Double Overtime for Sergeants

In the article showing what McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeants have been paid over the last five years, there is a column marked overtime.

Those overtime figures are included in the total salary column.

I didn’t know, but discovered that there are two kinds of overtime:

  1. Regular overtime
  2. Double overtime

Just in case folks might be interested in the breakdown for the two categories, you can see it below. First regular overtime, then, double overtime.

Sheriff Sergeant Overtime 1Sheriff Sergeant Overtime 2

Sheriff Sergeant Overtime 3Sheriff Sergeant Overtime 4Sheriff Sergeant Overtime 5

Sheriff Sergeant Double Overtime top

Sheriff Sergeant Double Overtime bottom


Double Overtime for Sergeants — 10 Comments

  1. Aren’t these people union?

    That would explain it to me.

    Working on a holiday?

  2. $30,000 to one person just in overtime!!

    That’s a years salary for some.


    About halfway down- the top earner on the OT list($27k-!?!?!?) gets out for fresh air once in a while, it seems- much to the chagrin of Marengo’s finest.

    Wonder why the case doesn’t appear in McHenry County’s court database?

    Even if the charges were later dropped or reduced, it would be there.

    But it isn’t…

  4. Ah- found it!

    The DUI (and summary suspension) came up under her maiden name.

    Sure hope she wasn’t driving county vehicles during her summary supension period…

  5. Are DoubleTime earnings included in the Overtime earnings figure?

    In other words did Ballou earn $10,670 Overtime + $620 Doubletime?

    Or did the $10,670 figure include the $620 figure?

    Who is projecting their final pay and starting pension and notifying the taxpayers?

    Upon retirement from the county police force, a lot of them keep working some other job pulling in a pension plus the salary from their new job.

    And when they retire what taxpayer subsidized early retiree healthcare insurance or IMRF Health Insurance Continuation is available.

    Thanks state and county politicians who provided all the salary hikes, pension hikes, health insurance hikes, disability hikes, this hike, and that hike, in exchange for campaign contributions, votes, and electioneering assistance from public sector unions and special interest groups.

    Good luck getting all the private sector retirees to stay in this state to support all the tax hikes that
    will be required to support pay and benefit hikes.

    Good luck figuring out the overall compensation for even one, not to mention all, of these special interest groups since there are so many different rules thanks to our state legislators.

  6. There is no double time.

    Every employee not working

    Monday through Frinday gets 8 hours holiday pay for the holiday regardless if you work the day or not.

    If you are a Monday -Friday worker, you get the day off with pay. Overtime is calculated at time and a half only on work hours not the holiday hours.

    If you work 12 hours on a holiday you get four hours time and a half at your regular rate, not holiday donkey time.

    Cal is once again twisting the truth.

  7. The term “double overtime” came from the McHenry County Department of Human Resources.

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