More Tryon Precinct Committeemen Endorsement Letters Surface

Two more instances in which incumbent Republican Precinct Committeemen are being challenged have drawn endorsement letters from State Rep. Mike Tryon, the retiring McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman.

They are in

  • Algonquin 46, a Cary precinct in which McHenry County College Board member Chris Jenner is challenging incumbent Kathleen DeRaedt.
  • Seneca Township Precinct 1 where incumbent Mark Gummerson is being challenged by former Precinct Committeeman
    • Ersel Schuster and
    • Bob Schlenkert

You can see the letters below:

Mike Tryon's letter endorsing Algonquin Township 46's incumbent Precinct Committeeman Kathleen DeRaedt, who is being challenged by McHenry County College Board member Chris Jenner.

Mike Tryon’s letter endorsing Algonquin Township 46’s incumbent Precinct Committeeman Kathleen DeRaedt, who is being challenged by McHenry County College Board member Chris Jenner.

Mike Tryon's endorses Mark Gummerson for Precinct Committeeman in the three-way race in Seneca 1.

Mike Tryon’s endorses Mark Gummerson for Precinct Committeeman in the three-way race in Seneca 1.


More Tryon Precinct Committeemen Endorsement Letters Surface — 20 Comments

  1. Glad to see Mr. Tryon is trying to stop the regime from taking over.

    I think that the only hope is for the folks being pulled around by the noses wake up and recognize what they got themselves into.

  2. So what is it anton? First you said it was a ploy by the “reform crew” and now you are supporting Tryon?

    Yes – there is a reform crew. I am glad you acknowledged this because the party needs to be reformed.

    Sandy Salgado, Andrew Gasser, Diane Evertsen, and Chuck Wheeler are the reformers. These Republicans will reform the party into a party that actually works instead of promoting themselves with the sole purpose to retain control.

    Moreover, people have realized what they have gotten themselves into. There is a reason Mike, Geri, Mark, and the establishment have something like 17 write-ins. They are scared.

    Finally, you completely fail to acknowledge that this is a violation of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee Bylaws. They are using funds in a primary that have not been authorized by a unanimous vote of the executive committee.

  3. Agree we need some people with backbone.

    But, we do not need puppets & schills (like Prim & Seipler) of the Extremist Regime.

    These people are dangerous, fringe radicals dominated by special interests & personal grievances.

    They will destroy the mainstream GOP that built McHenry County into an amazing place to lie & raise a family.

    Thankfully, Tryon finally gets it.

    But may be too late.

  4. I think that the whole thing is funny as hell.

    I ain’t real.

    You ain’t real.

    People’s got they panties in a bundle cuz somebody sent a letter.

    Whoopty do.

  5. If Tryon and Davis have resigned from the management of the County GOP, why are they using the letterhead from the County GOP?

  6. In one of the above comments was “an amazing place to lie & raise a family” a Freudian slip?

  7. Sadly Tryon is getting it, but is a bit late to the party.

    I am a strong conservative who wholeheartedly support much of the grievances the grass roots Tea Party have brought forward.

    Unfortunately, like many movements you are going to have those supporting out of true belief and those looking for and opportunity for personal gain.

    Unfortunately in McHenry County we have many masking themselves in the movement while only pushing personal grievances, others trying to consolidate a power base, and a few that are scarily trying to bring Cook County bureaucrats in under the guise of remaking McHenry county in that “more advanced big city” image.

    Much of it has been just based on personal attacks as opposed to core beliefs which is not the take our country back movement I want to support.

  8. “Teacher 155” = Marge Nygren..

    Can’t wait for depositions.

    WOW! the Regime is out in force justifying anything and everything…

    History, shows that Regimes eventually fall a part when the people gather to say no more, we are taking our government back….

    Believe me I will be in Rockford to watch all of the players be held accountable…

    Please, don’t cry if you can’t have any popcorn or extra butter…..

    Hey, Gordy, Where you be?…

    Not man enough to stand up for yourself?…..

    Sure mis you in the parades…

    Quite an impressive showing you made for the people….

