First Day of Zinke Recount Slow

Before the recount began McHenry County Clerk explained the process.

Before the recount began McHenry County Clerk explained the process.

I monitored early voting results for most of Riley Township this morning.

As one observers observed, it was like watching paint dry.

The explanation by Kathie Schultz continued.

The explanation by Kathie Schultz continued.

Most voted early at the Marengo early voting site.

But some voted in Woodstock. To find them, every roll of results had to be viewed.

schultz downstairsThere was one Riley Township resident who voted in Crystal Lake. To find that one vote, every vote on six or seven rolls had to be examined.

It was slow going.

Recount looking for RileyAnd there were other voting sites whose tapes had to be examined after I left at noon.

McHenry and Lake in the Hills were among them.

I figure the early voting part of the recount will take many days.

Here are the tapes that were searched for Riley Township residents' early votes during the first morning of the recount.

Here are the tapes that were searched for Riley Township residents’ early votes during the first morning of the recount.

I also watched as ballots were run through the optical scanning tabulating machine.

The sensors were picking up not only the solid black marks, but check marks and X’s.

I saw a couple of ballots with nothing but a vote for Kirk Dillard for Governor and guessed they were from teachers or other union members.

Chief Deputy Clerk Vern Peacock

Chief Deputy Clerk Vern Paddock checked out the optical scanning counting machine.

Andrew Zinke had one attorney from the Gummerson law firm in attendance for part of the morning, plus Chicago political operative Rudi Patitucci of Deep Blue Strategies, a firm that touts victories of Democrats, toward the end of the morning.

Since the Zinke campaign showed virtually no interest in this part of the recount, one might conclude that they will base any chances of a turnaround on comparing signatures of those who voted in the fifty-three selected precincts with those who cast votes. The Chicago firm says it has experience in petition challenges and that is basically a signature check operation.


First Day of Zinke Recount Slow — 10 Comments

  1. Really, Zinke not showing an interest, wouldn’t that be like taking responsibility, which we all know that he does not do that.

    Papa Smurf taught him well.

  2. One attorney; from the wrong side; that does signature checks to “challenge” petitions…

    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Interesting that a so-called Republican group composed of a Miller off spring, Zinke, Gummerson, Nygren, Chuck Ruth, Hobson, etc. would retain a Democrat organization – Deep Blue.

    But, then I looked at Zinke’s funding and found the contribution from Jack Franks law firm.

    Nice tie in to Gummerson and Lee.

    Gummerson even ran as a Republican committeeman and was elected over two actual conservatives.

    We have a lot of ignorant voters!!!

    In addition to Patitucci, Deep Blue also employs Rainbow Push organizer Claire Lindberg based on her Linkedin profile.

  4. Just one more temper tantrum from the Zinke and Nygren Circus..

    Brotha Gummerson please leave town…

    You can smell the over buttered popcorn all the way down the hallway.. Yikes!

    Andy, Andy, you really should be working on that big fat whole you have dug for yourself, instead of watching those famous TV shows “Let’s Make a Deal’ and “The Price is Right”

    Everone knows, you love over buttered popcorn, but really.

    Besides Gordy is the best TV program scheduler and popcorn maker in the entire courthouse.. Leave the job to Gordy, he is an expert.

    I don’t like popcorn….lol…

  5. coming to a site near you very soon to the voters an extended middle finger.

  6. Another Watcher: Wait until you see what Harrison will do.

    Well he quoted Illinois state statute on March 15 regarding Zinke and his ethics charge.


    First of all I think it is ignorant for someone to just type in a statute when most people don’t know what that means.

    You would think a person who does that thinks he is better than anyone else and he is above everyone else.

    Look I am a lawyer and you work at Burger King.

    I’m not say that is what he thought but it sure came out that way to me.

    I’m sure he wouldn’t think that way since he “says” he wants t

  7. Anotherwatcher: sorry hit the wrong button so I will finish………
    since he says he wants to help the people of McHenry County.

    But Jim quoted statute and what good did that do.

    Zinke was above the law and the case was dismissed.

    So,so much for the law.

    so, wait until we see what Harrison does…I wouldn’t worry.

    keep counting

    Zinke the outcome will result in you going to Florida……….

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