First Bill Prim Mailing Arrives

I won’t speak to quality, but from a delivery viewpoint, the Andy Zinke mail campaign has been superior to that of his opponent Bill Prim.

Bill Prim's first mailing arrived on the Friday before the election.

Bill Prim’s first mailing arrived on the Friday before the election.

When most campaign would try to get the first piece of literature delivered about the time of early voting, Prim’s first piece arrived at the end of the work week right before election day.
The back of Bill Prim's first piece.  Who would have thought that snow would still be appropriate.

The back of Bill Prim’s first piece. Who would have thought that snow would still be appropriate.



First Bill Prim Mailing Arrives — 38 Comments

  1. Vote for Bill Prim

    A leader who can stand on his past record, a record which speaks for itself in excellence and his ability to move forward making the McHenry County Sheriff’s department the best it can be.



  3. At least Prim’s pieces do not lie.

    Bill does not have pictures with cops in uniform, in police stations where it is against campaign laws.

    Using tax funded venues to campaign.

    Bill did not send out lying hit pieces about his opponent.

    Who gives a damn about artwork.??

  4. Teacher 155’s last pitch to show she lies.

    No one is listening to you teach

  5. I don’t know who Prim’s campaign manager is but he or she also stands for integrity and honesty.

    They run an honest campaign and are concerned about the future of McHenry County.

  6. I’m listening.

    Teacher speaks the truth on Prim.

    He aspires to be a double dipper.

    Andy Zinke is the proven leader within the MCSO.

    Regardless, this mailing came something like 4-5 days ago.

    I can smell the desperation of Prim supporters.

    Recycling old garbage are we?

  7. Teacher, why are you not complaing about Nygren who has been doing it for in excess of 15 years.

    There are police officers and teachers who have valuable experience that retire after many credible years of service.

    You suggest they should never work again and bring their experience to another venue.

    Your not too bright for a teacher.

  8. The Right Man at the Right Time

    Vote for Bill Prim and bring back a Sheriff’s department you can be proud of.

    Prim will bring honor and respect to all the dedicated men and women who serve as Deputy Sheriff’s.

  9. Oh Teacher and Frank can only run on lies

    I would much rather win on honesty than win on lies.

    Vote for Bill Prim the HONEST candidate for Sheriff

  10. Bring back TRUST to the department by voting for Bill Prim

    No trust in Zinke

    Lies follow his supporters because they feel that is the only way to make Zinke look qualified.


  11. Lies? Lol what a black and white, hyperbolic laden statement.

    I’m pretty sure if you look at his resume, Zinke has quite a few qualifications necessary to be sheriff.

    Vote Prim if you want a double dipper in office!

  12. A few qualifications doesn’t cut it Frank

    Vote for Zinke if you want to continue the double dipping

    Vote for Prim he saved the citizens a lot of money by NOT taking
    another pension.

    Thank You Mr. Prim

  13. Please explain to me how Andrew Zinke, not his office manager, not Nygren, ANDREW ZINKE double dipping?

    He’s not.

    The only would be double dipper on the ballot is Bill Prim.

    I bet if I met a Prim supporter, they would disagree with me that the sky is blue.

  14. This is America and we all know there’s nothing wrong with working a career in any field and then taking that pension and trying something else later.

    The problem, as I see it, is the politicians who abuse the system like our very own County Board who have their health benefits with their part time job etc etc…

    If you are strictly looking at cost to McHenry County taxpayers for this particular race then, as Mark pointed out, Prim is the least expensive option as the taxpayers would be paying his salary only and not the salary plus the expensive IMRF pension portion as they would with Andy.

    I prefer to look at the candidates on their own merit and their actions and not the BS they all spew.

    Unfortunately for Andy, lately he has shown all the acumen and attributes of a frightened, spoiled child.

    Sorry Andy but it’s true.

  15. Every time I see a Zinke sign, I get a bad feeling, that person who is supporting Zinke is just as corrupt as Zinke and Nygren.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow to vote for Bill Prim for McHenry County Sheriff!

    The Zinke supporters remind me of the Obama supporters, they must be getting free stuff, or in Zinke’s case, they are part of the corruption in McHenry County.

