Double Dipper Accuses Double Dipper of Double Dipping

Those with long memories will remember when Pat Quinn, speaking for the Coalition of Political Honesty, released a list of “double dippers” each year.

They were mainly machine Democrats.

Lots of state legislators, township and municipal officials.

When Quinn started winning public office, the annual announcements disappeared.

Now, he hires local officials, making them double dippers.

Locally, labeling her opponent a “double dipper” led to the election of Pat Floeter to the post of Algonquin Township Supervisor.

Floeter beat McHenry County Board Chairwoman Dianne Klemm by putting “Not a double dipper” on her yard signs, as I remember the campaign.

Undoubtedly hurt by that label, Leslie Root beat her for the McHenry County Board shortly thereafter.

When Floeter retired, Klemm succeeded Floeter as Township Supervisor and was just re-elected.

Into my mailbox this past week came two big postcards trying to emulate the same strategy.

One was truly audacious.

The "Double Dipping" side of Mary McClellan's final mailing.

The “Double Dipping” side of Mary McClellan’s final mailing.

Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Mary McClelland, who is also a McHenry County Board member, accused McHenry County Board member and Congressman Randy Hultgren assistant of being a “double dipper.”

Hence, the headline.

The back of Nick Provenzano's latest mailing.

The back of Nick Provenzano’s latest mailing.

Both candidates are currently on two public payrolls.

That is the classic definition of being a “double dipper.”

Both are seeking the office of McHenry County Clerk.

The positive side of Mary McClellan's latest mailing.

The positive side of Mary McClellan’s latest mailing.

Next a press release comes from Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim’s announcing he will not participate in the County IMRF pension program.  (This is not a new position.  He has been saying that since the beginning of his campaign.)

In other words, Prim will not charge McHenry County taxpayers for a pension to which he would be entitled, if he beats Andy Zinke.

The address side of Nick Provenzano's final mailing.

The address side of Nick Provenzano’s final mailing.

Electing Zinke would require local taxpayers to continue to pay for the employer side of his Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension.

Then comes a mailed hit piece from Zinke accusing Prim of being a “double dipper.”  (If you have it, would you please scan and send it to me.)

The Zinke campaign is clearly trying to broaden the definition of “double dipper.”

Since the election of Prim would lead to his receiving both a salary for being Sheriff and the pension he receives from the City of Des Plaines for his 27 years of service, the Zinke folks say that would make him a “double dipper.”

From the repetitive comments on the subject under articles about the Sheriff’s race, this criticism seems to be what Zinke supporters think will cause the death knell of the Prim campaign.

Of course, the Zinke supporters do not point out that Sheriff Nygren has been collecting a pension from the City of Crystal Lake, while collecting a salary from McHenry County, while McHenry County taxpayers have been paying the employer side of the IMRF pension that Nygren will be receiving once he retires.

Also not pointed out is how many retired policemen have been hired by the Sheriff’s Department while Zinke claims to have been running the place.  Under the mailing’s definition, they would be double dippers, too.

Whether the “double dipper” attack works or not, only the voters can determine.

If it does, potential candidates with a public pension will be subject to similar attacks.


Double Dipper Accuses Double Dipper of Double Dipping — 15 Comments

  1. “The Zinke folks” aren’t the only ones who feel this way. does too. verb (used without object), dou·ble-dipped, dou·ble-dip·ping.

    1. to earn a salary from one position while collecting a pension Prim wants another income from another governmental ‘organization.’

    Any response to being pedantic?

  2. Would I be considered a “Double Dipper” under the Zinke mail piece definition?

    I am receiving a military pension.

    I also hope to serve on the county board.

    By the logic above every single US serviceman would be, by definition, a double dipper if they chose to run for office.

    I am not taking the pension or the healthcare.

    I do not feel I am a double dipper or that Prim is a double dipper.

    I am not sure how Nick is a double dipper working for a congressman and the county? Does Congressman Hultgren give Nick a pension too?

    This is just silly.

    Here is an idea:

    How about we term limit all county board seats and county wide elected officials to two four year terms and a 401K style pension – not IMRF?

    And oh… add a defined contribution to help offset the healthcare benefit that is so graciously provided by the McHenry County Taxpayer?

    401K style pensions for all my friends… just like the private sector.

  3. Exactly, Andrew.

    Change the law but don’t beat up on people for exercising their rights under the existing laws.

    Not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, in fact, let’s say you look at government workers in Cook County or on many of the state payrolls

    The only thing that is preventing more from double dipping is that the fat, lazy bastards won’t expend the effort to find another cushy job after getting paid for 30 years to do just barely enough to get by and not be fired.

    The surliness they do for free! LOL!

