Using Own Money Lou Bianchi Nearing Identification of Commenter “Fukoku”

A statement from McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi:

Lou Bianchi

Lou Bianchi

“As you know, after months of enduring numerous, persistent defamatory statements about me and cases handled by Assistants in the Office of the State’s Attorney online, I personally hired (with my own funds) an attorney to file suit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois this past December against the individual who published the defamatory statements using the pseudonym “Fukoko” and who identified himself elsewhere to be a citizen of Japan.

“Mudd Law, the firm representing me, sought and obtained leave from the Court to conduct expedited discovery.

“After obtaining Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses associated with the defamatory statements, my attorneys determined the IP addresses to be assigned to blocks controlled by Sprint Nextel (now Sprint Corporation).

“My attorneys then served a subpoena on Sprint Corporation seeking information about who had been assigned the Sprint IP addresses associated with particular defamatory statements on the dates “Fukoko” published them. Sprint Corporation produced information identifying Oak Star Property Management, Inc. as the customer that had been assigned certain of the IP addresses on the relevant dates.

“Sprint Corporation also identified a specific number associated with the electronic device that had used the particular IP addresses.

“According to my attorney, Charles Lee Mudd Jr., Principal of Mudd Law, his firm served a subpoena upon Oak Star Property Management, Inc. seeking information about who had been assigned the device associated with the specific number identified by Sprint Corporation and other related information.

“Mudd Law provided Oak Star Property Management, Inc. twenty-one (21) days in which to comply with the subpoena.

“It did not respond.

“Mudd Law provided Oak Star Property Management, Inc. with additional time.

“After receiving no response, my attorneys provided Oak Star Property Management, Inc. with a final opportunity to respond to the subpoena prior to exploring other means of obtaining the information sought including, but not limited to, a motion to compel.

“Mudd Law received no response from Oak Star Property Management, Inc. by the deadline.

“On March 6, 2014, Mudd Law received an email from Robert DeModica of Oak Star Property Management, Inc.

“Rather than respond to the actual requests in the subpoena seeking information on who possessed and/or used the phone or device associated with the number produced by Sprint Corporation as being assigned to Oak Star Property Management, Inc., Mr. DeModica stated:

‘Oak Star Property Management does not have a member of our staff named John Doe that resides in Japan, nor do we have any affiliation with an international country. Therefore, I have no documents to comply with your subpoena.’

“My attorneys consider his email to be inadequate and intentionally unresponsive to the subpoena.

“According to the Illinois Secretary of State online business records, Robert DeModica is the President of Oak Star Property Management, Inc.

“Tamara DeModica is listed as the registrant and administrative contact for Oak Star Property Management, Inc.’s domain

I contacted Tamara DeModica and here is her response:

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I really don’t.”

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Using Own Money Lou Bianchi Nearing Identification of Commenter “Fukoku” — 41 Comments

  1. At the end of the day this is going to be a big nothing.

    We are going to find out that some local who supports Zinke gave some opinions about Bianchi that he didn’t like and he sued him or her.

    A bunch of Bianchi supporters have gone after Zinke and his family in the same comments sections but Zinke has chosen to have thicker skin.

    I am pretty sure Bianchi is the only person who really felt this was going to lead to a Japanese National…Well at least that is what he put in a court document to get this far, right?

  2. I am a bit curious though Cal, did you require a subpoena or attempt to protect your readers and commenters at all or did you just hand over all our IP address’s to a private individual?

  3. aretheyserious/anonymous coward-

    You must be new to Teh Interwebs.

    IP addresses are stored by the host of the website- not by the individual writing posts therein.

    And- Bianchi has a case, otherwise the judge would have tossed it.

    You can make up stuff about anonymous cowards on the internet, but you can’t make up stuff about real people. Well, you can, but you get to answer to it in court sometimes….

  4. From dear old Andy Zinke’s campaign website- look who was managing all of his press releases- up until Feb. 1, that is:

    Contact: Tamara DeModica 847-769-1074

    Isn’t that special.