    I’m glad now I know the businesses that are part of the corruption as they proudly display Zinke signs.

    I know where not to shop or spend my money.

  16. Well, now I can catch up.

    CL train station today – Zinke and McClellen buying coffee for all of the commuters.

    Bill Prim shaking hands and handing out his literature.

    Bill looked great.

    Nice to have a regular guy that is NOT a politician with bags of money to buy coffee.

    Prim is a guy you would want living next door and know he is a fine man and neighbor with the leadership skills and experience we need to run the office in a non political manner.


    Do not sell your vote for a cup of coffee.

  17. The Daily Herald has an article today about this very subject.

    “Corbet [Republican consultant Collin Corbett] said the U.S. Postal Service has delayed deliveries, and that has been the most frustrating result of the weather for him.”

    Also in past local school board elections the incumbents and their chosen successors have bought coffee at train stations.

    Regarding Prim vs Zinke double dipping.

    Let’s explore all the scenarios.

    First, McHenry County taxpayers will likely pay less for Prim, since Prim is opting out of the pension plan (IMRF), whereas Zinke is not.

    Second, McHenry County taxpayers don’t pay a dime for Prim’s pension.

    Prim’s pension is payed by Des Plaines taxpayers.

    Third, Zinke and Prim are simply abiding by the rules of a broken system.

    Illinois is broke because Illinois is broken and that includes the legislative process that determines pension rules and the pension rules themeselves.

    The pension rules changed a ridiculous number of times.

    TRS, SURS, SERS, GARS, JRS, IMRF, local police, local fire.

    That’s not an attack on public sector workers.

    That’s an attack on public sector pension rules.

    The pensions have been hiked through legislation.

    It began (well really escalated) in 1971 after one sentence was added to the Illinois State Constitution.

    Add in the retiree healthcare hikes, not to mention pay hikes (pay hikes increase pensions) and you have an unsustainable system.

    To rectify the unsustainable system requires major tax hikes, major service cuts, major benefit cuts, answered prayers for a booming economy, or some major combination thereof.

    Just taxing the rich citizens and/or rich businesses more won’t generate enough revenue, because it’s a free country, if taxes are too high some will just relocate.

    Plus, if that was the answer, it should have been done upfront, not after the fact.

    Fourth, Prim is older than Zinke.

    When Zinke is old enough to draw his full pension and does in fact retire and collect his pension, Zinke may get another job while drawing his pension, just as his boss Keith Nygren is doing right now (McHenry County Sheriff salary, Crystal Lake Police pension).

    A difference between Prim and Nygren, is Prim has agreed not to opt into a pension plan for his work as McHenry County Sheriff; whereas Nygren will soon be drawing two pensions (Crystal Lake Police (standalone pension fund) and McHenry County Sheriff (IMRF).

    Fifth, where you also see some incredible public sector household retirement earnings is when two public sector workers reside in the same household whom have worked a full career and are retiring now or in the future.

    That will likely be the case with Zinke as his spouse is also public sector worker.

    Right now according to, his wife earns $94K and he earns $136K for a combined $230K.

    That’s salary.

    Full career, their pension will likely be way better than $115K.

    What’s the point?

    The point is those pensions are not properly funded or sustainable.

    The point is the system is broken due to overly generous pay hikes, pension benefit hikes, and retiree healthcare benefit hikes.

    The point is to provide those pensions will require, once again, big tax hikes, service cuts, benefit cuts, or some combination thereof.

    Sixth, what could the future hold.

    When the Zinke’s retire, they will both draw a public sector pension.

    What if one gets another job while drawing a pension.

    What if both get a job while drawing a pension?

    They would be double double dippers if you consider double dipping to be working while drawing a pension.

    What if their second job is a public sector job for which they receive a 2nd public sector pension.

    If that were the case, when they retired, that would also be double double dipping, if you consider drawing 2 public sector pensions double dipping.

    Is that an attack on public sector workers?


    It’s an attack on the system.

    The system is broken.

    The system was not designed to be sustainable.

    To have legislators and boards pass pay and benefit hikes when pensions and retiree healthcare were underfunded ALREADY is madness.

