Recount Shows Zinke Pick-up of Two Votes, Unlikelihood of Election Reversal

There are three parts to the discovery recount that Undersheriff Andy Zinke is forcing McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz to conduct.

I observed two of them.

The most important part was the running of paper ballots through the optical scanners.

Chief Deputy Clerk Vern Peacock

Chief Deputy Clerk Vern Paddock checks out the optical scanning counting machine.

In the 53 precincts recounted, there were four changes observed.

  • In Alden Township, Prim picked up one vote.
  • In Crystal Lake’s Algonquin 19, Prim lost one vote.
  • In Trout Valley’s Algonquin 23, Zinke gained one vote.
  • In Cary’s Algonquin 46, Prim lost one vote.

So the results of this of the recount show a pick-up of two votes for Zinke.

That change will not show on official records, however, unless Zinke can convince a judge that a complete recount would change the results of the primary election, that is, that Zinke would have beaten Bill Prim in the Republican Primary Election.

Since Prim won by 97 votes, if the results of the discover recount were allowed to be included, Prim would have only won by 95 votes.

Here are the tapes that were searched for Riley Township residents' early votes during the first morning of the recount.

Here are the tapes that were searched for Riley Township residents’ early votes during the first morning of the recount.

In the second recount process, early voting results were verified by hand.

That’s what I was watching the first morning of the recount.

During that time, not even one precinct’s early voting results were verified.

That’s because all people do not vote early in the same location.

Recount looking for Riley

Each roll in every early polling place has to be viewed in full to find the early votes for each precinct being recounted.

The Clerk’s Office knows where votes for each party’s primary were cast and has to have employees unroll tapes until the relevant votes are found.

That laborious process of opening the canisters and looking at the precinct identity of each vote for each precinct being recounted is not yet completed.

I do not understand the third part, but it involves very few votes and no changes were found.

In a discovery recount 25% of the precincts may be examined.

That’s what Zinke requested.

Assuming no change in the early voting results, one could project that Zinke would pick up a total of eight votes if ballots from the other 75% of the precincts were recounted. Maybe less, since one could assume that Zinke selected the precincts in which he was most likely to pick up votes.

The two found, plus six more with the same counting error rate observed in the first 53 precincts, would not be sufficient to overcome Prim’s official lead of 97 votes.


Recount Shows Zinke Pick-up of Two Votes, Unlikelihood of Election Reversal — 35 Comments

  1. Mr. Zinke,

    Mr. Prim won.

    I know it’s painful and probably a surprise with all of the stuff that happens during elections.

    However, after a certain point, it’s time to accept the results.

    Unless you are aware of an entire cemetery vote being cast in error (ala Chicago) or proven misconduct on the part of election staff, you seem to be beating a dead horse (and they don’t vote).

    Please move on and allow the public to move on as well.


    One of the voters

  2. “Forcing a recount” — any candidate has the right by state law to request such a discovery recount when the results are that close.

    If the vote totals were reversed, would you be dissing Bill Prim if he asked for such a recount?

  3. McHenry County beware, the Nygren/Zinke Regime will do what ever it takes to disprove the vote, then they will bring in Harrison.

  4. That’s what happens when you play the game “Survivor”

    You get voted off.

    Time to put out your torch!

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

    What gives!??

    Why doesn’t the partial recount EXACTLY duplicate the official election results????

    How could there be any veriation ….

    I mean, c’mon, it’s simple tabulation …….. would could possibly be altered from election night until the recount?

    Votes suddenly ‘found’ ….. how on earth can a candidate “lose” votes.

    I can see how madame Kathy “I Know Nuthink!’ Schultz would be nervous about any recount ….. how does she explain the discrepancies?????

    Can she????

  6. Andy, now you can have all the popcorn you want… I am sure Gordy will continue to make popcorn and schedule those famous TV shows… ‘Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

  7. I agree with TychoB.

    Why is there a discrepancy?

    The vote count should be the exact same, EVERY TIME.

    Where did two votes come from?

    Why weren’t they originally counted?

    Can’t Government EVER get it right?

  8. Anotherwatcher. To the big fish in the sea Nygren and Zinke are little fish.

    Of no use or importance anymore.

