Common Core Huntley Tea Party Meeting April 16th — 12 Comments

  1. Our 21st century children continue to be taught in a 19th century way, and Common Core does nothing but perpetuate that with its top-down, teach to the test approach to learning.

    Common Core was devised by 2 DC-based lobbying groups with corporate money (much from the Gates Foundation) and was adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education within 2 weeks of the final standards being adopted, with no field testing of the standards.

    What Illinois got for adopting Common Core was the promise of 40 pieces of silver in the form of a promise of Race to the Top grants and waivers under NCLB.

    The people of Illinois pay billions for education through their property taxes, the incentive from the Federal government was peanuts by comparison.

    But a state as strapped for cash as this one will take it from wherever it may come and consider the implications later on.

    There was no legislative input before the standards were adopted, and parents to this day are uninformed of the manner in which their kids’ learning is being affected. Nor do they have any idea of the data that is being collected on their children through this program.

    I strongly urge anyone who is interested in education, whether parent, teacher or concerned citizen, to attend this meeting and inform themselves on what’s going on in our schools.

    Indiana has recently opted out of Common Core, and Illinois should do the same.

  2. Maybe the tea party people and government haters should get out of the government and country and start their own.

  3. This sounds like the start of a good joke:,

    A preacher, an attorney and a bunch of tea partiers get together to talk about education!

  4. Freedom loving people DID start their own country.

    We called it the United States.

    We proceeded to kick all the elitist Tory centralized control loving people out of OUR country.

    Some moved to Canada.

    Some escaped to England.

    Many died attempting to impose their ideas of what was good for the rest of us on us at gunpoint.

    What an idiotic statement to ask freedom loving people who know how to limit government overstepping to leave their country.

    Russia is centralizing control again.

    How about YOU move THERE?

    China has been an anthill nation from the start.

    I’m sure if you want to live where your opinion doesn’t matter they’d love you.

    Tout the opinion your ideas are the only ones in a nation who doesn’t care a whit about your ideas.

    Here, despite liberal thought police actions to the contrary, we value discussion and broad control by The People.

  5. Temporary Subsidy Without Full Disclosure Alert.

    The real costs to taxpayers for Common Core and the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) will become apparent after the so called temporary Federal subsidizes to the States (in exchange for adopting the Federal legislation) dry up.

    The State of Illinois has a temporary subsidy of its own in school district mergers.

    The State created a law the highest teacher pay scale of the merged districts must be used.

    The State then provides a temporary subsidy to the newly created school district for 3 years or so.

    After the subsidy dries up, more of the school district budget is thus devoted to teacher salaries, so either cuts have to be made elsewhere or more revenue must be found to replace the subsidy.

    That is exactly what will happen to American taxpayers with ObamaCore and ObamaCare, after Obama is out of office.

    Another way to hide true costs for a government program is to create an escalating payment plan for costs that should be paid today.

    That is the technique used by the State of Illinois to pay for pension hikes.

    The State can’t afford the payments for the myriad of state laws they have created over the last 40
    years which have hiked State pensions.

    Future costs have simply been minimized.

    The Edgar Ramp and now the Quinn Ramp to pay for State of Illinois (TRS, SERS, SURS, GARS, JRS) pensions has simply kicked the can down the road.

    Bruno is a very smart man.

    He knows all this plus a whole lot more.

  6. Right now, there is a movement by some Americans who believe that the United States should be a Christian Theocracy.

    (By the way, not one time does the Constitution mention God, Jesus, the Trinity or Christianity.)

    We live in a free country, and, though it is their absolute freedom to do so, the same people wishing for a Christian Theocracy wish to rid the education system of common core because they believe it is BHO or the Feds telling them what their child needs to know.

    They believe that a united, uniform education system is somehow going to lead to the detriment of the nation.

    I have news for you Common Core haters, you will never be able to pass of religion and science in a biology classroom because you need to show the other ‘side.’

