90 Write-In Votes for Precinct Committeeman in Alden Township

No one filed a petition for Republican Precinct Committeeman in Alden Township.

Then,both incumbent Preston Rea, the Township Supervisor, and Steve Reick, who is running against Jack Franks for State Rep., decided to run write-in campaigns.

Alden write-ins 3-14 90
There may have been votes for other people, but only write-ins for Rea and Reick will be counted.

If anyone was in the counting room, maybe he or she will tell readers who won.


90 Write-In Votes for Precinct Committeeman in Alden Township — 3 Comments

  1. When Geri davis cracked her whip …ole Preston barked “Soirry I didn’t file for Committeeman on time …

    I need rest” …. but Geri ‘Bo-Peep’ Davis barked back, “I need my do-nothing job as Republirat Central Committee Exec. Dir…..so hop to it Preston, I’ll see to the absentee ballots!”

    Preston: “But I need my rest …I’m retired!”

    Davis: “No way ….. you owe the Republirats big time! ….and that Reick will help start a 3rd Reich in this County ….. it’s 1938 all over again, Preston! First, Crimea secedes …. and now McHenry County will exit from our Evil Empire ….We can’t let THAT HAPPEN PRESTON ….so sign the write-in candidacy form ….. I’ll do the rest!”

  2. Not tired or retired.

    A win is a win!

    Looking forward to electing Republicans in November!

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