GOP Central Committee Did Not Pay for Write-In Pitch

Instructions on how to write-in

Instructions on how to write-in

“Paid for by Republican Central Committee of McHenry County” read the last line on the write-in solicitation for McHenry 24 Precinct Committeeman Louis Matuszewich.

Matuszewich failed to file a petition to get his name on the ballot and someone was trying to get him elected as a write-in candidate.

The attribution seemed so inappropriate, I decided to ask McHenry County Republican Central Committee Treasurer Fred Wickham, if Party money had actually been used to pay for the mailing.

He wrote me that it had not been used.  Specifically,

“No, the McHenry County GOP didn’t pay for the attached sample write in ballot.

“Your email attachment is the first time that I have seen that sample ballot.

“As far as I know, we didn’t pay for any part of it.”

That, of course, raises the question concerning who put the false information on the flyer.

County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon did hold a training session Feb. 22nd for Establishment candidates running write-in campaigns for GOP Precinct Committeemen, according to a post card from Executive Director Geri Davis.


GOP Central Committee Did Not Pay for Write-In Pitch — 2 Comments

  1. Nobody paid for it ….. it just created uitself out of thin air …… that’s the good ole boys for you!

    Thank God they’re heading into the dust and mists of yore!

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