Zinke Folks Reinforce Double Dipper Mailing with Robo-Call

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

A very short robo-call brought the double-dipper argument to people’s ears this afternoon.

A man called saying that “Bill Prim will not” something or other.

He talked about Prim’s $76,000 pension [compliments of Des Plaines taxpayers and not mentioning that Prim has promised not to take a pension from the taxpayers of McHenry County] and the $150,000 salary for the job.

He concluded by exhorting listeners to “make the responsible choice.

“Vote for Andy Zinke for Sheriff.”

There was no identification of who paid for the call.


Zinke Folks Reinforce Double Dipper Mailing with Robo-Call — 5 Comments

  1. Desperate with lies………..

    No one even listens to those

  2. Oh, yeah – we’ll make the responsible choice, all righty!

    I have a question – do the Zinke supporters really think we’re that stupid with all of these lies, after our president lied to us for the past 5 years?

    Once you’ve been lied to by a pathological liar, you can spot them a mile away.

    And isn’t it funny how that’s all they can come up with – but I suppose it’s brilliant, a distraction away from what’s coming down the pike and already has regarding the sheriff’s office.

  3. Just had a Robo-call…….might have been Zinke, but I hung up when I realized it was a Robo……

    no one wants to hear that crap, I don’t care who it is !

    Zinke should have had that stuff out long ago anyway……

    last ditch effort, guess he thought “better late than never”.

    As a quote from JP, ” Too Bad, Sooooooooooo Sad “…..


  4. It has been brought to my attention that comments have been made on this blog that DO NOT
    Belong to me.

    My name is being used by an obviously very disturbed person.

    I would never make ANY comment that would be supportive of Nygren or Zinke.

    Thank you.

    The real,

    David Bachmann

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