    Seventh, now matter how you slice and dice it, they are all being compensated very well.

    They should treat their customers with respect.

    Taxpayers are their customers.

    When a public sector worker flips off a taxpayer, that’s not an act of thankfulness.

    Sure you can deny it but everyone can make their own call because the pictures are online.

    Somehow miraculously the finger goes up just as the UnderSheriff passes the blogger.

    It is completely unacceptable to have the audacity to flip off a customer in broad daylight for all to see.

    Can you imagine flipping off one of your customers?

    What would your boss do?

    People make mistakes or let’s stretch it and say it appears there was a mistake made.

    Then what.

    Well apparently there was no public apology from Zinke to Skinner, only denial in the press.

    Bad enough.

    What about the boss?

    Apparently there was no reprimand from Nygren to Zinke, and apparently no apology from from Nygren to Skinner on behalf of his department.

    How about if the table was turned?

    What if Skinner flipped off Zinke?

    Or since it’s ok for an UnderSheriff to flip off citizens, is it ok for citizens to drive by the UnderSheriff and flip him off, making the same claim they were not flipping him off?

    No don’t do that, don’t recommend that, just making a point.

  18. Define ” double dipping”. A pension from one job and earning a salary for doing a second job does not qualify in my book.

    I triple dip, by your definition; I have a pension, work for a salary full time and collect social security.

    It’s called a lifetime of work and EARNING what I receive.

  19. Thanks Mark maybe a Zinke supporter will finally get it. l.o.l.

    Tomorrow Zinke will only be a memory.

    Remember when Zinke violated the code of ethics

    Remember when Zinke tried to win for Sheriff with no real qualifications

    Remember when the Zinke supporters couldn’t even understand what double dipping meant

    Remember when Zinke broke the law by running L.E.A.D.S. for his own personal use

    Remember when Zinke and his supporters only dreamed that the voters would fall for their lies and deception

    This remember when could go on forever……..

    Vote Prim !!!!!!!!

  20. Zinke continues to use tax paid dollars for his MCSO pay, to conduct his own politicking on duty..

    Doesn’t this clown realize that he can’t be in MCSO uniform, driving a MCSO squad, while on duty also conducting his political campaign business on Thursday mornings from before 9 am to well after 10 am on Thursday mornings ?.

    Andy, video’s and pictures don’t lie.

    You would never catch Mr Bill Prim doing this type of activity.

    Mr Prim is the exact leader that MCSO and the citizens of McHenry County need and deserve..

    Mr Bill Prim for Sheriff.

    good by clown

  21. The traditional view of double dipping is drawing a public sector pension while employed as a public sector worker.

    So private sector pensions and Social Security don’t apply.

    Social Security has rules about working while drawing Social Security before full Social Security retirement age.

    Most public sector workers whom have worked their entire career in Illinois at the State or Local level can retire with full pension benefits well before a private sector worker can retire with full Social Security benefits.

    And Social Security is far less generous than Illinois state and local public sector pensions, even when you factor for equivalent contribution levels.

    That’s what catches the public’s eye.

    It’s not a level playing field.

    Private sector taxpayers are funding pension benefits they themselves are not entitled to receive.

    Illinois State and Local pensions are broken and unsustainable without reforms as listed above.

    So in the Prim and Zinke race, even though Prim is a double dipper and Zinke is not, Prim will cost the McHenry County taxpayers less, because Des Plaines taxpayers pay for Prim’s Des Plaines police pension, and Prim has stated he will not participate in the McHenry County Sheriff pension plan, so there will be no employer pension contribution with Prim.

    With Zinke, McHenry County taxpayers will be paying the employer contribution for Zinke’s pension.

    And there is the point since Zinke is younger than Prim, Zinke himself could someday be a double dipper if he gets a job as a public sector worker while drawing his public sector pension.

    You can get into all kinds of nuances with military pensions and Federal pensions and such.

    Military pensions in general are far less lucrative than Illinois State and local pensions.

    A big problem with double dipping in Illinois is the Illinois public sector employers and the Illinois public pension funds themselves are in poor financial condition.

    So why are we providing more lucrative pensions than we can afford?

