Severe Shortage of Psychiatrists in McHenry County

This proposal concerning psychiatric service from Pioneer Center will be discussed at Tuesday’s 6 PM meeting of the McHenry County 708 Mental Health Board.  (The size of the print is too small, so to read it, click on the pages’ images and then click on Control and the “+=” key a couple of times until the image is large enough to read.)Pioneer 1Pioneer 2Pioneer 3Pioneer 5



Severe Shortage of Psychiatrists in McHenry County — 8 Comments

  1. The only reason there’s a psychiatrist shortage in McHenry is because there’s a surfeit of psychotics, neurotics, etc., in the County.

    An examination of the County Board itself proves my point!

  2. Would you like some cheese with that whine?

    If we have one psychiatrist in McHenry County that’s one quack too many.

  3. $320k seems a stretch.

    And really, one month upfront, to offset start up cost?

    Is she a pauper with zero assets?

    $49k for ‘fringe benefits’

    I need a psychiatrist to help me understand this.

  4. ???? Why do we need “additional” funding for Psychiatrists?

    Are those who benefit from Pioneer not eligible for Obamacare?

    How many ‘clients’ of Pioneer do not receive government assistance?

    Did Obamacare not include psychiatric care?

  5. Do you mean that so many voted for the dictator in the white house that we are short of doctors to analyze these people?

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