Jeff Thorsen’s Mailings for County Treasurer

Three mailings have appeared in mailboxes of Republicans in McHenry County. One would catch the attention of pro-lifers.

You can see them below:

Thorsen lit 2 addressThis first one talks about experience and what he has done on the Crystal Lake City Council.

He emphasizes “opposition to backdoor referendums, tax levy increases and not so well thought out objectives of other taxing bodies.”

A photo shows he is a Lion. There are a lot of members of the Lions Club in McHenry County…perhaps more than in any other service club.

He also lists the other non-profit organization where he plays a role.
Thorsen lit 2 back
The second mailing again emphasizes the themes of his campaign:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility

Thorsen lit 3 addressIt also has says that Thorsen has been endorsed by the Daily Herald.

Thorsen lit 3 back On the back he quotes this part:

“…it’s not clear her leadership and management skills can match Thorsen’s. Thorsen is endorsed.”

Thorsen summarizes his goals, including, “I wlll be a full-time Treasurer.”

Finally, thee is piece with a pro-life pitch for Thorsen.

On the address side is the Daily Herald endorsement.Thorsen lit pro-life addressOn the back is a characterture of pro-life leader Irene Napier with a statement about her support.

Former Crystal Lake Grade School Superintendent and Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Exec. Bob Blazier and former businessman and McHenry County Board member Erv LeCoque also add kind words.
Thorsen lit pro-life backBanker Thorsen is running against Glenda Miller, who is Chief Deputy Treasurer.


Jeff Thorsen’s Mailings for County Treasurer — 6 Comments

  1. Irene Napier is an excellent endorsement.

    Bob Blazier is a hack. His endorsement would make me vote for Glenda Miller.

  2. Will be interesting to see who replaces LeFew.

    Robert Blazier and his wife retired from Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 in 1985 and 1984 respectively.

    Robert Blazier pension – $101K, 37 years of service.

    Rosemary Blazier pension – $27K, 36 years of service.

    Total household income: $128K.

    McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren’s wife retired from Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 in 2005.

    Margarete Nygren’s pension – $91K, 35 yrs of service.

    Keith Nygren salary – $151K, McHenry County Sheriff.

    Keith Nygren pension – ? (Crystal Lake Police Dept)

    Annual Nygren Income: $242K + Crystal Lake Police Dept Pension

    The Crystal Lake Police Dept pension is likely between $50K – $90K.

    The pension amount, years worked, years of service, retirement age, last year’s salary, etc.
    can be FOIA’d from the pension fund.

  3. That is why I call Bob Blazier a “hack”.

    I didn’t realize it was as bad as THAT, however.

    All the CL politicians bow down before the Blaziers as they rape the property taxpayer.

    The taxpayer who “isn’t paying their fair share”; i.e. so governmental retirees can accumulate enormous wealth like the Nygrens and the Blaziers.

    Our system is disgusting.

  4. Mark, if you are worried about “hacks” I sure wouldn’t vote for one for office!

    Glenda Miller defines the word!

  5. The amount of lavish, taxpayer-funded pensions is sickening.

    Illinois cannot sustain these Golden Eggs & Double Dipping. Disgusting.

    Pension Reform.

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