David Stieper Sends Second Mailing

Republican McHenry County Board District 1 hopeful has sent out his second mailing.

The first featured a “gravy train” in which he promised not to sign up for the

  • Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension (which his running mate Andrew Gasser has promised as well) or
  • heath benefits which almost all current County Board members enjoy.  (The health benefits can come close to doubling the annual $20,000-some pay check.)

    in his second mailing, David Stieper stresses his endorsements by both the Daily Herald and the Northwest Herald.

    In his second mailing, David Stieper stresses his endorsements by both the Daily Herald and the Northwest Herald.

This is the address side of David Stieper's second mailing.

This is the address side of David Stieper’s second mailing.


David Stieper Sends Second Mailing — 8 Comments

  1. David Stieper has our vote.

    We need more people like David to be on the McHenry County Board.

    David knows how to work with others and will not only be a great asset, but a breath of fresh air!

    He has the experience, independence and integrity to get things done for residence of McHenry County.

    Best of Luck, David!

  2. Did Steiper pay a 12 year old to do the graphic design and typesetting of his campaign materials?

    Everything he puts out looks like it was composed in Microsoft Paint.

  3. Agree, McHenry County Residence.

    Dave Steiper is an excellent choice for county board. Andrew Gasser is another great candidate.

    Must also agree with markmcgwire.

    Poor graphic design work.

    Maybe, Mike McCleary and the McHenry County Republicans for Better Government will give Dave a campaign donation for a higher quality mailer. LOL.

    Either way. Vote Dave Steiper!

  4. Thank you all for making David’s point.

    I know David Stieper will take his philosophy of campaign spending to the McHenry County Board, that is to promote spending which is necessary but not excessive.

    His mission has been accomplished at limited expense – you read it.

    Had it been similar in message but exhibiting more expensive artwork and composition as many of the flyers that have been floating about, would you have been motivated to comment “great artwork and composition” on the flyer?

  5. Agreed with Jon.

    You are exactly right when you state David Stieper will be proactive in saving the residence of McHenry County their tax dollars.

    Secondly, markmcgwire must have too much time on his hands to be concerned about somebody’s art graphics.

    You have to wonder where his priorities or concerns really are.

    No value to what he stated.

    Go get’em, David Stieper and Andrew Gasser

  6. David Stieper is a no nonsense kind of guy. I really like his approach to local politics and I feel he will make a great Republican County Board member.

    County Board District 1 has the chance to send TWO CONSERVATIVES to the county board. Lets elect David Stieper.

  7. Dave Stieper and Andrew Gasser for County Board!

    Two excellent candidates.

    Both conservative Republicans.

    Fiscally responsible.

    Pas the torch to the next generation.

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