Andrew Gasser Writes about Changing the Republican Party

Here is a comment which Fox River Grove Republican Precinct Committeeman and District 1 County Board candidate Andrew Gasser posted under this article about write-in campaigns:

Andrew Gasser

Andrew Gasser

I have the alternative – and her name is Sandy Salgado.

There will always be those who are unhappy no matter who is elected.

But the team that is in the running to replace the current team has already proven they can work together and make things happen.

The team found over 30 new committeemen all over McHenry County.

The old team needed a Hail Mary write in campaign and is still woefully short of having a snowball’s chance in hell of taking over.

The team sent out letters for precinct committeemen at little or no cost to those committeemen.

The team sent out post card reminders for their contested precinct committeemen.

The team went all in for its candidates.

Some won – some lost.

But Bill Prim will make an excellent sheriff.

Next time, 2016, we will have an ever better organization with more support and resources.

The team is inclusive – no litmus test here.

There were some committeemen who did not want to endorse Bill Prim, or in one case, endorse Andy Zinke.

We helped them all with getting their letter out.

One committeeman asked a Zinke sign for her yard – and they got one.

The team truly believes in smaller, fiscally responsible local governments.

But it all starts with the Republican Party leadership.

Sandy Salgado, myself, Diane Evertsen, and Chuck Wheeler have already shown that we have the ability to work together and do things the current leadership just was not able to accomplish.

Was it 100% more effective?

Were we four times more efficient than certain individuals?

Was it perfect?

We all know the answer is no and we could have done a better job.

However, all of us are capturing lessons learned and documenting everything for the fall and 2016.

On April 16th we will see a new leadership team. I hope Sandy and I are a part of it.

We all make a great team.


Andrew Gasser Writes about Changing the Republican Party — 6 Comments

  1. Great.

    Replace our elected and appointed RINO officials.

    Take off their masks and elect true conservatives.

    Prove to the voters that they are RINOS or nothing will ever change.

    People are easily fooled by (ex.) a tall, slim, smiling man.

    You can identify a few of them (RINOS) by looking at elected/appointed school board officials or other elected/appointed people who come from an education/teacher/school board background.

    Look for a couple of folks who are moving up the ranks and who seem to have their names in or on everything.

    Social stuff too.

    These folks do not care about spending taxpayers’ money – no matter how much they claim they do.

    Push for official term limits – the newspapers are wrong, elections are not the way to remove those who have been in too long and who have too many cronies.

    I just waved my magic wand, make it so.

  2. We need to have a choice in McHenry County.

    When none of these “elected” officials have an opponent, they are allowed to go on abusing the taxpayers.

    Thank you, Andrew and the others who are stepping up to the plate to right an eternal wrong foisted on us.

    I’d really like to know why two old former elected officials run the party from behind the scenes by using these puppets.

    Please, someone answer that question.

    YES term limits for all!

  3. I am an elected Committeeman, Nunda-14. I wonder why they didn’t email or contact me?

  4. As a new Committeeman candidate, I can assure you that I am one of the 30 new committeeman that Andrew Gasser referred to in his post.

    He is sincere, and I could not have won the primary without his assistance.

    Our new leadership in McHenry County is still developing, and with strong leaders like Andrew, we will prevail for years to come.

    And oh, by the way, I think there might be a new sheriff in town…….

  5. Awesome…Bianchi and the Salgado’s sure glad we went with new blood and not a bunch of fronts for one of the old guard factions…

    You won’t get an argument from me that the Republican party was broken in this county but it just seems more an more to me instead of recreating a fresh Republican party with the next generation we almost seem like we are trying to out “Democrat” the Democrats with our burnt crops strategy’s. I would have greatly preferred a fresh faction to one beholden to one of the historical factions.

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