Dirty Harry v. Dirty Keith is Back

David Bachmann’s blog, which he calls “Dirty Keith v. Dirty Harry” is back on the internet.

This is the top of David Bachmann's Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry blog

This is the top of David Bachmann’s Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry blog

Bachmann’s blog was quite active in the run-up to the 2010 Republican Primary Election between incumbent Keith Nygren and challenger Zane Seipler.


Dirty Harry v. Dirty Keith is Back — 17 Comments

  1. The Regime’s desperation is palpable.

    Pulling out all the stops to foist Hero of the Regime Bill Prim (RINO-Cary) upon us.

    Even calling out the retired Tin Foil hat crowd. Silly people.

    Everyone needs to get on the phone & put out the call to vote for Andrew Zinke & continued good government in McHenry County.

    Only 15 minutes of your day to vote for Andrew Zinke and save us from the Regime.

  2. “Teacher 155” = The Regime… Good government does not mean electing Andy Zinke, it means getting rid of Andy Zinke and the Regime… BIll Prim is the Greatesi hope for change in McHenry County… Still very twisted you are “Teacher 155”

  3. Folks, in order to access my blog, you will need to go to Cals story linked here


    Go into the comments and scroll down under my name in the comments.

    I have spread my blog out to only pick out the stories Germain to Deputy Zinke. I have provided links to each individual story.

    Dismiss the ugly comments about me. They who try to break me, only embolden me further. I have things That are devastating to the Zinke campaign.

    However I plan on civil discourse at this time.

    But I am watching…..all it takes is a flip of a button.

    Thank you.


  4. Thanks, Dave.

    People should learn that you have the goods and truth.

    The Northwest Nygren News will never do the job as they should.

  5. The only question I have for Deputy Zinke respectively is, ” Where were you man?”

    Those little kids needed you. My God!


  6. Agreed, Dave…

    Really good question.

    Now let’s see if Zinke is man enough to answer you…

    Guess his buddy “Fukoku” went by the wayside…lol….

    Oh my Gosh those Demodicas have a lot of legal records on file at the McHenry County Government Center. Gosh, what is all of that about?….

    Must say Andy, you have some really interesting friends

  7. Thanks Dave Bachmann for getting the truth out.

    We all know Zinke and his supporters are glued to the blogs.

    Maybe we can change a few minds with the truth being told.

    Or even better, keep AZ honest, because we have actual watchdogs/blogs that report not hide his actions.

  8. This is the kind of department Andy runs –

    Protect your cronies, run the department into the ground and blame everyone else when there’s trouble…

    Just like the probationary jailer who just received a slap on the wrist for her part in letting the male inmate in with the females.

    Probationary officers are and have been terminated for much, much less.

    This particular officer also does not possess a FOID card; a requirement for being a McHenry County Jailer.

    When asked she replies, “I don’t need one of those!”

    Of course, it all becomes clear when you learn that she is a close personal friend of one of the top jail administrators.

    That is how things are at the Sheriff’s Department.

  9. Triple Crown awarded to our Sheriff’s Department.

    Nationally recognized amongst Top 35 Sheriff’s Departments throughout the entire country.

    Vote Andrew Zinke and continued Good Government.

    Reject the Regime RINO.

  10. Bill Prim, according to a source close to his family, remarked in early October that he didn’t see why he had to run as a Republican because law enforcement is a non partisan job.

    RINO is a term for this opinion. Andy Zinke believes the same, I would be willing to wager.

    This election is about Lou Bianchi and Keith Nygren.

    Pure and simple.

    It’s embarrassing to see the local GOP eat it’s own. I

    t’s a shame to see feeble, old, crusty men who were once esteemed politicians boil an election down to the journalistic level of TMZ.

    Good riddance when it’s over because either way, we will be left with a seasoned sheriff.

  11. Bill Prims family lives out of state so you are not telling the truth there.

  12. Did I say it was a family source?

    No, I said someone close to his family; his immediate family in fact.

    This source said Prim only ran as a Republican because he had to and that he really doesn’t care about Party label because the Sheriff’s office is a non-partisan organization at the end of the day.

    Voter, go fly a kite.

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