Sheriff’s Department’s Business Manager Uses County-Owned Car to Commute To and From Winnebago County

Having been told that the Business Manager for the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department was provided a taxpayer-owned car to commute to and from her home north of Rockford, I asked some questions.

Andy Zinke poses with Business Manager Zuzevich-Wood and others.

Andy Zinke poses with Business Manager Angela Wood-Zuzevich and others women.

In a reply to a Freedom of Information Request, the following was provided by the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Business Manager [Angela] Wood-Zuzevich is the only employee at this time assigned/or approved to take a Department Vehicle outside of County Limits for this purpose. (see attached document describing use of vehicles).

Residential addresses are private information covered in the exemptions of the Freedom of Information Act.   We will release the residential county of our Business Manager which is Winnebago County.

Attached were the portion of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department General Orders concerning the use of county-owned vehicle, part of which I reproduce below:

Sh Bus Mge use of car
I’ll leave to you how a Business Manager’s commuting to and from work from her home north of Rockford could be defined “law enforcement,” even of a “‘deterrent’ nature.”

There are other parts of the General Orders which may be relevant.

Sh Bus Mgr prohibitions 1

Sh Bus Mgr prohibitions 1 2Sh Bus mgr outside of county
Also filed was a Freedom of Information requesting “all documents pertaining to Business Manager Wood-Zuzevich’s conditions of employment.  A second request brought forth the following answer:

Angela Wood-Zuzevich

Angela Wood-Zuzevich

If there were any documents that were made that would be responsive to this, I would have included them, but there are not. I have checked into this.

There were no contracts or written agreements made when she was hired.

This was a verbal agreement.

No written documents containing the conditions of her employment.

I also asked for “documents that will show where the vehicle driven to and from home by the Department’s Business Manager was obtained.”

From the information below, you can see the 2008 Honda was seized by the Sheriff’s Department:
Sh bus mgr Car heading sourceSh Bus Mgr Car right hand side of sourceSh Bus Mgr Car left hand side of source

Last year, the Business Manager was compensated $109,537.07.

It is unknown if she received a 1099 for use of her county-owned car.


Sheriff’s Department’s Business Manager Uses County-Owned Car to Commute To and From Winnebago County — 27 Comments

  1. Can’t she ride share with the Assistant State’s Attorney who has a McHenry County State’s Attorney’s car for his daily commute to and ftom Rockford? Get on it Cal, inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Where is the Sondra Matterness story update, Cal? Your loyal readers are waiting. LOL.

  3. Not a hit piece, “back”.

    And you know it, “at you”.

    As usual in the their Gutter Politics campaign, Team Prim just lies, smears and distorts the truth.

    Prim is seeking to Double Dip a Des Plaines government pension AND a McHenry County government salary.

    But, that does not suit Team Prim’s narrative.

    So, just re-define Double Dipping to suit your story.

    For the record, I am not thrilled with anyone who Double Dipped government salaries and pensions.

    That includes Sheriff Nygren.

    We must END ALL DOUBLE DIPPING in Illinois.

    We can no longer afford it.

    And, as the Baby Boomer generation lingers in the government workforce and “games the system” with outrageous Double Dipping deals, our aspiring, young citizens are denied and blocked from government employment.

    If Zinke is elected, then promotions occur to Undersheriff, Lieutenant and Sergeant.

    Then, a new vacancy for an entry level sheriff opens.

    But, when Prim and the many Double Dippers game the system bouncing back & forth between pensions and salary, our youth are denied opportunity.

    Multiply Double Dippers like Prim by thousands and thousands like him, our youth are getting screwed by the Boomers.

    But, other Double Dippers including Sheriff Nygren are irrelevant to this election.

    Only issue is whether “1 Salary” Andy Zinke OR Double Dippin’ Bill “Tex” Prim should be Sheriff.

  4. Can’t Zinke set a good example regarding any topic?

    He can’t even keep his rules and regulation and all on the tax payers dime.

    Shame on you again.

  5. voter. Can’t you be truthful on any topic?

    Still waiting for your apology on Matterness, slick.

    You who knows so much about the law.

    You who knows how to read a lawsuit.

    You who knows that Sondra Matterness is qualified to serve court papers.

    Of course, Sondra Matterness served the court papers….she is the Plaintiff.


    What ya gotta say now, voter fraud? LOL.

  6. Cal, You show more outrage over a sheriff employee than John Jacobsen, crack cocaine smoking, DUI getting President of Hebron who gave an employee a truck as payment for contractual work without village board approval.