  5. This information for purposes of identification only (not included in reports)

    Name/Aliases Has lived in Has worked at Has studied at Related to DOB Phone Address
    Robert D Modica
    Robert John Demodica
    Crystal Lake, IL
    Woodstock, IL
    Cary, IL
    Elgin, IL
    View All Gordon Rees LLP Tamara Demodica
    Joseph Demodica
    Geraldine Demodica

  6. Interesting that she is a precinct committeeman in Greenwood Township, and lists a vacant lot as her address:

    GRE1 (A) Tamara DeModica 3004 Raffel Road, Woodstock

    Which is odd, considering Oak Star is run by her and her husband out of their home in Crystal Lake- at least, that’s what the Secretary of State says…

  7. I guess Fukoku is not hiding in Japan after all, Fukoku comes from a family of honorable ninjas, as Fukoku is camouflaged in its surroundings.

    Let the hunt continue!

  8. When Lou Bianchi was first elected it was widely recognized he was a good man, he seemed to have good intentions and his personal background didn’t show any glaring lapses of judgement so hopes were high.

    Although Lou was professionally recognized as weak on management and administrative experience while his legal knowledge was limited the thought was an honest man should be given the chance to inhabit the office of State’s Attorney of McHenry County.

    Over the years Lou Bianchi, by and through his office and his own actions, has proven he is a weak manager, weak administrator and has an attitude of being completely above the law he swore to protect.

    Lou’s various violations of law during his time in office can be proven but were held due to his tearful profession of a change in attitude and a desire for forgiveness.

    Forgiveness was offered for his violations and bullying with the hope constitutional rights would be respected and the law would no longer be used as a blunt instrument to harm but a scalpel to protect.

    In order for forgiveness to work for the forgiven their behavior must change.

    His behavior remains the same.

    Lou clearly still thinks he is above the law and all others must bow to his ego.

    I have warned Lou multiple times about pursuing legal action which is questionable for his own personal benefit.

    He is a public figure and this legal action has precedent.

    His argument loses.

    The only reason to pursue this is in hopes of satisfying some petty vendetta.

    Lou, I await your campaign.

    You are incorrigible and your past transgressions will be made public when the time is opportune.

    You are a petty little napoleon who actually believes the hype his very wealthy friends whisper in his ear.

    They cannot save you from yourself.

  9. “FYI” Lets add one more: The Mistwood Subdivison…..



    Gosh, the plot continues to thicken.

    Please, Bob and Tamara, you have no control over this situation, so don’t be losing any sleep, because all to be revealed at a McHenry County Theatre near you….

    VERY SOON!….

    Turns out Bob and Tamara have a lot of enemies….

    I have a picture of Bob Demodica when he was in High School..

    He had really long hair and looked like hippy.

    Absolutely, Gorgeous, you were, Bob….lol…

    Feel sorry for you Tamara, you BIG SAP!

  10. There’s a difference between saying you don’t like someone’s hair or in your opinion that he or she makes poor decisions on the job – and – stating the person definitely did something illegal or comments that by law are a no no.

    I don’t care if a person is famous, public, etc. or not. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Accountability is important – even in Illinois.

    I’m tired of the Internet being used as a vicious gossip machine.

    Seems the world is truly becoming a place run by aggressive juveniles and the adults who find it acceptable to carry the same garbage throughout their lifetimes.

    I’m not for or against Bianchi.

    This is a separate issue.

  11. Fukoku is not a Japanese name, FYI. Many female names end in “ko” but not so many ku.



  12. John Lovass, Many of us choose to decide internet handles simply to protect our families, by making it a bit harder for some of the internet bullies to target spouses, kids, etc…

    You are not brave in giving your name because their is simply no danger.

    Zinke supporters have not targeted families in comment sections.

    On the other hand some Prim supporters have decided it is cool to go after families of those who disagree with them.

    The true cowards are the enablers who won’t stand up to those in their own camp and call for the families to be left out.

    You must be new to the “interwebs” no one here really is anonymous (especially on a non-press site like this).

    However if you are debating really angry zealots who find families acceptable targets (like apparently many here supporting Prim/Bianchi) sometimes a bit of caution is common sense.

  13. As for Mr. Bianchi’s choice to sue here, it shows some extremely thin skin.

    I give you a spoiler here…if Mr. Bianchi ever clearly identifies the individual…my spoiler is the person purporting to be a local citizen supporting Zinke is going to be a local citizen supporting Zinke.

