Implications of Ethics Decisions

I’ve watched the only two hearings of the inaptly named McHenry County Ethics Commission.

In the first, the Commission gave permission to county employees to use their county email accounts for campaigning.

In the second, the Commission gave permission to county employees to use county office space to promote their campaigns.

Now comes a Saturday article in the Chicago Tribune announcing a $100,000 fine for a former Rod Blagojevich appointee who violated the “revolving door” rule which prohibits top state employees from going to work for taking jobs with state contractors within a year after leaving the state payroll.

A message is being sent by  $100,000 check being written by a former state employee who violated the revolving door rule.

A message is being sent by $100,000 check being written by a former state employee who violated the revolving door rule.

Actually, the “fine” was a “settlement” with the Attorney General’s Office with no admission of guilt.

But, don’t you think state bureaucrats will get the message?


Implications of Ethics Decisions — 22 Comments

  1. No. To get the message they need to be afraid of the possibility of going to prison for a long time. I can’t tell if you’re asking rhetorically or not. You do have a knack for using sarcasm…

  2. Sounds like the Ethics Commission should be investigated over their policies and current decisions and practices.

  3. I don’t think the spin was in the post.

    It was in the name of the commission.

  4. Cindy, I stopped listening to your preposterous, medieval points of view after you called for the return of the public pillory two months ago.

    But there’s really no point in having a discussion with someone like you when all you thrive on is just throwing dust in the air.

    Regardless, Cal, inaptly isn’t a word, Zinke didn’t do anything wrong, and in a few short months, you can forget that Andrew Zinke ever existed and continue on being a good ol’ Tea Party shill, oh, and bash Jack Franks despite his record.

    Ah, return to the Skinner Status Quo…

    Won’t it be great…

    I can see the Steve Reick posts coming now…

  5. Zinke didn’t do anything wrong?

    You must be kidding.

    You people are so used to being wrong you don’t know what is legal or right.

    Fairplay you are dizzy

  6. Wrong, Fair Play, “inaptly” is an adverb meaning not suitable or ill suited.

    While it might not be the best word in the context of Cal’s article, it is a word and could be considered apropos here.

  7. Wrong on timing.

    Wrong on dictionary.

    Wrong on perceiving wrong.

    Wrong on what a shill is.

    Probably wrong on a screen name choice, too.

  8. But….. Fairplay is right about one thing……….we will all forget about Zinke, and Harrison to follow.

    They will both be dust in the wind.

  9. Seems I’m wrong about inaptly being a word.

    But I would hardly like to make concessions about the rest of my post.

    Nevertheless, if I were to say the Santa lives in the North Pole, I’m sure Voter, HappyTrails, and AnotherWatcher would find a way to say that Santa lives South with the penguins.

    And Duncan would just talk about butter…. still don’t understand that….

  10. inaptly, adverb

    in a mistaken or inappropriate way

    Synonyms amiss, erroneously, faultily, improperly, inaccurately, inappropriately, inaptly, incorrectly, mistakenly, unsuitably

    from Merriam-Webster

  11. First of all ” Fair Play” you should change your name.

    Secondly you should know what you are talking about before posting a comment

    Thirdly we only say the truth and have facts to back up what we say

    Fourthly: Now don’t get upset BUT Santa is not real.

  12. First of all, voter, it’s my freedom to say whatever I want under whatever pseudonym I choose until Cal wises up and makes us all sign up using Facebook or a different handle that requires genuine authentication.

    Secondly, I did misspeak concerning the ‘inaptly’ statement and acknowledge that – sorry for making a being human.

    Thirdly, the TRUTH that is backed by facts is that the ethics commission found no wrongdoing by Mr. Zinke and the FACTS that back that up are glaring – like, for example, the commission finding both complaints insufficient.

    It’s truly troubling that you wish to see the commission conduct themselves as a Tea Party Kangaroo Court against dissenting Republicans; quit tearing a once good party apart.

    Fourthly, I am upset that Santa isn’t real because the look on your face when he would deliver coal to you on Christmas would be PRICELESS!

    @Duncan – I was wondering when you would show up.

    Indeed Zinke did lose.

    However, I’m surprised you haven’t yet choked from the dust you constantly throw in the air.

  13. Fair Play in reference to your name change is because it does not fit what you write.

    You are not fair.

    I suggest you read the Ethics Commission finding again.

    Two of the members, Cherie Ricket and John White felt it was not important for them to vote so they didn’t show up (unless someone told them not to show)

    Hernandez and Hartmen both voted YES ( a guilty vote)

    Chairmen Spencer voted NO (was he intimidated)

    Oh and they ALL found that the facts in the complaint were sufficient.

    Learn to read the whole story and comprehend it.If you don’t understand then ask someone.

    Republicans are a great party and will continue to be so.

  14. Fair…..The people tearing up The Republican Party are not the bloggers…..or Cal…you can thank the OTHER Regime Republicans for that…..

    Bill Prim can bring back “The Republican Party ” with the Truth, Honesty, and Trust that has been missing for some time. ( Santa only goes to South for vacation )

  15. “Fair Play” No one said you were one of Gordy’s sharpest players.

    After all, you did lose most of the time, while others were playing and winning at those famous games “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Rumor has it, they had to teach you count.

    Though, you had no problem pouring on the butter….lol…

    Further, you serve no purpose in McHenry County.

    And, no one wants to hear you wallow in your sorrows…

    Calling the guys from the McHenry County Sheriffs Department that have had enough of Zinke and Nygren..

    Please, do all of McHenry County a favor: When Prim takes office, please show “Fair Play” to the Illinois State lines and let him know he isn’t allowed to return. No more over buttered popcorn for you “Fair Play”

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