New Youngest Republican Precinct Committeeman – Jenna Wing

Jenna Wing

Jenna Wing

Jenna Wing not only survived a challenge to her presence on the ballot, but she has bested her opponent to become McHenry County’s youngest Republican Precinct Committeeman.

The totals have not yet been posted, but you can see from the tape below that the vote was

Wing 3-14 precinct results

For those voting in person, the results were 78-63 in Jenna Wing’s favor.

While the totals will change when the early and absentee ballots are counted, it seems unlikely that Richard Duresa will end up the victor.


New Youngest Republican Precinct Committeeman – Jenna Wing — 5 Comments

  1. Congratulations to Jenna Wing as the youngest Republican Precinct Committeewoman in McHenry County!!

    The fact that she stuck in there and fought off a challenge then went on to win shows strength of character, guts, and determination.

  2. Well young Lady you have come a long way, faced a serious challenge and had the perseverance to win the race marked out for you.

    As you progress through this new responsibility, do not turn to the right or the left;
    keep your focus on the goal of doing what is right and your Father in Heaven will be well pleased with you.

  3. Thank you all for your support and comments.

    I made a promise and kept it.

    I did register some of my peers so they will be voting in the November election.

    I agree, God is good.

    I am learning a lot, and realizing that we do have a long road to fix our gov’t.

    We all need to be aware of what is going on.

    No more sticking our head in the sand.

    My generation and future generations are in trouble.

    More young people really need to get involved.

    We need to speak up.

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