    I happen to believe in this case will go nowhere much in the same way Mr. Bianchi’s other personal lawsuit was this past week.

    In my humble opinion I don’t think actual damages is the real end game here, I fear much like the Administration using the IRS to target Tea Party groups this is more about silencing and scaring critics.

    I suspect when the IRS targeted Patriot groups they also found that those they targeted “mysteriously” supported Obama’s opponent.

    It is just a gutter tactic in my opinion and I refuse to have a double standard based on my political convenience.

  14. “ButSeriously” Go away and go back to the Regime…..

    Go get em Lou Bianchi…

    Next time a Regime wants to railroad someone because of false allegations, they will re-think their plan…

    Andy Zinke, you will forever regret the day Lou Bianchi was arrested and you were there to make it happen..

  15. As for Cal’s headline…I too am glad that this time Bianchi is at least using his own money to go after supporters of political rivals in court.

    In my opinion I still think it is petty personal politics but at least we won’t have to pay for a wasteful “special prosecutor” and the massive taxpayer paid circus that followed the last time he aimed at critics in the courts.

    Sadly it is starting to look like Mr. Bianchi’s legacy may be remembered as one of using the court to sue and silence political critics while supporting gutter political campaigns that would make Saul Alinsky blush.

    We will just have to see how it all plays out…again.

  16. ButSeriously/anonymous coward- your argument is as valid as that of a resident of the Austin neighborhood where I work being afraid of calling the police about criminal activity due to fear of reprisal.

    You are now part of the problem, rather than the solution.

    And, lest we forget, Fukoku did inform me, in Japanese, in a Facebook message, that I will be beaten to death.

    All good things that are on their way to Mssrs. Bianchi and Mudd.

    There will be an email address, FB messaging, and much IP information associated with Fukoku’s FB account.

    It’s a shame that Fukoku had to ‘Like’ so many of Andrew Zinke’s own posts on his campaign FB page….

    I am as concerned for my safety as you are.

    That why I own a handgun and visit a range monthly.

  17. Duncan…you are badly rewriting history there…Wasn’t Mr. Bianchi arrested because of a special prosecutor request by a young former secretary he first targeted a special prosecutor at?

    Isn’t the reality that a split happened in the office he was in charge of and Attorneys who were in his charge and had previously been in his charge?

    So out of that whole mess a young secretary was the one targeted?

    In my opinion he owed that young woman a better work environment and not one so hostile getting caught in the middle of the disagreement of lawyers had her being the one he choose to pursue for punishment.

    The fact that that young woman requested and received a special prosecutor to also pursue her side of the story was simply equal justice.

    The fact that the special prosecutors seemingly were very bad and disorganized was either lucky or unlucky for him depending on what you think would have happened if they did a better job.

  18. John /apparent fan of those who target political rivals families

    I am not quite sure how not wanting to have my family become targets of internet bullies who would target them to get a response from me makes me “part of the problem”.

    Could you please elaborate?

  19. But John, if you were threatened then that should have never happened.

    I did not see such a post here or I would have spoke out against it.

    I like an passionate political debate.

    Many who I debate here on local issues are probably aligned with me on most things nationally.

    I just think no one should be threatened, families of those who choose to enter the public realm should be off limits, no one should have to make a choice between an “anonymous handle” and if their family will be dragged into the debate, and we should talk much more about policy and a lot less about personal attacks and vague implied accusations.

  20. I just wonder how vigilant Cal Skinner was in protecting the IP of this person? N

    ow spinning 180 degrees……..what would Cal do if Nygren sought to discover who Duncan McHenry is.

    Duncan has made numerous libelous comments about Marge Nygren.

    To my knowledge she is not part of the lawsuits, not an employee of the Sheriff and clearly is a private person.

    Cal should be vicariously culpable for allowing these remarks to be posted.

    He has allowed his blog to spiral into a cesspool of vulgarities and gutter attacks mostly by Prim supporters.

  21. The one thing we finally do know is the debate on whether or not Cal is “press” should be officially over.

  22. Anonymous coward- I’ve seen no evidence of anyone’s families being threatened here or at political events; please post the URL of the threatening posts here.

