Jack Franks Deciding Vote on Millioniaire’s Tax

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Republican opponent Steve Reick has been arguing that Franks can vote anyway he wants…unless House Speaker Mike Madigan wants Franks’ vote.

That happens every time the Illinois House is organized.

Franks has voted for Madigan to remain House Speaker every two years since 1998.

Now, with every Republican planning to vote against putting the Constitutional Amendment on the ballot, Madigan NEEDS Franks’ vote to reach the required 71 votes.

That’s after the replacement of the recently resigned Elgin State Rep. Keith Farnham, who resigned after his computers were searched for child pornography.

I can hear the conversation now:

Madigan to Franks – “I let you put your stupid Constitution Amendment on recalling the Governor on the ballot.  I need your vote to start the Class War.  I’ll have it, won’t I?”

Franks – “Yes, Mike.”


Jack Franks Deciding Vote on Millioniaire’s Tax — 2 Comments

  1. Really Jack?

    You would consider putting this up to a vote?

    Be sure to let the rest of your fans know that the way Dems spend (waste) money, they will be adding an additional tax on people with incomes of $10,000/year before too long.

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