    On to November and a Big win for Bill Prim !!!!!!!!


  10. Ride on Happy Trails.

    You couldn’t be more on target. Harrison will be no match for Prim. Harrison’s experience of only 8 years and 25 years ago in the Sheriff’s department doesn’t come close to the past and present experience Bill Prim has.

    The people of McHenry County, I am sure, are excited about having such a qualified and good person all around that Prim is.

    Serving the people of McHenry is what Prim will do !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hey to all past Zinke supporters. Time for you to get to know Bill Prim.

    Check out his Facebook page and come and get to know him at the Kick Off Celebration May 13th. Lets all stick together to restore McHenry County Sheriff’s department with Bill Prim !!!!!!!!

  12. Voters, your offer of bring together the Zinke and Prim supporters is sincere, but as we said before, the wounds are too deep for an amalgamation.

    Even thought as former Zinke voters, and very disappointed that he did not take responsibility at the ethics hearing, we are still not convinced that Prim is the right answer.

    We are still leaning towards Harrison, because he seems to be the only choice to put an end to this bad blood that has split this County Republican Party.

    It might be good to have someone that is natural taking over the Sheriff’s Department that’s unbiased.

    The general election is far off, who knows, we might be convinced to change our minds.

    Now don’t get upset, but attacking someone’s education, experience, and some land deal that only the insiders know what you are talking about, is not very convening to us to change our minds.

  13. Doreen. If you feel that Harrison is the right choice than you have the right to vote for him but if you knew what it takes to run a Sheriff’s department than think again about your choice.

    I have never attacked Harrison’s education or his experience in his attorney field.

    I have seen his resume and know that 8 years as a sheriff’s deputy 25 years ago does not qualify you for running a Sheriff’s department.

    It’s because you do not understand what it takes.

    Harrison as I have said in the past has the resume to be a good attorney.

    The Sheriff’s department does not need an attorney to run it.

    He would be better running as a judge as most lawyers do.

    Remember Doreen it is not attacking people when you are just stating the facts which Harrison himself wrote.

  14. I agree with what a few people have already said.

    Even though it is not enough to sway the result, I’m still troubled that the numbers don’t match.

    They should match.

    At the end of the night on election day, Judges go by what the tabulator in the ballot box plus what the voting machine tells them when the reports are printed.

    The number of paper ballots and electronic votes recorded on the Judges’ spindles is checked against those numbers, but Judges don’t check out every individual race on the ballot.

    All the individual races should match up on paper vs the reports though.

    Laws are being passed all over the country even though voter fraud is very low; the rationale is that any is too much.

  15. I am sorry Voter, I did not mean to apply that you attacked Harrison’s education or his experience, please forgive me.

    I meant in general to the comments that have been made, and some of them are attacks on Harrison, not facts.

    I do agree that we don’t know what it takes to run a Sheriff’s department, but in all fairest, considering Prim’s background, that does not give us great assurance that he knows either.

    We feel that an attorney can run the Sheriff’s department, he knows the law very well, and as long as an attorney is a good administrator, there should be no problems.

    Actually, it might be good for us as normal people not having the administrator that thinks like a cop, and I don’t mean that to be disrespectful.

    We need to make a real change in our county, and putting someone in office that is bias, that is doing nothing more than changing the guard from one side to the other side.

    We need neutrality to end this bad blood and begin a new fresh start, and what better than having an attorney that is experienced as a negotiator.

  16. Joe, maybe someone should look at the machine itself.

    You are right things should match up but I don’t know how they work.

  17. And there is a move to vote over the internet!!!

    The internet which is prone to situations like Heartbleed and continued cyber attacks by foreign governments and the NSA.

  18. FYI

    I have looked into the qualifications of other County Sheriff’s.

    They all have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement.

    Not just 8 years as a deputy sheriff 25 years ago.

    Are people voting for a Sheriff who knows what it takes to run a department and to serve the people or are we voting for an attorney?

  19. Is everyone forgetting what the duties of the Sheriff are?

    Doreen wants a negotiator.

    The Sheriff’s department has its own legal department.

    Is the Sheriff’s office going to eliminate their legal department?

    I don’t think so and if you think Harrison is going to defend the Sheriff’s department then who is going to run the Sheriff’s department?