    Give me a break, leave this poor woman alone.

  7. Frank- I’d hardly call her a “poor woman” at $109,000 a year.

    At that salary, why can’t she pay for her own communting costs?

  8. Gosh, it must cost Zane a fortune to license all those photos for his blog.

    Oh wait, he’s probably guilty of copyright infringement now too!

    Add that to his $250,000 bill handed down by a federal judge.

    It’s pretty crazy that after all that, Lou Bianchi supports him financially.


    Absolutely stunning.

  9. 155 is no legal mind – just thinks so.

    The victim is the owner of the car, not the server.

    The car owner is who would be targeted by Zinke since her plate was illegally run.

    So who was the scary person?

    Another woman that Zinke could not handle??

    If she did something wrong, you are a cop retain her.

    Did you call 911.

    Your time as a cop on the road was so limited, you do have the experience to handle one unarmed woman??

    Once again, the legal case is about THE OWNER OF THE CAR.

  10. What is so special about this person that she would have a car?

    Shouldn’t that car have been sold at auction and money put in general fund.?

    That is how Prim got over $20 million to use for programs that benefit the community.

    If this person gets a free car, then shouldn’t a lot of people that work in county offices have one??

  11. 155- SA use is a completely different animal.

    Could be serving warrents 24/7 or interviewing witnesses anywhere.

    Nothing like what this woman does.

    Does she have a badge??

    She shouldn’t.

    155, you have no legs to stand on, just blabbering.

  12. Combine watcher.

    From my sources, an SA car is used for a senior administrator’s daily commute back and forth to Rockford, nothing more.

    No warrants.

    No badges.

    Just daily commuting like this woman.

    So, maybe the hypocritical Team Prim operatives can request that the SA senior administrator and Sheriff’s senior administrator ride share to and from Rockford in a single McHenry County car.

    Personally, I do not believe that any county employee should be provided a county funded car for personal transportation.

    And, many county departments provide free vehicles to some favored employees as a job incentive, not just the Sheriff’s Office.

  13. Who ever heard of a Business Manager that receives a free commuter car.

    Private or public sector.

    Sell the car and use the proceeds to pay down debt or for some other more worthwhile purpose.

    This is another example of “overall compensation” which too often contains perks and goodies the general public has no clue about.

    Is the unmarked car not reflected on the compensation report as “other benefits” or in some other way?

    What other employees receive free unmarked cars and for what purpose?

    Where is the complete listing.

    Obviously undercover officers shouldn’t be personally identified.

    But others should.

  14. Disgusting the way our tax dollars are mis-used and rarely is anything ever done about it.

  15. I think this is one of the reasons that people are fed up with the present County Board and the McHenry County Republican Party in general and why many of us believe a major shake-up is needed.

    While many here espouse the great works the County Board and Republican Party in general have achieved in the past many are also very suspicious of them.

    From where I stand, having lived in the County for a long time, I see they are good at many things – making sure that County Board members are well-paid and receive insurance benefits for a part-time job, making sure elected officials can buy IMRF credit so they can receive a pension after only one term etc… etc…

    Whenever a major development such as new train depot, gravel pit or such thing comes up we have to try and figure out which County Board member owns the land.

    The Government Center on Seminary and Ware knows how to do one thing; spend your money and keep the facts from you about how they do it.

    McHenry County desperately needs transparent and honest government with fiscal responsibility.

    If you believe they are doing this then vote to keep the status quo but if you believe, like the story above, that they waste enormous amounts of money then vote for a change and then hold the new “crowd” accountable.

  16. The number of people who have County vehicles is just disgusting; County insurance, County gas etc…

    If you have any doubt about how the County Administration thinks about you, the taxpayer, walk out back of the Govenment Center/ Courthouse and see which cars have the reserve parking while the public has to walk much, much further.

  17. I fully agree with you Rich.

    Someone needs to do an expose’ on the number of county vehicles issued to county employees.

    I have heard that many senior administrators in many offices (including State’s Attorney, Sheriff, Probation, Health Dept, Highway Dept) have county vehicles primarily for commuting & personal purposes, not job necessity.

    Do these job perks get reported as taxable income?

    Who pays for the gas?

    I have no problem that each patrol deputy have an assigned drive home police car though.

    Good crime prevention and police presence in community.

    And, police officers work odd hours, overtime, on-call shifts.

    Ultimately, this is a countywide problem to be addressed by the County Board.

