15 Year Old Jose Esquivel Drowns in Haligus Road Pond

These three press releases tell what officials have released.

First form the Crystal Lake Fire Department:
CL Fire Haligus Rd Drowning 4-18-14Next from Dr. Anne Majewski, Coroner of McHenry County:
Maj 4-18-14Majewski sent a second release identifying the youth as Jose A. Esquivel.

The 16-year old's name is

The 15-year old’s name is Jose A. Esquivel.


15 Year Old Jose Esquivel Drowns in Haligus Road Pond — 6 Comments

  1. This is so sad!

    Parents, please don’t let your children attend parties where there are no adults home to supervise.

    This tradgedy could have been avoided.

    The other kids who were at that party have to live with watching their friend die.

    I hope thy provide grief counselors at school on Monday.

  2. Just so you know there were adults at the party.

    A kid risked his own life to save his friend by diving in after him and you shouldn’t be talking about what you don’t know anything about.

    The boy was such a close friend and you made it seem like this was his fault.

    It’s called an accident for a reason!!!

  3. This was a small gathering, not an underage drinking party and from what I have heard the parents were home.

    They have a nice property, alot of land, little bonfire area for the kids to hang.

    It was a nice nite, no school on Friday what better way to get together and hang out.

    Such a tragic accident I agree but I am not going to fault the parents who allowed their child to have some friends over.

    My daughter has been to their home before and again, they are good parents and I’m sure are experiencing their own grief as it is

  4. You should make sure you are aware of all facts before making a comment like this, knowing someone close to this individual it was advised that there were parents at the home of the “get together”

    The father of the residence actually jumped into try to save / look for the boy.

    You said the tragedy could have been avoided… how?

    Teenagers are going to do silly things period, after all who would think after being dared to jump in a pond that he would not resurface?

    Yes it was a horrible thing for all parties involved, friends, the home owners and his family.

    My prayers go out to each and every one of them!

    So sad.

  5. Im more than happy to meet the nieve stupid idiot who made the un educated statement about the parents and the situation re garding the loss of the young mans life.

    I will be at Rookies Monday night in Huntley watching the Hawks game.

    See you there you low life nothing better to do withyourself…

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