    And- since you claim to have been threatened, what have you done about it?


    Hiding behind a mask accomplishes nothing- and in a democracy, “free” speech coming from behind a mask is useless propaganda.

  23. John/reading challenged individual

    I have reread the posts above and you are the only one claiming to be threatened.

    Are you debating with yourself or were the voices getting through the tin foil hat?

  24. Uh- did you fail to read you own post?

    “…I am not quite sure how not wanting to have my family become targets of internet bullies who would target them to get a response from me makes me “part of the problem”…”

    So- provide one verifiable example.

  25. Oh…I get it now you think the only way an internet bully can target someones family members is through overt threats of violence.

    Let me help you there, I draw the line on if it is ok to drag a candidates family in well below the overt threat line.

    To be clear though, do you really support dragging a candidates family into the debate in a personal manner as long as no one threatens them overtly with violence?

    I’ve got to tell you I believe most reasonable people draw that line of respect a bit higher.

  26. The issue is this: Bianchi (whom I neither support nor oppose) feels libeled.

    I thought KooKoo’s posts were over the line in a number of cases.

    Bianchi wants to protect his name/reputation.

    He seeks legal remedy, to which he is entitled. Lo and behold, the propagator of said offensive remarks is the PR person of a political opponent, one too cowardly to post her own name.

    So the topic you should debate is the propriety of such behavior.

    I think most think this dirty pool, if not cowardly behavior.

    Oh, and for all of you who are concerned about internet bullies:

    I use my real name.

    I think the rest of you should put up or shut up.

    On both sides of the issue.

  27. Paul I think the history of commenting on this site has you not having to worry about the insult and provocation aimed at your family unless you squarely side against Bianchi or Prim.

    also Paul it is far from proven that the person you accuse rather directly is the poster in question.

    You assume it isn’t a device that was sold or loaned, you assume Cal correctly pulled the correct IP address, you assume Cal handed over the correct IP address, you assume a simple web proxy misdirection wasn’t used, you assume a property management group could not have a router in a public or semi public location, you assume dozens of other possible scenarios can’t be considered.

    Even after all that what we have on this site is some very ugly accusations and attacks that incidentally Cal readily allows to be continued publicly.

    To break news that a Zinke supporting commenter may in fact be a real life Zinke supporter or that the same be true for Bianchi or Prim should hardly surprise anyone.

  28. Paul Greenlee says “the propagator of said offensive remarks is the PR person of a political opponent, one too cowardly to post her own name.”

    Paul, I agree (and have stated here on several occasions) that Koo Koo’s and Duncan’s posts were way over the top so no argument there.

    However, you’re going over the top now by stating as fact that the PR person in Zinke’s camp is the writer. Let’s wait until the court hearing settles out. All the documents currently available show is that it COULD be the PR person, but it just as easily be her husband, a child, a close friend, a regular visitor to the home or business or even an employee.

    I don’t like coincidences and while I suspect that at the end of the day Tamara may well be found to be the problem child here, let’s not be too hasty.

    Further, until such time as it’s proven to be the case that the principals had a hand in this stuff, I don’t intend to condemn either Zinke or Prim for the misguided “help” some of their supporters are giving them. I’d like to think that both men would genuinely disavow themselves of the crap being spewed by the likes of Fukoku and Duncan neither of those individuals are worthy of anything more than a chuckle, perhaps, and our pity.

    We don’t have to get along (as Rodney King pleaded as he violated the law) but can’t we at least be somewhat civil?

    It looks like Tamara was appointed by Mike Tryon as a Precinct committeeman.

    (Appt 09/05/2012) 3004 Raffel Rd Woodstock, IL 60098 198

  30. Once again, ButSeriously/anonymous coward, you failed to read your own post:

    “…I get it now you think the only way an internet bully can target someones family members is through overt threats of violence. Let me help you there, I draw the line on if it is ok to drag a candidates family in well below the overt threat line….”

    I asked you for a single verifiable example, using your own quote, and you failed to deliver.

    One more time! One verifiable example, please!

    Now you are doing logical doughnuts in the parking lot.

