Megan Wilson Wins Huntley Tea Party Essay Contest

A press release from the Huntley Area Tea Party:

Megan Wilson

Megan Wilson

At the monthly meeting Huntley Area Tea Party presented its 2014 ACADEMIC AWARD to Megan Wilson, graduating senior at Huntley High School, for her winning essay in the competition, “U.S. Constitution – Bill of Rights” program sponsored by HATP supporters through individual donations.

Megan’s essay selection was Amendment I with focus upon the significance of free speech and in the printed word to be found there.

Her title, “INK”, included references to our founding documents, specific cases, past and present, dealing with issues surrounding print publications, complaints or challenges made, courts’ findings and actions by local authority in their outcomes.

Her ability to capture both the statute as well as the spirit of this guaranteed American freedom was noted by the independent three-judge panel in their selection from among finalists’ essays.

The award includes a $1000 credit for educational materials at the college of her choosing.

Megan has chosen DePaul University and will begin classes this year.

CONGRATULATIONS to Megan and thanks to all students who participated in the 2014 Academic Award Program.

Thanks also to all HATP supporters for their contributions and endorsement for this program to continue next year.


Megan Wilson Wins Huntley Tea Party Essay Contest — 3 Comments

  1. I wonder if the NWH will pick up the story?

    The Trib?

    The Herald?

    Maybe the Sun City News?

    Thank you goes out to the Huntley Tea Party members!!!

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