Advice about ID Theft Problems with Garbage

This comes from Marengo police Chief Joseph M. Hallman by way of K Ottolino’s Citizens Alert Social Media Network.

(She writes, “If you know of anyone that would like to be added to this list, please have them email me at

To All Concerned McHenry County Citizens,

Chief Hallman passed this on for our network and I thought it was worth forwarding to all of you:

Can you place something under alerts / scams on the City Web Site regarding recent reports of theft of full garbage bags left out for pick up? The motivation might be to obtain some personal information so we always encourage the purchase of a shredder to dispose of said items thoroughly.

The individuals are not removing the recycling material from containers adjacent to these bags which would have some value possibly so this leads me to believe they could indeed be looking for items with personal information on them.


Advice about ID Theft Problems with Garbage — 3 Comments

  1. “Heartbleed” was a serious issue but it did not affect many people.

    The industry has been patching it well before it became public.

    If you understand the scheme it is actually very complicated to mine information this way.

    It would take a very sophisticated hacker with some really expensive equipment to pull it off.

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