently, however, several tax buyers have sent letters to homeowners offering a payment plan payable from the homeowner to the tax buyer.

These payment plans often range from six to ten months and contain interest rates that are much higher than the homeowner would pay if they simply redeem their taxes through the County Clerk’s Office.

Additionally, homeowners who have had their delinquent taxes sold generally have two to three years to redeem those taxes, but these letters offering “payment plans” often contain repayment periods of between six and ten months.

The letters fail to inform the homeowner that they have a longer time to actually redeem those taxes and not lose their property through the McHenry County Treasurer’s Office.

The County Clerk requires payment in full for the redemption value of the delinquent taxes, which can be made at any time during the two to three year redemption period.

Homeowners who receive these repayment letters are urged to contact a private attorney to discuss their rights for redemption of their real estate taxes, prior to entering into any repayment plan directly with the tax buyer.


State’s Attorney Warns of Delinquent Tax Bills — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you State’s Attorney and Cal for making this information available.

    It is SO important that delinquent homeowners are aware of the redemption period, and the process itself.

    This latest effort to loan delinquent homeowners from “tax buyers” seems like a scam, payday loan; is there a law governing the interest rates charged and payback time?

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