What Did Sheriff’s Sergeants Get Paid?

Someone suggested I file a Freedom of Information request to find out what Sergeants at the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department were assigned to do and what they have been paid.

Sergeant is a step up in pay and responsibility from being a Deputy.

Below the information I received:.  First the assignments:

Assignments of Sergeants in the Sheriff's Department from 2010-2013.

Assignments of Sergeants in the Sheriff’s Department from 2010-2013.

Second, the salary information from 2010 through 2013.
Sheriff Sergeant salaries 2000-2-13

Salaries for McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeants 2010-2013.

Sorry for the size of the type on the table.  I think if you click on the image, it will enlarge enough to be read more easily.


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  1. No wonder we can’t afford local government between elected officials, schools, police and full time firefighters (not volunteer like in the 1970’s) and with most taxpayers making less than these salaries especially senior citizens how can we afford public unions salaries?

    We need to get unions out of the public work force, hold elected officials responsible for not paying current pension contributions annually and living within our means.

  2. All that overtime is building up the pension amount for some of those Sgts. getting ready to retire.

    Andy limits the OT for the deputies who make less, but lets it run wild for the higher paid Sgts.

    Nice job Andy the Douchebag.

  3. Oh my gosh some salaries are over $100,000 with another $20K in OT!? WOW.

    No wonder they hate the TEA Party who calls for limited government and fiscal responsibility.

    They make much more than the tax payers paying these salaries while their property taxes go up as their properties loose value!

    This is not sustainable in any scenario.

  4. Correcting my typo: Oh my gosh some salaries are over $100,000 with another $20K in OT!? WOW.

    No wonder they hate the TEA Party who calls for limited government and fiscal responsibility.

    They make much more than the tax payers paying these salaries while their property taxes go up as their properties lose value!

    This is not sustainable in any scenario.

  5. Griping about the Sheriff’s department is fine and well, but you only have to look at your property tax bill to know that it’s you’re doing nothing more than rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic until you address the schools.

  6. Yes indeed the schools are the bottomless pit of taxation while using our tax dollars to indoctrinate mindless Statism via common core!

    Time to privatize education via the free-market, promote home schooling, charter schools and private school education.

    Time to get back to the basics and excel in them.

  7. Here is a news flash for Deputy Zinke

    The FBI has photos of two of your sergeants…. I will not name them here.

    The FBI stated that the two McHenry County Deputies had cash in the bags each man was carrying.

    Why Deputy Zinke….

    What is coming down folks, only God and time will tell.


  8. This is a start but to get a true understanding of overall compensation one has to dig deeper.

    1. Years Worked.

    2. Employer pension contribution.

    3. Employee pension contribution.

    4. Name of pension plan.

    5. Unfunded liability of pension plan.

    6. How is pension calculated (Number of years of service to receive full benefits, can unused sick leave be exchanged for years of service, accrual rate, rules for the factor which is determined by multiplying years of service x accrual rate, rules for final average pay, rules for starting pension, etc.).

    7. Other benefits (sick days, vacation days, etc.)

    8. Employee healthcare package including benefits, employer contribution, employee contribution, early retiree healthcare benefits and costs.

    9. Name of union local, if any.

    10. Copy of collective bargaining agreement, if any.

    11. etc.

    Bottom line.

    They are getting a far better deal than you think.

    Union and special interest lobbyists lobbied state legislatures who passed pension benefit hikes.

    Union and special interests help elect County Board Members whom approve pay and benefits including but not limited to collective bargaining agreements.

    Remember there is no State Income Tax on Pension Contributions and Pensions themselves.

    This results in a big tax savings.

    This is important since there is a large deferred compensation component to County Sheriff Sergeants in the form of defined benefit pensions which are more generous than private sector Social Security and 401K.

    At full retirement they are likely getting 75% of final pay or more as starting pension, depending if they are Tier 1 (began employment prior to Jan 1, 2011) or Tier II (began employment Jan 1, 2011 or after) and a whole host of other factors.

    Note Municipal Police and Fire pensions (as opposed to County) are typically local individual pension funds not part of IMRF; and those municipal police and fire benefits are also determined by state law.

    County Police are typically in IMRF.

    There are a few different IMRF plans.

  9. These salaries pale in comparison to the Illinois State Police where they do traffic enforcement and rarely interact with violent crime.

    Go back a research the published records for Cal’s own website.

    As I recall one Sgt made $150k

    These salaries pale compared to Lake County Sheriff.

    Too be fair, look at the Crystal Lake, Algonquin, LITH, C’ville, Elgin.

    These are higher but wait……there is no connection to Zinke.

    Why not publish the Commander salary at DesPlaines or their Sgts Salary?

    You know that won’t happen.

  10. So your rank and file police sergeant and your rank and file teacher are now retiring earning over $100,000 with around $60 – $75K starting pension.

    So if a police sergeant is married to a teacher, their final earnings will be $200K+ and starting pensions will be $120K – $150K+ ILLINOIS STATE INCOME TAX FREE.

    And many of them continue working in retirement.

  11. That is the direct result of salary hikes from collective bargaining agreements approved by elected boards and pension hikes passed by elected state legislators and approved by elected Governors (with the encouragement from union and special interest lobbyists).

    Both Democrats and Republicans encouraged the hikes.

    And anyone whom tries to hold costs inline is a teacher hater, cop hater, wing nut Tea Partier.

  12. My point Mark, is that Cal only attacks the MCSO.

    Other departments doing far less, get paid much more.

    Yes teachers in this area get huge commanding salaries, especially since it’s 9 months work.

    Remember however that your representatives on the school board approve these salaries,

    If the contributions of both the municipality and employee were invested in a 401k stock plan and allowed to grow for thirty years, the annuity would be similar to what they get as a pension.

    The rub is that some are allowed to pad their last few years to increase pensions.

    Teachers especially are known for that with the approval of the school boards.

    Since you mentioned IMRF, they strictly prohibied from pension padding.

    There is a cap upon the last years increases.

    Police and fire downstate pensions base the pension on base salary.

    OT does not add to their pension.

    ISP pensions allow OT.

    So the lieutenant working all the OT he can get, making nearly $ 200,000 gets 80% for life, so don’t blast the MCSO because they pale in comparison.

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