Allen Skillicorn Running for Kane County GOP Chairmanship

A press release from Alan Skillikorn:

Allen Skillicorn is challenging Tom Hartwell to become Kane County Republican Chairman

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

Kane County is the 5th largest County in the state of Illinois. Many would consider Kane to be mostly Republican, but let’s look at the statistics.

In 2010 181 Republican Precinct Committeemen were elected.

In 2012 only 174 Republican Precinct Committeemen were elected.

On March 18th, 2014 just 117 Republican Precinct Committeemen were elected.

That’s a 35% decline in Republican Committeemen in 4 years.

To add insult to injury, Barack Obama won Kane County in 2012.

Despite this decline in the Party, Kane County still has plenty of Republican voters. Looking at the down-ballot races in 2012, one would see that every single Republican county-wide candidate won by large margins.

Sadly Kane County suffers from many ineffective and counter-productive Republican leaders.

Barack Obama and the Democrats cannot be allowed to turn Kane County from Red to Blue.

I am seeking support to become the next Kane County Republican Chairman on a platform of vision to rebuild our party!

I have always believed that if you want the job, you should start by taking on the responsibilities that go with it first.

That’s why last fall I organized Kane County’s first ever Precinct Committeeman Training Class to help our leaders campaign more effectively.

As Party Secretary, I have also worked to coordinate volunteers, help Committeemen with GOP Data, participate in dozens of Township meetings, and represent the Kane County Republican Party at numerous state and local GOP events.

I am a lifelong Republican, elected official, and a marketing professional.

My marketing and advertising expertise will help our party reach out to women voters, minority voters, and fight back against the Democrats.

My vision for the Kane County Republican Party includes:

  • Building up the grassroots of our party Every precinct committeeman should have access to voter lists and the opportunity for basic campaign training because tools and training are the foundation of efficacy. Likewise, township organizations deserve a similar level of support from the county party.
  • Quarterly events to foster camaraderie, fundraise, and grow the Party.At GOP events, donors meet the up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow as well as the grassroots base. Events also help candidates meet and engage potential supporters.
  • County-wide signs and mailers will encourage voters to support our Republican slate and turn out more Republican votes.
  • Common messaging and coordinated talking points. We will engage the local media with regular pro-jobs, pro-growth, and limited-tax press releases and push back against the failed policies of Speaker Madigan and Pat Quinn.

I have a vision for the Kane County Republican Central Committee and I want to win elections!


Allen Skillicorn Running for Kane County GOP Chairmanship — 4 Comments

  1. Allen is a Great Guy!

    The Party would benefit greatly with him as Chairman!

  2. Paul’s enthusiasm is excused as he is a relative newbie.

  3. We need more leaders in the Republican Party, not more “marketing professionals”

  4. While Party Secretary and East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn does bring a breath of fresh air to the position of Kane County Republican chairman, it’s unclear if the committeemen in Kane County are ready for a dynamic young leader like Allen.

    He’s been party secretary since 2012, and if elected, would be the first non-township chairman elected to lead Kane County Republicans since Bill Keck in 2000.

    I was not even aware Circuit Court Clerk Tom Hartwell was running, outside of Allen’s press release.

    This race is unique, as I cannot remember a time when two north-end Kane County Republicans competed for party chairman.

    It will be interesting to see if Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen weighs-in on the Republican chairman’s race.

    Though the chairman is not a committeeman, his wife is, and she would vote early in the committeeman’s roll call.

    Hartwell was one of Chris Lauzen’s running mates in 2012, and Skillicorn was a very active supporter for Lauzen then, too.

    Lauzen could leave it up to the committeemen to decide, or weigh-in.

    Both have given generously to other Republicans and local organizations over the years, though Hartwell’s giving dates back to the 1990s, but as Skillicorn’s press release points out, Kane County Republicans need a jolt to reverse the Democrat trend, especially among minority voters, who feel alienated from Republicans after several local Republican leaders formed the anti-immigrant movement in the mid 2000s in Carpentersville and Elgin.

    This race will be interesting to watch, when the Kane County Republicans meet in convention next week in Sugar Grove.

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