Close Loser in Will County Sheriff’s Race Foregoes Recount

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

In Will County there was a close race for the Republican nomination for Sheriff.

Nick Ficarello lost to Ken Kaupas, the current Sheriff’s cousin by 225 votes.

41,000 vote were cast.


Compare that to the 97-vote victory of Republican Bill Prim over Undersheriff Andy Zinke.

Andy Zinke

Andy Zinke

28,943 votes were cast.

In Will County the second place finisher is not asking for a discovery recount.

In McHenry County, Zinke is.

Proportionately, the McHenry County race is closer.



Close Loser in Will County Sheriff’s Race Foregoes Recount — 14 Comments

  1. Zinke is hanging by a thread, but continues to hold on…………

    let it go…….

    let it go……

    let it go !

    ( so the song goes )

  2. Forgot…….anybody hear about Harrison’s fundraiser ?

    No word, No pictures, Nobody showed ?

  3. Zinke Who?????

    I don’t think anyone cares anymore.

    I hear some of his supporters are now going over to the Prim side.

    Ya hoooo

    Harrison Who?????????

    Oh, you mean the Republican, oh, no I mean Independent,
    oh, or is it Democratic?

    I get so confused……….

    Spread the love

    I am glad that at least Mr. Prim knows who is his ” A Republican”

  4. Happy Trails

    Haven’t heard anything about Harrison’s fund raiser.

    I think he is getting ready for the Democratic Convention since he and Carolyn want you to donate to the Democratic Party on their behalf. (If this is the same Jim Harrison who is running for Sheriff in McHenry County and just happen to have a wife with the same name)

    Go to page 2 on older posts and go to McHenry County Democrats Ask For Friends to Attend Convention.

    Like you said voter Mr. Prim knows and sticks to being a Republican.

    I know he will be at the Republican Convention.

  5. Happy Trails , I think I heard his family was at the fundraiser….

  6. It’s so nice and heart warming to see all these posters have moved past the acrimony and divisiveness that characterized the contentious and acrid-laden primary election.

    So much for being gracious and taking the high road…

    Same tune, different chord.

  7. really?

    I am not writing to be bitter or hash as I give my opinions.

    I said that I knew Bill Prim is a Republican and does not change his mind or his party
    to win an election.

    I also said that it may not be the same Jim Harrison and Carolyn that is running for Sheriff but a person that says to donate to the Democratic Party on their behalf sounds like that person is a Democrat whoever that person is.

    Now if you want to read anything else into what I wrote then that is you and not me.

  8. Here we have a candidate with class.

    He lost and accepted it unlike the loser in Mchenry County.

  9. There seems to be an awful lot of name stealing on this blog. I have been posting under the name Really? since I started reading this blog.

    Cal, is there a way keep multiple users from posting under the same name?

  10. Tinkerbelle:

    You do have a person with class. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose.

    A part of being a man is to accept the things you can not change and go on.
    McHenry has a poor looser and can not accept the things that are inevitable.

    Someone used my name in the beginning so I just changed my name and anything
    that is not what you posted you can write another post if it wasn’t you.

    No big deal in my book.

    Unless someone is making a big deal out of nothing


  11. I feel your pain, Really.

    Many years ago I had that happen to me. (I ended up changing my name six or seven times only to be blocked by that particular site, eventually.)

    It is an extremely creepy feeling when someone tries to steal your identity.

    Psychopaths are everywhere.

  12. If you read through the lines I don’t think that is what ” Really” means.

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