    Why has the State been hiking pension and retiree healthcare benefits, and why have some of the local taxing districts been hiking retiree healthcare benefits, when the existing pension and retiree healthcare benefits were not fully funded?

    Basically what happened is benefits were hiked and it was left to be decided how they would be funded.


    Most people have heard the claim that pensions are underfunded because the State (or employer) had skipped or shorted it’s contribution.

    That did happen but when you understand the full story you realize that wasn’t the many problem.

    It’s also a matter of while the State was not fully funding the pension, the State legislature and

    Governors were simultaneously hiking pension benefits!


    Public sector unions, special interest groups, and their lobbyists provided campaign contributions, votes, and electioneering assistance in exchange for favorable legislation from politicians.

    And it’s been particularly egregious in Illinois.

    Illinois is broke because Illinois is broken.

    The public sector pensions rules are broken.

    Many public sector retiree healthcare rules are broken.

    Zinke and Prim are both in broken pension systems.

    So Zinke is accurate in stating Prim is a double dipper.

    However that even though Prim is a double dipper, it does not have a financial impact on McHenry
    County taxpayers because Des Plaines taxpayers pay Prim’s Des Plaines police pension.

    Actually since he is not taking a McHenry County Sheriff pension (IMRF), Prim costs McHenry County taxpayers less than Zinke.

    Apparently Zinke is hoping voters don’t figure that out or realize how the funding of the Des Plaines Police pension works.

  22. I love how Prims supporters make accusations of ethical misconduct but fall short of ever filing a complaint.

    They have no clothes.

  23. mark. Well thought out 11:52 am post.

    To the Prim supporters.

    I do not defend anyone Double Dipping 2 or more Illinois pensions.

    It was permissible and many took advantage of it.

    But, it is no longer necessary to draw qualified government workers or sustainable for Illinois taxpayers.

    Illinois taxpayers are being asked to pay for public pensions far more lavish and extravagant than what they receive in the private sector.

    that is ludicrous.

    Pension Reform NOW.

    End Double Dipping NOW.



  24. Zinke must be pretty desperate to break the rules, to win an election.

    It shows a lack of character on his part, using the office, uniform, car to improve his appearance is all show.

    Will someone please hold him accountable and make him an example of the total disregard for the Taxpayer’s of McHenry County.

    Now maybe he feels the Nygren Regime will make sure he is elected and he can do whatever he feels like doing . . . if that is the case do we call it Mob Rule?




  26. Gee I was surprised that Zinke Didn’t have a squad car out by the train station this morning while he was handing out coffee.

    Lights and sirens blazing.

    With a magnetic sign on the unit saying “Vote for me” l.o.l.

  27. Just got a mailing from nygren.

    So he can put out a plea for a vote for his guy at taxpayers expense saying this is a note about his retirement.

    He must have learned from if you like your doctor you can keep him.

    Do any democrats know the meaning of truth?


  28. Don’t worry Frank there is plenty of time after the election to file any type of suit.

    Bill Prim does have a big challenge fixing up years of department messes but he is up to it !!!!!!!!

    He is a leader,problem solver and cares about the department and the citizens of MCHenry.

  29. Andrew was passing out coffee?

    What a total hewhore.

    Hey Andy, I’v got your balls in my pocket in case u ever wish to man up again.

    U are a total tool Andrew.

    Total sellout of your own soul!

  30. Was Andy passing out coffee on the county dime or did he have to use a vacation day?

  31. There is an excitement in the air, that we haven’t seen in McHenry County Politics…..

    The people have not only heard the voices of the crusaders in the fight against corruption, they have listened to what they have had to say…..

    Very inspiring…

    Change the leadership, change the system.

    Vote for Bill Prim…

  32. Not since the the the rebels destroyed the Death Star has there been such a glorious time. Get on your dancing shoes fellow ewoks!

    Youall are crazy.

    Zinke will win.

  33. Haven’t heard much from Fukoku lately…

    Hopefully everything is okay

  34. Get corruption out of McHenry County.

    Vote for Bill Prim

    Get your cowboy boots ready for tomorrow night folks.

    We are going to Par Teeeeee

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