Smaller Townships Have GOP Meeting April 28th

The following meeting notice for what has been named the “Under Ten” Republican organization has been sent to the GOP Precinct Committee elected in last month’s Primary Election:

The meeting notice sent by Republican Precinct Committeeman Mike McCleary.

The meeting notice sent by Republican Precinct Committeeman Mike McCleary.

Precinct Committee besides McCleary calling the special meeting are

  • Joe Razino – Marengo 1
  • William Matteson – Chemung 2
  • Diane Evertsen – Hartlant 1
  • Rachel Smith – Greenwood 5
  • Mark Shepherd – Hebron 1
  • Scott Erickson – Richmond 1
  • Matt Meyer – Richmond 2
  • Lori White – Burton 3


Smaller Townships Have GOP Meeting April 28th — 5 Comments

  1. Township Central Committee meetings?

    What a novel idea!

    We’ll get around to having one in Grafton, soon, I would imagine…

    It’s astounding, to me, how these Township organizations can be so poorly run, yet the “leaders” continue to present as if they are really doing the party a service…

  2. In the under 10 precinct group, if left up to the establishment, there would not be a meeting to elect officers.

    It seems to me that the elected precinct committeeman are calling a special meeting to elect officers.

    This is something the Grafton Precinct Committeeman can do.

  3. I am still waiting, like many others, to see the Illinois State Statute that mandates the Norwest region be organized the way it is.

    On the road to Reformville.

    There has got to be a better way to organize the party. Linking spring Grove to Marengo is just silly.

  4. Read the County GOP bylaws. Norwest appears to have nothing to do with state law per se – it has to do with the bylaws of the McHenry GOP.

    Bylaw excerpt from elsewhere on this blog: “This Executive Committee shall be comprised of the COMMITTEE Officers, the Appointed Vice Chairmen and Township Chairman from each township having ten (10) or more precincts and one committee member designated by the remaining townships.”

    How about using the County Board districts to establish regional sub districts in place of Townships or break the ‘under tens’ into two groups – one northern – Burton, Greenwood, Richmond, Hebron? and one western – Alden, Chemung, Hartland, Dunham, Seneca, Riley, Coral, Marengo?

  5. Humorous.

    The Norwest group doesn’t even have their own bylaws and the MCGOP bylaws don’t acknowledge them as an organization.

    This is a meaningless meeting.

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