McHenry County Tax Take Up by 1.5% or $12 Million

Even those with paid mortgages continue to have to pay to live in their homes.

Even those with paid mortgages continue to have to pay to live in their homes.

Last year McHenry County real estate taxpayers were billed $797,419,250.88.

This year the McHenry County Clerk’s Office has determined that bills amounting to $809,385,180.76 will be issued.

That’s a dollar increase of $11,965,930, a percentage increase of 1.5%.

The Property Tax Cap allows local governments to obtain 1.5%, plus new buildings.

The assessed valuation is $7,886,571,742. (That’s $7.9 billion.)

Some tax districts held their tax requests relatively constant.

McHenry County government and McHenry County College, for instance.

Others took as much as they could get.

Glenda Miller, the Chief Deputy McHenry County Treasurer reports that the bills will be mailed on May 2nd. The first installment will be due June 4th and the second September 4th.

Below is a table showing what was requested last year (called the “extension”) for countywide governments, junior colleges and school districts, plus what will be requested of taxpayers this year.  (Remember that the property tax cycle is always on year behind, so the 2012 extension was collected in 2013 and the 2013 extension will be collected this year.)

Tax District 2012 Extension 2013 Extension % Change
McHenry County 78,535,191 78,627,451 0.12%
McHenry County Conservation District 19,565,165 19,713,015 0.76%
Elgin Community College 4,368,547 3,984,898 -8.78% McH Co only
McHenry County College 26,917,740 26,922,036 0.02%
Grade School Districts
Nippersink (Richmond-Spring Grove) Grade School Dist 2 10,779,926 12,101,943 12.26%
Fox River Grove Grade School Dist 3 5,552,780 5,551,436 -0.02%
McHenry Grade School Dist 15 46,121,592 47,596,924 3.20%
Riley Grade School Dist 18 3,672,942 3,747,447 2.03%
Cary Grade School Dist 26 21,997,245 22,505,622 2.31%
Harrison (Wonder Lake) Grade School Dist 36 4,411,171 4,489,751 1.78%
Prairie Grove Grade School Dist 46 9,966,783 9,934,965 -0.32%
Crystal Lake Grade School Dist 47 69,275,174 70,715,547 2.08%
High School Districts
Marengo Grade School Dist 165 6,593,399 6,705,516 1.70%
Marengo High School Dist 154 9,535,261 9,775,357 2.52%
Crystal Lake High School Dist 155 70,415,851 71,672,171 1.78%
McHenry High School Dist 156 25,581,470 25,385,979 -0.76%
Richmond-Burton High School Dist 157 10,375,229 10,678,728 2.93%
Unit School Districts
Johnsburg Unit School Dist 12 19,949,096 20,707,035 3.80%
Alden-Hebron Unit School Dist 19 4,246,359 4,056,732 -4.47%
Harvard Unit School Dist 50 13,729,426 14,116,821 2.82%
Wauconda Unit School Dist 118 6,649,265 6,723,377 1.11% McH Co only
Huntley Unit School Dist 158 49,948,610 51,621,632 3.35% McH Co only
Woodstock Unit School Dist 200 58,177,080 58,706,774 0.91%
Barrington Unit School Dist 220 4,868,733 4,238,905 -12.94% McH Co only
Carpentersville Unit School Dist 300 47,967,724 49,090,325 2.34% McH Co only


McHenry County Tax Take Up by 1.5% or $12 Million — 8 Comments

  1. It is all for the children!!

    As we go further and further in debt as a society, monetarily and morally, we keep moving the day of “reckoning” further and further into the future.

    Blessed are the children for they shall inherit an immoral bankrupt nation!!

    How many teachers demanded wage and benefit reductions to reduce the burden on the children?

    Instead the teachers spent millions campaigning on behalf of a tax friendly Republican candidate!

  2. Folks need to take a long hard look at their upcoming property tax bills.

    Check out how many governmental bodies & pensions you pay into.

    Cal – do we know what the state multiplier is for McHenry County?

    That’s a whole different inflationary tactic we get clobbered with each year now too.

  3. The multiplier is one.

    That means your assessment will be whatever your assessor or the Board of Review set.

  4. Don’t forget the school districts have to buy all new Common Core books to indoctrinate the students.

    I mean educate the students.

    They don’t come for free.

    Plus, the school districts have to employ a psychiatrist now, because some one has to monitor and report on the students irregularities. To report back to the state.

    It’s required with the Common Core regulations.

  5. $200.00 increase, $130.00 for teachers.

    There certainly is something wrong with this picture.

    A tax increase to give part time workers more.

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