Milliman Case Against Nygren, Zinke, et al, Goes Slowly

Former McHenry County Deputy Sheriff Scott Milliman was in Federal Court yesterday, where his attorney, Thomas Crooks, did some fencing with Sheriff Keith Nygren’s representative from the James Sotos law firm, Amy P. Engerman.

After court, attorney Thomas Crooks confers with his client Scott Milliman.

After court, attorney Thomas Crooks confers with his client Scott Milliman.

With Magistrate Judge P. Michael Mahoney’s time on the bench winding down, he put pressure on the counsels to hold a settlement conference in the wrongful termination case.

Judge Mahoney said he did so at the urging of Federal Judge Frederick Kapala.

The settlement conference was set for April 22nd.

Three-page summaries of the positions,liabilities and damages were agreed upon and

“the District Court said he wants real parties and interests to be here.”

Also at issue was an attempt by attorney Crooks to have considered as relevant disciplinary actions taken after Milliman’s dismissal.

Briefs were ordered on both sides of the issue, which the Judge said were “pretty narrow.”

While Sotos associate Engerman told the Court that of ninety-six on the witness list, twenty had been interviewed, after adjournment, Crooks said depositions had only been taken of two witnesses.

He added that he and Milliman were waiting for the production [and analysis] of numerous documents before they could depose other witnesses.

Also revealed in the courtroom was the likelihood of an as of now unidentified expert witness.

“Will he made a difference?” Judge Mahoney asked.

“Yes,” was Crooks’ response.

Outside, Crooks said it would be a medical expert.

“But you won’t be mine, so good luck,” the good-natured jurist said in parting.

After Mahoney leaves the bench, Magistrate Judge Iain Johnston will take over the case.


Milliman Case Against Nygren, Zinke, et al, Goes Slowly — 7 Comments

  1. Cal, still waiting for your Sonda Matterness story update. Aren’t you going to “report” on the highly deceptive & misleading lawsuit filed by Mr. Hanlon? Aren’t you going to report that the 78 year old woman with a “bad hip” was in Arizona? Aren’t you going to seek the real identity of the process server? Please use your insider connection to Team Prim & Mr. Hanlon to find out! Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. 155 – You are such a great legal mind!!!

    The victim of illegally running the plate IS THE OWNER OF THE CAR.

    When you go to law school and get some experience, then maybe you will know how to read a legal doc.

    Gatekeeper – are you still throwing out State Statutes that do not exist.

    Like to hear yourself.??

    This case is about ILLEGALLY RUNNING A LI PLATE.

    Wake up!

  3. I doubt that a federal judge cares much about blowing up Mchenry County.

    Unless, of course, you believe that he is part of the “Conspiracy”

    I imagine that he wants the petty BS to go away and spend his time on more important law cases than another McHillbilly lawsuit.

    Judge probably figures it is cheaper for the County to toss some settlement money to the disgruntled employee and his hired gun, than pay Mr. Sotos to successfully defend this case.

    I agree with the judge.

    payoff Milliman and the lawyer.

    Make this silliness go away.

  4. back at you.

    If the case was merely about ILLEGALLY RUNNING A PLATE, why did Mr. Hanlon go to such great lengths and detail to describe the incident between the process server and Mr. Zinke?

    Why does Mr. Hanlon make sure to include Mrs. Matterness “bad hip” in the lawsuit?

    Does her “bad hip” have relevance to ILLEGALLY RUNNING A PLATE?

    Why does Mr. Hanlon imply that the 78 year old woman with a bad hip served the court papers when she was in Arizona?

    FACT. A a police officer, Mr. Zinke lawfully ran Mrs. Matterness’ license plate while investigating suspicious activity at his home by an unknown person driving Mrs. Matterness’ car.

    Intellectual dishonesty, back at you.

    Everyone following this epic saga knows this is a political hit by a highly placed Team Prim operative.

    Nothing more.

    Team Prim’s shenanigans have been exposed to the entire county by a real newspaper reporter.

    And, you show your complete lack of intellectual honesty by continuing trying to salvage and perpetuate this political hit.

  5. Teacher 155″ = Regime.

    Please ignore the Teach, as she clearly hase a lack of intellectual honesty by continuing to rewrite what Prim supporters say..

    Very twisted individual..

    She is just trying to salvage the Zinke campaign…

    Good luck with that. That big fat hole Andy Zinke has dug for himself is so deep, even the experts at the local 150 can’t get him out…

    Andy, you have no one to blame but yourself, for your own catastrophic destruction of your campaign…

    There is no excuse for the way Andy Zinke treated that process server. Andy Zinke is a bully, that needs to be stopped..

    Vote for Bill Prim..

    Milliman should move forward with depositions. Especially, Keith Nygren and Andy Zinke…

    I hope Milliman brings em all down…

    They deserve it and have clearly earned it…

    Gosh Keith, sure hope you are not losing any sleep over the Milliman case..

    Guess Milliman wasn’t really one of your obedient soldiers after all…

    More like a defector….

    This is what it takes to get to the truth about McHenry County Government.

    There will be no more overly buttered popcorn served at the Court House during those famous TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal” because “The Price is Right”

    Go get em Scott….

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