Tribune Writes Up Sheriff’s Race

Friday after Tuesday’s election, the Chicago Tribune published a story about the Bill Prim-Andy Zinke Sheriff’s contest.

"Prim leads McHenry sheriff's race" is the Tribune headline.

“Prim leads McHenry sheriff’s race” is the Tribune headline.

At one point far into the article reporter Bob McCoppin focused on the impact of bloggers.

Lou Bianchi answered,

“Did bloggers have an effect? Of course they did.

“There’s no question that if (everyone) didn’t do their part, Bill would not have won.”
[Emphasis added.]

Prim’s comment:

“They certainly helped, because we had a difficult time with the mainstream media getting our message out.”

The real credit, Prim, in my opinion, rightly focused upon was his 300 volunteers.


Tribune Writes Up Sheriff’s Race — 11 Comments

  1. Andy knows the blogs killed his chance on becoming Sheriff.

    His dream began to unravel dating back to 2008. Seipler, Milliman and Bachmann took out the “Bosses” knees with hard hitting TRUTHFUL reporting.

    Once Nygren was embarrassed beyond his own wildest dream, that opened the flood gates for a massive grass roots movement.

    First Electric Newspaper reports a Nygren sighting placing Nygren on the run from the County.

    I wonder if the infamous Tahoe will ever return from the South?

    This was an amazing effort by so many.

    What a beautiful sight it truly was to see Sheriff Elect Bill Prim holding his daughter on election.

    This is what we all worked so hard for.

    Thank God it’s over, we rejoice in peace.

    Now comes the question.

    “Will a Sheriff Prim investigate his own claims of corruption and put those guilty in jail?”

    You see folks, we too have connections to the U.S. DOJ.

    BTW way Andy, we won’t use our connections to FALESLY investigate your and Nygren’s political rivals.

    We will however use all our connections to lock up those WE KNOW are GUILTY!!

    Adios you curds!

  2. Prediction….

    Scott Milliman will have the final say in this entire saga.

    People are going to be held accountable for their actions.

  3. Let’s not forget Zane Seipler, Dave Bachman and Paul Scharff.

    Those men brought the truth to the limelight.

    It took an army to get the truthful information out there….

    Enormous sacrifices, personal and professional were made.

    They were all crusaders in the fight against corruption.

    It was time for corruption in McHenry County to be exposed to the public…

    You are right Scott Milliman will bring them all down…

    He is another crusader, ready to expose the truth…

    Corruption runs deep and when all of the information is finally revealed because of Scott, the people of McHenry County will be shocked.

    The days of Greylord, do not even begin to compare to what has gone on in McHenry County..

    Run Keith and Andy, because the people will want an explanation…

    The victim list is extensive.

    There are men, women and children who who live without their families everyday because of corruption.

    There are men and women that have lost their homes, their life savings and more.

    Then, there are those that were wrongfully, arrested, prosecuted and convicted for crimes for which they did not commit.

    Let’s hope and pray for justice to prevail.

  4. There was an army of over 300 Prim volunteers…

    The community came together to make it happen…

    They didn’t care about the high-level endorsements that Zinke received.

    The volunteers were armed with the truth and they made it known to the community…

    There were hundreds of people that didn’t even know each other, that came together for the common cause to elect Bill Prim and get rid of corruption.

    They had the power to create change, they realized it and got out there and made it happen…

    They were the crusaders who had the courage to stand up for what they believed and they made their voices heard in a way that the people listened.

    The people of McHenry County should be so proud of themselves..

  5. Andy and Duncan you are so right.

    Also, those who endorsed Zinke have a lot of ‘splaing to do.

    The truth will prevail, it always does.


    And what goes around, comes around.

    I’ve seen it happen too many times to count.

    The corruption in this county needs to be cleaned up.

    From the good ole’ boys in the Republican party who run it from behind closed doors, to the sheriff’s department.

    Spring cleaning is here!

  6. Thank you to all the above commentators.

    Everything that was said hit the nail on the head. All could not have said it better !!! Thank you to all and we all will ban together in the coming months until the election in November.

    McHenry County will have a future a solid future in Bill Prim.

  7. Some of the most courageous men I’ve ever met and have yet to meet, all made this happen.

    May we continue to move forward in peace.

    A new dawn has broken. Bill Prim will need our continued prayers, his mission has just begun.

    Thank you.


  8. Women too of course.

    Please add to the above comment.

    Thank you.


  9. A Forever Grateful to all those that worked so hard to get Bill Prim elected.

    You have no idea how many of us have been waiting for this to happen.

    The comments above say it all.

  10. I believe that Bill, if elected Sheriff, will have some hard work ahead of him changing the attitudes and philosophy that have poisoned the Sheriff’s Dept for some time now.

    The idea that the department is for the public and that the employees work for the public is truly alien to most there.

    The paranoia at the top has bled down to the workers at the bottom and will take time to fix.

    Whenever a report of something negative that occurred in the jail or patrol comes up in one of the blogs, instead of checking it out, the response always is, “How the hell did they find out? Who told them?

    It’s bad when you have brainwashed your employees to believe that the public have no right to know what’s going on at its Sheriff’s Dept.

    The idea of public service has gone from most of our government agencies but at the Sheriff’s office it’s belief that it is above public scrutiny and that is not to be held accountable is

    The public need to be treated with respect. When a family member visits or bonds out an inmate that doesn’t mean they are not worthy of dignity and respect.

    Fortunately for Bill, the ass-kissing supervisors (and there are lots of them) will do whatever the philosophy of the boss is.

    A very firm hand will be needed to right this ship and give the office back to the public where it belongs.

    An honest, fair, fiscally responsible, transparent Sheriff’s Dept is what this County desperately needs and I trust that Bill Prim is the man to deliver this to us.

    Good luck, you are going to need it, the rot is entrenched and vast.

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