  18. Folks, This is just another reason why Bill Prim needs to be elected as McHenry County Sheriff .

    Mr Prim, when you take over i have every bot of confidence in you that you will put an end to this type of THIEVERY that has plaque MCSO.

    This friend of Stinky Zinke gets a $100,000 plus year job, and we as tax payers of McHenry County still have to pay for her car, gas, oil and maintenance ?


    Mr. Bill Prim is the only chance to restore the MCSO.

  19. Here’s the salary history for the two top people in the McHenry County Sheriff’s office, and the person receiving the perk of a McHenry County owned car for commuter purposes.

    1. McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren.

    2. McHenry County UnderSheriff (#2 person in the department) Andy Zinke.

    3. Business Manager working in the McHenry County Sheriff’s office (Angela Wood-Zuzevich).

    Angela receives the perk of a McHenry County owned car for commuter purposes.

    Nygren is also currently receiving, while employed as McHenry County Sheriff, a pension from the Crystal Lake Police Department for time worked at the Crystal Lake Police Department.

    Nygren will also receive a 2nd pension for his time worked as McHenry County Sheriff.

    Maybe someday someone will do a study of how many Police Chiefs and Fire Chiefs are simultaneously receiving pension checks for prior jobs and a paycheck for their current Chief job.

    2013 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $160,005.82
    2012 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $157,986.98
    2011 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $148,697.76
    2010 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $149,857.88
    2009 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $149,259.32
    2008 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $144,218.16
    2007 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $140,187.50
    2006 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $129,847.96
    2005 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $132,471.13
    2004 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $131,914.42
    2003 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $123,731.43
    2002 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $094,658.20
    2001 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $092,301.20
    2000 – Mchenry County – Nygren Keith R – $089,918.42

    2013 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $146,272.04
    2012 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $142,691.36
    2011 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $146,114.87
    2010 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $117,974.93
    2009 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $103,835.64
    2008 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $103,035.34
    2007 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $098,476.47
    2006 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $090,452.51
    2005 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $076,337.25
    2004 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $077,235.01
    2003 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $071,888.72
    2002 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $065,967.31
    2001 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $064,149.20
    2000 – Mchenry County – Zinke Andrew J – $061,697.00

    2013 – Mchenry County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $92,917.65
    2012 – Mchenry County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $90,022.97
    2011 – Mchenry County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $83,594.61
    2010 – Mchenry County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $83,500.54
    2009 – Mchenry County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $81,791.52
    2008 – Mchenry County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $41,310.38
    2008 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $21,831.58
    2007 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $39,306.49
    2006 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $38,361.62
    2005 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $35,715.89
    2004 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $33,548.28
    2003 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $36,936.49
    2002 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $35,560.26
    2001 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $25,766.26
    2000 – Winnebago County Wood-Zuzevich Angela E – $33,499.74

    Salary Data Source:

    Zinke is the guy running for McHenry County Sheriff that was caught on camera flipping the local blogger while driving his police vehicle in the Crystal Lake Independence Day Parade on Sunday July 7th, 2013 while wearing his police uniform, in front of families.

    That is one of your two choices for a new Sheriff McHenry County.

  20. When was the car assigned to Angela?

    Was the Court defrauded in the forfeiture action, when the seized car was assigned to an office employee, rather than put into use fighting crime?

    Some research is needed into the arrest of the driver and the confiscation of the vehicle.

    MCSD probably had the car for a year before the Court Order on 7/15/10.

    Who used it during that time?

  21. Wow you Prim folks are sounding awfully liberal and Naive.

    The Sheriff’s Department is a several hundred staff organization with a multimillion dollar budget.

    To run such a group efficiently you are going to need some of those quality business managers, office personnel, some quality IT workers, some people with accreditation skills, a few good grant writers, some HR expertise and maybe even some of those pesky accountant types.

    A business manager with top quality skills for working in that type of organization could pull more than that reimbursement package in private industry.

    Much good work gets done at the MCSD but to play jealousy games of how some people do the “real work” and others are just “office workers” is a special kind of liberal idiocy.

    I bet you guys have issues with those pesky capitalists that don’t deserve the money they make in private business either.

  22. I do expect Mr. Prim and his supporters will next target if the same practice of bringing county cars home is being done in his benefactors office of the States Attorney, right?

    Prim is the ethical and independent guy you all claim, right?

    I suspect the next Prim fan comment will be one condemning Bianchi’s office?

    You guys aren’t going to play political favorites, right?


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