    You don’t have time for both.

    Let the Sheriff be the Sheriff and let the Legal department do their thing.

    That is why there is delegation in duties in different departments. Da

    I agree with voter.

  20. Doreen, Have you forgotten that you admitted you were wrong about Zinke…that he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions, etc…etc..

    Do you not know that Harrison was going to run as a REPUBLICAN ( against Zinke and Prim ) ?

    Do you not know that he asked for contributions on behalf of ” Jim and Carolyn Harrison ” for the DEMOCRATIC party.

    Do you not know that he is now running as an INDEPENDENT because that is the only way he MIGHT have a chance to win ?

    He is a FLIP-FLOPPER and you think he is unbiased ?

    You were wrong the first time about Zinke, and I’m sorry to say that you will be apologetic for your comments on Harrison, after Bill Prim wins.

    The only thing good about Harrison being Sheriff, is that he might be able to NEGOTIATE himself out of some tight spots that Zinke couldn’t get out of !

    There is no neutrality running in the veins of Harrison.

  21. Doreen, You and your friends vote for Harrison , the fresh start…unbiased…. neutralized….independent… bad blood….. negotiating .. LAWYER….

    Yeah, I guess I’m a little upset that you still don’t understand just what Prim and his supporters stand for……… Honesty…. Dignity….. and Public Trust..

  22. Now let’s not forget the trio. ..Nygren, Pack and Harrison.

    Remember all the money( and i do mean lot’s and lots of money) that Harrison made from Nygren and Pack…

    Nygren will not be gone until Mr Prim takes over as McHenry County Sheriff and puts a end to this cancerous regime.

  23. We need full disclosure from Jim Harrison on how much money he made during the Pack and Nygren Days..

    How much did he make and why?

    How much money did he make from that famous land deal?

    Come on Jim, the people of McHenry County deserve an answer….

    Actions speak louder than words.

    So far many requests for full disclosure have been made from Jim Harrison and he has yet to say anything about the subject..

    The Prim Supporters stand for Honesty, Dignity and Public Trust…

    Got that right..

  24. He looks a little guilty to me when you can’t get an answer.

    IF Harrison gets those signatures I think we will hear a lot more about Harrison.

    You know he is reading all these blogs but won’t answer.

    He thinks he is getting information to plan his attack. l.o.l.

    I think I’ll call him 8 years, 25 years ago.

  25. Doreen: You want an negotiator,a attorney for Sheriff and Harrison is just what you want.

    Well is it too late for me to run for Sheriff?

    I have experience in being a negotiator for over 40 years.


    I’m great at Litigation also. Many many years of that.

    I have gotten my kids out of trouble (legally)

    Oh and I have many certifications:

    Being a medical professional …. I have given out so many bandages

    I’ve been a counselor for 30 years… settling many fights and disagreements I have kids

    I have many other certifications, so Doreen now can I be Sheriff?

    Should I run as a Republican, one kid has that personality no

    I changed my mind. I’ll run as a Democrat. no

    I’ll run as an Independent, covers all my kids

    Don’t you think being an attorney is top priority for running for Sheriff?


  26. Voter, You are not qualified to run for Sheriff because you haven’t worked for 8 years as a deputy.

  27. l.o.l. happy trails. Wait I can be qualified.

    I was a crossing guard for 2 years but that was 35 years ago. l.o.l.

  28. We read your replies to my comment at the office today and Iries, told me that I deserve this sarcasm, and that I should have know better to comment in a chat room that is set in their own ways.

    That’s OK boys, I can handle myself, I have 4 older bothers and a Father that I always had to fight just to get scraps of food at dinner.

  29. “Doreen” Everyone is still waiting on full disclosure of the land deal from Jim Harrison.

    How did he make?

    How much did he make during the Pack and Nygren days and why?

    Gosh, there appears to be a lot of spineless cowards attending Gordys special editions of “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is RIght”

    Believe me, they all love their over buttered popcorn…

    Hey Gordy, spin the wheel.

    Go ahead….

  30. So now what will Zinke do when these votes are done?

    A full recount?

  31. Andy Zinke loves to throw those temper tantrums at the tax payers expense…

    Remember, his role model was Keith Nygren; Andy learned from the best..

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