    As to this nugget:

    “.. To be clear though, do you really support dragging a candidates family into the debate in a personal manner as long as no one threatens them overtly with violence?…

    The only corollary I can find to this is dear old Gus Savage asking CBS’ Mike Flannery, as the Feds were hauling Gus away, if he still wore his wife panties.

    Nice passive aggression, there, Gus…

  31. Cal can neither protect nor give anyway anyone’s IP address.

    That is for to do.

  32. Fukoku kyōhei (富国強兵?, “Enrich the country, strengthen the military”), originally a phrase from the ancient Chinese historical work on the Warring States period, Zhan Guo Ce (Kanjigen, Gakken Co., Ltd.), was Japan’s national slogan during the Meiji period, replacing slogan Sonnō jōi (“Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarians”).

    Is Nygren Sheriff?

    I thought I read that he had changed his residency to Florida prier to the election.

    Hench he would be an ineligible Sheriff.

    If he was not Sheriff, all duties performed in the Sheriff’s department are null and void.

    Problem solved.

    Nygren owes us back pay and all expenses incurred be him. And Zinke is no longer Under Sheriff.

    If Zinke was not Under Sheriff, all duties performed in the Sheriff’s department are null and void.

    And we start all over.

  33. Perhaps someone can explain this to me.

    76 Victor Parkway is the business nexus for Oak Star- got that.

    Here’s the sales history from Blockshopper:

    $202,000 Bank Sale 06/20/2013 B: Kathleen A Milano S: 5035 Home State Bank Na Tr

    $10 Resale 06/13/2007 B: 5035 Home State Bank S: Robert J Demodica, Tamara Demodica

    $N/A Bank Sale 10/13/2006 B: Robert J Demodica, Tamara Demodica S: 5035 Home State Bank

    Home State Bank 5035- make a note.

    Now, from McHenry County’s real estate sales listing 1/1/2013 – 7/31/2013:

    CRYSTAL LAKE, IL 60014-5802
    (Price/Seller:) $202,000.00 ROBERT DEMODICA BENEFI
    (Sale Date) 05/09/2013
    Trustee’s Deed Y
    CRYSTAL LAKE, IL 60014

    So if I’m reading things correctly, Home State Bank trust 5035 is a trust whose name begins with “Robert Demodica Benefi…”, and that Bob and Tami bought their house from that trust, sold it back to that trust, and just sold it to someone else in May- or June- of 2013.

    And, according to Jesse White, Oak Star Property Management was still run by Bob Demodica in October of 2013, and was still headquartered at 76 Victor Parkway in October of 2013.

    Real Estate. Huh.

  34. I really think that Duncan should comment on the Scott Milliman articles … because he seems to know a lot about Scott Milliman.

    Kinda the same way that Bruce Wayne knows the batman.

  35. Hey Bob and Tamara, where is your buddy Dean Lisi?

    Come out, come out, wherever you are Dean Lisi..

    Have to say, you are in a heap of trouble…

    Sure hope it was worth it Dean, to help your buddies Bob and Tamara Demodica… and you know that MB… ]

    Please give your Facebook buddies my regards…….lol….

    Dean Lisi just won the sap of the year award..

  36. Hey Tamara… I loved living in your house on Victor.. Such a spacious place…. That house isn’t even worth $200k… And the roof needs to be redone and the back deck is falling apart… I knew you a long time ago… Some things never change… So much red tape that shackles one into slavery to the system… Keep on truckin’

  37. I always use my real name when I post anywhere on the internet.

    I would remind every one to be very careful what you wish for.

    I have a good friend who was dragged into court over false accusations an organization made saying she had defamed them.

    She was found not guilty but it cost her a great deal of time, stress and she lost her job.

    Now she is suing the company who accused her.

    This is not the way to live.

    I have a big problem with all of this.

    It’s not right.

    It effects our image as a community, our freedom of speech, our civil rights etc.

    The truth must be told always and all of us have to stand up for the truth.

    If its trash talk well it should be stopped but perhaps there are better ways to address it.

    As an intelligent adult do any of us listen to trash?

    I know I work hard to find the facts on subjects of importance.

    We need to hold ourselves to a higher level of behavior and ethics.

  38. Cynthia, do you realize it is JUNE?

    This article was posted in March.

    It would have been nice if you posted your answer a little sooner.

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