    You will never be able to teach intelligent design or ‘observable science’ to forth graders.

    This is because reasonable people know that your opposition is largely based on the same reasons for why slave owners were for slavery – ‘states rights.’

    We tried to have a confederacy.

    I didn’t work.

    We tried to allow states to truly govern themselves.

    I didn’t work.

    A strong central government is what allowed America to win WWII.

    A strong central government gave women the right to vote.

    A strong central government is what allowed people of color to vote.

    A strong central government will continue to govern best, because your red herring arguments – that
    common core is an attack on values, or the American family, or dumbing down Americans – will not last.

    The people will see what you common core haters are REALLY trying to do – institute a christian theocracy.

    America is a Democratic Republic and we don’t need your biblical based law because then we would be like the Muslims with their Sharia Law.

  7. “You will never be able to teach intelligent design or ‘observable science’ to forth graders. ”

    FORTH graders?

    To argue that intelligent design is a hoax, you seriously have to have more faith to believe that it doesn’t exist.

    I suggest you go and see “God’s Not Dead” in the theaters now.

    NOT AN APOLOGIST, I suggest you go to the meeting and educate yourself.

    Talk to parents and teachers who know this will not work, and it IS dumbing down the next generation.

    Your arguments FOR common core will not last, because before being fully implemented Americans are seeing this for what it is.

  8. NotAnApologist…

    You have muddled far too many arguments together in your post.

    Establishment of a Theocracy isn’t possible under the Constitution so I’m not entirely certain wherein this argument fits for you.

    A civil society does need to agree upon certain common values in order to establish cohesion and culture so having a Federal government who establishes and protects this vision is a good thing as evidenced by your examples.

    By the very same token the State governments are far closer to The People than the Federal government and therefore is better able to lead those people in certain endeavors.

    The argument today is more centered around the proper role of each level of government, not the existence or destruction of either.

    In the specific the argument in this post is centered around what has been argued ever since its establishment, a Federal control over the hearts and minds of each child through education nationwide versus a more local approach.

    Common Core is just one more experiment forced upon our schools(our taxes fund these schools so they are OUR schools) and teachers with no foundational market testing or data to show its success or failure.

    Merely a dictate from a government thousands of miles away from the people forced to implement and pay for this folly.

    The balance of government and control is centered around people too far removed from the roll out of unproven policy while those enjoined to follow it are unwilling or unable to do so.

    The Federal government has proven over and over again in the last 40 years they are totally inept at educating the population through public schools.

    When the Federal government cannot perform its presumed job description it is time to give the responsibility to others. Forty years is enough time given to improve performance.

    Time to try something else.

  9. Your religion has no place in the classroom.

    The constitution provides you the right to dilude your children on Sundays, but Monday through Friday is reserved for true science and nonreligious curriculum .

    If you disagree, start your own country, homeschool your kids, but don’t you dare try and cripple our future scientists, engineers, doctors, and nurses by injecting your faith in the classroom.

    That is public domain and our founding fathers probably would have included God, Jesus, and the Trinity in the Constitution if it were so necessary and yet, they were not penned in the preamble by Jefferson.

    If it’s not good enough for the Constitution, it shouldn’t be in the classroom!

  10. Priest: Time to hang up the vestments.

    You have no clue what’s going on in Russia or with Russia.

    “Centralizing control”?

    It’s always been centralized – it’s run by a fascist/dictator!

    The rest was smoke aqnd mirrors for the world’s consumption.

    And as far as the federal government and education: the US Constitution says nothing about education, because it’s an item that was left to the individual states.

    And all states have an explicit statement to that end in their state constitutions.

    Now, the federal government does dabble in education, but it’s the responsibility of the states.

    And in that respect, Illinois (the gov and all the legislators) has failed it’s education system, both comparatively speaking and when looking at it in a standalone perspective. And for-profit corporations running schools ain’t the answer either.

    Common Core is a money grab, plain and simple, because both screwed up parties in Illinois failed to do their jobs.

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