McHenry County College Admits 10,000 Identities Breached

McHenry County College

McHenry County Collegebl

It’s taken a half a year, but McHenry County College has finally release the number of students, former students and employees whose identity data was breached.

MCC officials did not do it voluntarily.

McHenry County Blog had to file an appeal of the college’s denial of information eliminated from the form filed with the United State’s Post Office.

MCC denied the request because state law says that in the mandate notification letter the total number of those whose identity was compromised may not be revealed.

The opinion of the Public Access Division of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office was that the Freedom of Information Act should be interpreted broadly.

In other words, if some document is not specifically prohibited from revelation, they it must be supplied pursuant to a Freedom of Information request.

Since there is no prohibition from releasing a document containing the number of identity breaches, the AG’s advisory opinion said the college should release the number.

The number was contained on a document filed with the Post Office.

The number provided before was the figure for postage: $4,700.

I figured that MCC would have sent the notice the cheapest way possible, Third Class Mail.

But, it turns out the letters were sent First Class.

At 47 cents a stamp, that means 10,000 were mailed.

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