McHenry County Clerk Following Law on Same-Sex Marriage Start

When I heard the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was giving the OK to counties other than Cook to being issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, I asked McHenry County Clerk Katherine Schutz what she was going to do.

Here is her answer:

“No I am not.

“Statutes are very clear as to the starting date.”


McHenry County Clerk Following Law on Same-Sex Marriage Start — 4 Comments

  1. Looks like we have a Republican equivalent to Lois Lerner in the Clerks office.

    Instead of following Lisa Madigans lead, Schultz is discriminating based in procedural and personal, prejudicial opinions. What additional scrutiny would have to occur to ok same sex couples to be wed?

    What additional scrutiny was necessary to ok tax exempt status to Tea Party groups?

    Answer: Probably nothing.

    Shame Kathy Schultz. Q

  2. Fair Play is not at all biased?

    We are going to miss the current Clerk.

    She is doing what the law says, not what some dimwit interprets it to be.

    The current Clerk will never have to take the Fifth!!

  3. Fair Play is not rational.

    Disregard the democrat’s comments.

    Schultz is following the law….to the letter of the law; not the demands of the PC police.

  4. Agree! There is a starting date for the law to take effect and that should be followed. Period.

    As for the comparison to Lois Lerner… that is so far off the wall as to be ridiculous. I had lunch with my CPA the other day (April 15th approaches) and learned a couple of things. 1) that IRS employees are prohibited in many instances from even acknowledging the existence of programs, guidelines, etc. and 2) even before the great Tea Party Scandal, it was becoming known that many not-for-profits were applying for that status with fairly boiler plate applications that skated very close to being violations of the law so as to gain approval but allow them under the guise of education to serve as political arms of candidates and issues.

    As much as I detest Obama and his administration cum dictatorship, I feel that Issa’s committee is nothing more than a witch hunt. If there was a smoking gun to link this to an attack on his political detractors ONLY it would be out there and exposed. I don’t really thing there is it’s just that we’re hearing cries of martyrdom by those anti-Obama forces. If there were similar pro-administration non-profits similarly scrutinized, they would be foolish to make it known.

    In any event, Schultz is following the law. What more can we ask of her?

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