    Always wondered why you and Keith Baby, appeared together in the parades…

    Now we know………….

  9. “Tom StarK’ …Anton is a member of the Regime……….. He loves popcorn…..

  10. aretheyserious. As a staunch Conservative, I fully agree with you regarding the Tea Party movement.

    The true grass roots Tea Party movement has initiated an invaluable dialogue within the Republican Party.

    But, demagogues & pretenders have co-opted much of the local Tea Party movement to further their own ambitions.

    These pretenders are driven by their petty personal agendas & grievances, not good government.

    They are just using the local tea party.

  11. @aretheyserious

    Who are the “pretend tea party” people in the grassroots movement?

    I would like to know.

    It looks like the reformers are the conservatives.

    Many of the conservatives I know are sick of the Republican Party and won’t give them a dime.

  12. Anyone notice the grammar error?

    “Re-Elect Kathleen R. DeRaedt as you precinct committeeperson…”

    Never mind Kathleen has never attended a single Republican function in the last four years.

    This is what the Mike and the party want to perpetuate… their control, their power, their “nothing”.

  13. The official title in State Statutes is “Precinct committeeman.”

  14. I like popcorn, but how dare yall accuse me of loving it.

    Why do you hate America?

  15. No one hates America.

    Many of us hate how Geri, Mike, and others have used the political process, specifically the Republican Party, to perpetuate their own personal gain.

    We are simply calling them, and you, on it.

    So anton, is it ok for a precinct committeeman not to attend Republican events for over four years?

    Is that really the definition of a “fantastic job”?

    Or how about the committeeman who was elected last election cycle and didn’t vote for himself?

    This man is contested too.

  16. The Algonquin 46 Republican Precinct Committeeman race pits Mr. Chris Jenner vs. Ms. Kathleen DeRaedt.

    Chris Jenner is one of the top people in the entire state of Illinois to expose what happens in local public school districts and community colleges.

    He is a very strong advocate of transparency and of requiring voter approval to issue new debt.

    Mr. Jenner was elected by voters to serve two terms on the Board of Directors at Cary Elementary School District 26.

    Here is one of the school board polices (No New Non Referendum Bond Debt) for which Chris advocated and was subsequently passed by the Cary District 26 board during his tenure.

    “The District shall not issue any bonds, nor take other action that would result in an increase to the effective property tax rate or increase the overall lifetime cost of any bonds, without voter approval.” > Board of Education > Section 4 – Operational Services > 4:40 Incurring Debt.

    Here is another taxpayer friendly board policy (No Pay to Play) for which Chris advocated and was subsequently passed by the Cary District 26 board during his tenure.

    “Vendor/Contractor Conflict of Interest.

    Any company or individual doing $10,000 or more in business with the District within a fiscal year shall not contribute to any political campaign that directly affects the District while doing business for
    the District or for a period of two (2) years after completion of business with the District.

    Further, the District will not enter into significant business with a company or individual that has contributed to a political campaign that directly affects the District within two years prior to commencing business.

    Political campaigns that directly affect the District shall be defined as:
    • School Board election
    • Tax or bond referendum” > Board of Education > Section 4 – Operational Services > 4:60 Purchases and Contracts.

    If only those policies were in place at every elected board in Illinois.

    Chris was since been elected to the McHenry County College Board of Directors.

    Both of those were unpaid positions.

    It’s this attention to detail that makes a difference.

    Kathleen DeRaedt works as a Librarian Media Specialist at the same Cary Elementary School District 26.

    As such she is a member of the teacher union.

    The teacher union elected her Secretary of the Cary Education Association (CEA), whose state affiliate is the
    Illinois Education Association (IEA), whose national affiliate is the National Education Association (NEA).

    Teachers pay dues to the local, state, and national union.

    Kathleen DeRaedt contributes to and thus will receive a TRS pension.

    TRS pensions are the #1 fiscal problem in the State of Illinois.

    There is nothing wrong with being a union school librarian elected to a position within the union, but is such a person likely to be a reformer.

    Do we need more reform.

    Is the status quo acceptable.

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