Zinke Pulls in $2,000 from Gary Lang — 23 Comments

  1. The Sheriffs department used to buy cars and vans from Gary Lang.

    Maybe they still do.

    You could see the Gary Lang sticker on the back.

    Not saying it’s wrong, it just explains the donation.

  2. Gary,

    I will never buy any vehicle from your dealership because of your donations to Keith and Andy.

    And I will pass this info along to all my family and friends.

    I would rather pay more at another dealership.

  3. I will always buy from Gary Lang because if it doesn’t say Gary Lang on the back, I probably paid WAY more than I should.

    This is the truth.

    But he can support whomever he wants.

    It’s a free country.

    His politics won’t prevent me from making a good choice of buying a reliable, safe car.

  4. Frank, you must work there.

    All car dealers make deals you douchebag.

    I can get a price from Lang and then have it matched or beaten by another dealer.

    Anyone business with an Andy sign will not get my business.

  5. Follow the money. Where is the sheriffs department getting their cars?

  6. Well that was quite vicious.

    Prim supporters sure are highbrow with their ad hominem attacks.

  7. Follow the money.

    Where should the sheriffs department get their cars?

    Preferably a local car dealer so our tax dollars stay in McHenry County.

  8. The MCSO cars and trucks should be bought directly from the manufacturer to cut out any special kickback schemes to the middleman dealer.

    Not a “I buy cars from you, and then you donate to my campaign” program.

    The MCSO should switch to all Fords and Dodges to keep certain dealers out of the process.

  9. Teacher , are you saying MCSO never bought any cars from Lang, really???

  10. The Sheriff’s Department bought cars and vans from Gary Lang when David ….. was general manager and probably beyond that.

    Sadly, David is no longer with us and out of respect for his family, I omitted his last name.

    As I said before, I am not saying there is anything wrong with the department buying vehicles from Mr. Lang and it would not stop me from doing business there.

    Like Frank said, this is America.

  11. Teacher 155,

    Not to argue over semantics, but you keep saying the regime is over.

    Are you talking about Lou Bianchi’s regime of some sort controlling the Republican Party or something else.

    Because as you must know, a regime by definition is in power or control.

    So, as it pertains to the Sheriff’s Department only Andy and Keith are “the regime.”

    Sorry to bring it up but it bothers me when you say the regime is over talking about Bill Prim.

  12. Rich. When I refer to Regime, I am referring to the dominant political faction/coalition that backs Bill Prim. I am not referring to the Sheriffs Office.

    Either candidate, Zinke or Prim, are capable & competent to serve as Sheriff.

    Everyone knows that.

    The bigger prize of this election is the heart, soul & future of McGOP.

    And, everyone knows that.

    Either mainstream moderate & conservative Republicanism or extreme special interests Tea Party rule.

    Everyone knows that.

    Also, when I refer to everyone, I am referring to GOP activists, insiders and those who frequent this blog.


    Tea Partiers fly in the face of the country’s historical tradition of compromise! Reagan had Tip.

    Clinton had Newt.

    To come out of the shadows; We are here and WE ARE REASONABLE!

  14. Teacher 155: “Extreme TEA Party rule?”

    The TEA Party is the first political force that are standing up for the Constitution and want NOTHING but Constitutionally limited government and upholding the oath of office in return!

    I guess that is extreme given all the unions and big government backers that all want something in return.

    The TEA Party wants overreaching, over regulated, over taxed government to leave us the hell alone.

  15. Now I know what Zinke can do with his contribution, get a body guard that can protect him from little old ladies. l.o.l.

  16. Right, Ellen.

    Because NO ONE has stood up for the Constitution and our constitutional governnment for the past 227 years.

    Only the Tea Party stands for the Constitution since all of 2008.

    History lesson.

    The GOP was born on the eve of Civil War and fought the bloodiest war in American history to save the Union and defend the Constitution from its greatest threat ever.

    So, spare me your sanctimonious, Johnny (orJill) come lately BS.

    The local Regime RINOs & Demagogues need to take over the local Democrat Party.

    You are not Lincoln Republicans.

    You are not Reagan Repubicans.

    You are not Republicans.

    You dishonor the GOP with your hostile takeover attempt.

    Sic Semper Tyrranis!

  17. Dishonor the GOP?

    No they don’t even stand for the planks of the platform are anymore.

    The Democrat Party is too far gone for reform.

    If I were a Reagan or JFK Democrat I’d be mortified as to what has happened to my party – thus the TEA Party which brings together dissatisfied voters from both parties.

    How dare citizens not toe the line of the political class that legislates against them!

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