  4. No, Frank.

    But I do have a response to being moronic.

    By your definition you have just labeled your “guys” as double-dippers.

    How does that promote your “guys” and presumably defeat the opponents?

    As plenty of others have tried to explain; using this “d/d” talking point only shows complete ignorance.

  5. Ask any McHenry county road deputy, AZ has the leadership style of a dictator and is a buffoon.

    Most detectives feel the same way but don’t want to be caught disloyal to King Z otherwise they will be on midnights counting street lights.

    Ask the guys that were in the US marshal task force (BB and HG), the detective who took the cases no one else wanted (JG) ask John Koziol.

    In a recent debate, AZ downplayed the poor dept morale to a few disgruntled deputies. Go to the source.

    If the deputies trust that you’re not a pipeline to the regime, they will give you a candid, inside look into how morale really is with the troops.

    Prim isn’t God but surely better than AZ.

    What is appealing about Bill is he isn’t your typical politician.

    He wears cowboy boots which seems to become such a hot issue in this race.

    Prim didn’t change his hairstyle to the comb-over and put on some glasses to look more appealing in an electoral contest.

    What you see is what you get.

    I’ll be voting for Bill Prim and I encourage you to do the same.

  6. Andy had to pose with Harvard cops for his mailer.

    He knew nobody at the MCSO would pose with him.

    Andy is the typical talk out your ass politician.

    He reminds me of Blago.

    Maybe someday they will be cellmates.

  7. Wow, you Prin folks sure are mad.

    With all this mud you are slinging.

    I can feel the desperation setting in.

    What’s the first step of grieving?

    Ah yes, Anger.

  8. Why do any of you pay any attention whatsoever to this issue.

    Zinke, you’re a punk.

    Nothing less.

  9. Mr. Gasser.

    By definition, Double Dipping is taking a government salary concurrently with a government pension.

    The Free Dictionary specifically references taking a government salary with a military pension.

    So, draw your own conclusion given the actual definition.

    And, that is not to say that Double Dipping is illegal or wrong.

    To the contrary, Double Dipping is legal.

    Military service is unique in that it requires much greater sacrifice and danger than any civilian government job.

    And, I doubt that many military service personnel spend their entire careers “gaming the system” to maximize salaries & benefits like occurs in the civilian world.

    Also, I honestly do not think that many military retirees that go onto serve in state or local government.

    I wish that more military veterans did serve in government.

    And, I am very excited that you may be on our county board.

    I might be wrong….but I do not think that any veterans currently serve on the county board.

    If so, very few.

    Last veteran I remember was Ed Dvorak, maybe?


    While legal, the problem with Double Dipping multiple salaries and pensions against Illinois taxpayers is that Illinois taxpayers can no longer afford such pension largesse.

    Whereas your US Air Force pension comes from the federal government.

    And, Illinois doesn’t need such generous pension largesse to attract qualified employees to government service in this lousy job market.

    So, Mr. Gasser, I salute you for your service and hope to see you serving on our county board soon!

  10. So Teacher, what’s your defense for Nygren doing it for well over 15 years.

    With your logic, a lot of former police officers, teachers and others who have valuable experience should never work again after they retire.

    Your not too bright for a “teacher”

  11. From my read of the piece, this group seems to miss some important facts such that Provezano was

    (1)found guilty of violating the open meetings act,

    (2) spent over 8 million dollars of taxpayers money,

    (3) He voted for 80,000 dollars of taxpayers money for lobbyist seems that these facts are important to describe the type of clerk he would be as actions speak louder than words

  12. Bill Nealson.

    I do NOT defend Nygren or anyone else of Double Dipping.

    For Prim, Nygren and every one else, Double Dipping is legal, now.

    My biggest problem is that Illinois can no longer afford Double Dipping & extravagant pension plans.

    Nor, is there any reason to allow Double Dipping.

    In an Employer’s market, the government can attract plenty of qualified people without such pension largesse,

    I have no problem that someone might draw a public pension and seek employment within the private sector if they choose.

    But, I do have a problem with people drawing a government salary and government pension simultaneously.

    Unlike the Prim supporters, I do not see this as a Prim/Nygren/Zinke issue.

    I am a fiscal Conservative who is disgusted by Illinois public pension abuse and largesse.

    Ironic that many Prim “Conservatives” who want espouse smaller, affordable government and pension reform are defending Double Dipping. LOL.

  13. Can’t wait until this primary election is over.

    The name calling and nasty things said in print do not reflect well on McHenry County.

    And, the county is trying to improve its tourism image!

  14. I’m voting for Provenzano.

    At least he isn’t cozying up with Zinke.

    I can’t imagine another honest election in McHenry County if McClellan wins.

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