McHenry County Party Conventions Tonight at 7 in Crystal Lake

Republican and Democratic Party Central Committees will meet on opposite sides of Crystal Lake tonight at 7:30 to select officers and conduct other business.

Both have open to the public in past years.

Details for the Democrats

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 7:00 PM ยท 5 rsvps
McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, IL

The Democratic Party of McHenry County will meet at 7:00 p.m., April 16 at McHenry County College in room B166-167. This facility is handicap accessible.

Republicans will meet at 7 PM at d’Andrea’s.

Doors open at 6.

Mark Daniel’s slate of officers is providing eats starting at 5:30.


McHenry County Party Conventions Tonight at 7 in Crystal Lake — 19 Comments

  1. I am sure Mr. Harrison will probably stop at both party Conventions tonight, as he has a right to.

    He can’t seem to make up his mind where his loyalties lie, but why would he and his wife ask for a DONATION ON THIER BEHALF for the McHenry County DEMOCRATS ?

    I think he still believes himself to be a Democrat .

    Did he also ask for donations for the Republican Party ?

    Democrat……Republican…….Independent………which way will the wind blow tonight ?
    Check out or

  2. This is where the problem is.

    Does Mr. Harrison have Democratic beliefs or does he have Republican beliefs?

    I hope at some point Mr. Harrison will address this question.

    Will he run the Sheriff’s department with democratic views or republican views?

  3. So my question is, what would be the difference between if a Democrat was a sheriff versus if a Republican with the sheriff?

    If a Democrat was sheriff, woukd that mean that all the Sheriff deputies would have to wear rainbow uniforms, pledge allegiance to atheism, and finally stop upholding the law by carrying pistols and instead only have water guns?

    You guys are ridiculous.

  4. If you think we are ridiculous then why comment?

    I am a Republican not a democrat.

    We all can see how well Obama is doing now can’t we.

    I have my opinion and if you do not agree then that is your option.

  5. Fair Play…..

    It doesn’t matter whether the Sheriff is Democrat or Republican….the question is, Why does Harrison keep changing his position ?

    First Republican , then Democrat, now Independent……

    He can’t make up his mind…..

    I think THAT is ridiculous !

  6. So what are we saying then?

    First Mr. Harrison was going to run along with Prim and Zinke on the Republican side…then he backs out of that…

    He doesn’t run as a democratic because those chances aren’t the greatest but he asks for donations to the democratic party on his behalf but then decides to run as an Independent.

    So I see your point Happy Trails.

    Maybe Mr. Harrison will clear that up during his campaign.

  7. Happy Trails to You and McHenry Voter . . .

    Mr. Harrison needs a lot of wiggle room . . .

    he learned well from the Gary Pack Group!

    Would it be something if Harrison wins and brings Gary Pack in as Under-Sheriff?

  8. Geezeeeeeeee.

    What a thought.

    Well Harrison did work under Gary Pack for what 12 years.

    To support Harrison would be like bringing back what we are trying to get rid of.

    That is why we need Bill Prim as our next Sheriff.

  9. Happy Trials, I went to the link you posted, did you even read it?

    It’s an invitation to Harrison to attend a democratic party meeting, not a request by Harrison for donations.


    Either you are intentionally twisting the truth, or maybe next time you should have an adult explain the things to you that you don’t understand.

    Anybody who knows Harrison knows he doesn’t like politics.

    And nobody likes the dirty politics, disrespectful behavior, and deceptive tactics used by the Bianchi/Prim supporters in the republican party.

    The internal discord, relentless struggle for power, and major philosophical differences going on in the republican party would drive anyone away.

    So whatever Harrison may have been thinking when he started his campaign, thank God he got over it.

    Read his website.

    Harrison is running for Sheriff independent of party politics.

    That means he’ll make decisions based on what’s best for the people, not some political party.

    Loyalty to ALL of the people of McHenry County regardless of their political affiliations, how refreshing.

    So it looks like the only thing blowing tonight is the hot air coming from you Happy Trails.

  10. ARE YOU KIDDING !!!!!!

    What part of DONATE ON BEHALF OF JIM & CAROLYN HARRISON don’t you understand ?

    Go to the first website and READ IT !

    You are the one who apparently needs further schooling.


    That my friend is laughable.

    Happy Trails you are right and D’Artanyon if you are an example of a Harrison supporter………

    Maybe you should talk to Teacher 155.

  11. Hey Another Watcher, Harrison announced at his fundraiser his plans to eliminate the Undersheriff position.

    Just sayin.

  12. Happy Trails I read the article and you are right so I don’t know what D’Artanyon is talking about.

    He can’t read.

    As far as Mr. Harrison announcing his decision not to have an Under Sheriff and eliminating the position to me is a rushed decision.

    When you have the idea that you can do it all alone is a decision that may come back to bite you.

    You want no under sheriff and you think you can be the whole legal department is ridiculous.

    I could look at this differently if McHenry County was a “Andy of Mayberry town but wouldn’t it be wiser to wait until you become Sheriff to make important decisions.

    Just Sayin

  13. “what would be the difference between if a Democrat was a sheriff versus if a Republican with the sheriff?”

    Contract negotiations with the deputies’ union, for one.

    Nygren is allegedly a fiscal conservative, and look how far he bent over backwards for the patrolmen.

    Imagine having a democrat at that negotiating table.

  14. Fair Play
    it is obvious that you do not know anything about running a Sheriff’s department and what it entails. You are only showing your ignorance by your comments.

    I say that “you” are the ridiculous one.

  15. D’Artanyon, I read just fine…….If Harrison doesn’t like politics, as you say, then he has no business BEING in politics !

  16. are people that uninformed that they think that a person is not political if they are independent?

    D’Artanyon you better wise up.

  17. D’Artanyon…….We Prim supporters are not playing dirty politics….just stating the facts…Maam

  18. D’Artanyon: I just re-read your comments and those are pretty strong allegations.

    Dirty politics, disrespectful behavior and deceptive tactics used by the Prim supporters.


    Just stating the facts which can be verified.

    Do your comments have backup?

    If I were you I would keep a paper trail/

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