Bill Prim Wins Primary by 97 Votes

"Prim sure winner for GOP sheriff in McHenry Co" is how the Daily Herald summarizes McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz' opinion on March 20th

“Prim sure winner for GOP sheriff in McHenry Co” is how the Daily Herald summarizes McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz’ opinion on March 20th

Retiring McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz was correct when she said that there wouldn’t be much change after the final election night results were posted.

With only about 50 mainly absentee and a couple of provisional votes outstanding, Prim led by 98 votes.

(Not as close as my 72-vote primary victory for the GOP nomination for McHenry County Treasurer in a three-way race in 1966, but percentage-wise certainly closer.)

According to the final results, Prim beat Andy Zinke 14,520 to 14,423.


Bill Prim Wins Primary by 97 Votes — 16 Comments

  1. What are Zinke’s appellate options?

    When will the time to file suit expire? Any word from the Zinke camp as to whether Andy will bow out with grace?

  2. We are fortunate to have Kathie Schultz overseeing this past election and the upcoming one.

    Future elections need to be monitored very closely!!!

  3. Congrats Bill. I know the outcome would have been higher if your campaign cards would have reached more people.

    This will be a new beginning for the people of McHenry County when you win the November election.

    We need your expertise and not an attorney !!!!

  4. One Down………One To Go…………..! HAD NO DOUBT……Congrats Bill !

  5. Has Zinke conceded?

    Has he even taken a minute to thank his supporters on his campaign Facebook page?

    Arrogance and narcissism at its best.

  6. Magellan: Mr. Zinke has continued to show his true character.

    Thank you for reminding us of his attributes.

    Lets all continue to support Mr. Prim and continue to educate the people when voting in November of the fine qualities and experience Mr. Prim has.

  7. A demonstration of why it is important to vote! Bill Prim should have won by a landslide.

  8. Well he is a lame duck when it comes to Prim winning the primary but he will be a cooked goose in November.

  9. Levraifrog:

    You have to remember that Bill Prim probably would have won by a landslide but when people vote because they are intimidated that makes a difference.

    In November they can vote without that fear.

  10. Agreed. Arrogance and narcissism at it’s best.

    You lost Zinke….

    Congrats Bill! Heres to new beginnings.

    Let the healing in McHenry County begin….

  11. Seeing that zinke still will not concede is he and his boss still trying to figure a way to steal the election?

  12. Good Question….

    They have a lot to lose once Prim takes over…

    Prim promised the Sheriffs Department will be returned to the people, and it will.

  13. Tinkerbelle:
    So many people who THINK they are the big guys find out that the real
    BIG guys won’t help them anymore because they are of no use to them anymore.

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