NorWest Republicans Elect Officers

McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado swears in Mike McCleary as Chairman, Lori White as Vice Chairman, Rachel Smith as Secretary and Mark Shepherd as Treasurer of the NorWest Republican Central Committee.

McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado swears in Mike McCleary as Chairman, Lori White as Vice Chairman, Rachel Smith as Secretary and Mark Shepherd as Treasurer of the NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee.

The NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee elected officers in the Woodstock VFW Monday night.

Michael McCleary spoke to the group after his election as Chairman.

Michael McCleary spoke to the group after his election as Chairman.

The strangely-named group, which consists of Precinct Committeemen from the small townships from the southwest to the northeast corners of McHenry County, surrounds the more populated townships in the southeast and eastern side of the county on three sides.

It was formed on an ad hoc basis without benefit of by-laws or even a mention in the County by-laws.  It did not re-organize the night of the County Republican Central Committee Convention.  (Neither did Grafton Township Republicans.)

Greenwood Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Michael McCleary took it upon himself to find twenty-five percent of the area’s committeemen to call a meeting.  He based the twenty-five percent figure on the County’s by-laws.  It’s the number needed to call a special meeting.

He mailed meeting notices to all of the newly-elected Precinct Committeemen.

Subsequently, Mike Smyk, who served as an appointed Committeeman in Marengo 3 before being elected Committeeman in Riley Township sent out an email setting an organization meeting for Wednesday, May 7, at 7:30 PM at the Woodstock Library.

He signed it as “Acting NWTRCC Chairman.”

Chairing tonight’s meeting was newly-elected Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado.

She informed those gathered–both Precinct Committeemen there to vote in the official meeting and at least as many observers, including Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim–that she had checked with the Republican State Central Committee and found that the meeting was properly called.  Further, that because of the lack of by-laws for the group, Robert’s Rules of Order would be followed.

Most of the Precinct Committeemen from the smaller townships at the meeting can be seen here.

Most of the Precinct Committeemen from the smaller townships at the meeting can be seen here.

When the roll was called, Smyk, Don Lockhart, Chuck Ruth, Barb Klasen,Monica Young, Mark Gummerson, Glenda Miller and Pam Palmer were among the better-known names not attending.

A quorum, however, was present and the selection of officers proceeded.

Nominated without opposition and elected by secret ballot were

  • Michael McCleary – Chairman
  • Lori White – Vice Chairman
  • Rachel Smith – Secretary
  • Mark Shepherd – Treasurer

McCleary is from the Woodstock part of Greenwood Township, Smith from the Wonder Lake area, White from Spring Grove and Shepherd from Hebron.

Among observers (from left to right) were Party Treasurer Chuck Wheeler, Christina Meyers,Matt McNamara, Mickey Schuch, Matt Meyer

Among observers (from left to right) were Party Treasurer Chuck Wheeler, Christina Myers,Matt McNamara, Mickey Schuch, Matt Meyer and Bill Prim.  Hidden behind Myers is Andrew Gasser.

Salgado swore them into office.


NorWest Republicans Elect Officers — 13 Comments

  1. Great job!

    Especially having a quorum when the “great & accomplished” nunda twp never did!

    Onward and upward, patriots!

  2. This group has the most difficult task of all the GOP groups – get Steve Reich elected!!!

    With the assistance of the McHenry and Dorr groups, this goal could be achieved.

    The picture shows Hill and Jung from Dorr plus Sager from Woodstock – I look forward to hear their campaigns supporting Steve Reich.

  3. Time to bring the party back together.

    I wish the best of luck to this new group of Republicans.

    As we get older we need to bring in the new generation and with open arms, some thing the good old boys didn’t understand.

    This used to be the safe Republican county,but over the last 20 years it has fallen apart.

    Good luck new team!!

  4. What?

    The old guard didn’t even show up?

    Whatsa matter? Didn’t want to get shellacked like Daniel, Shorten etc a few weeks ago?

    One can only hope that they realize those days of controlling the party are OVER!

  5. It appears the folks that attended this meeting are FED UP with the divisive scare tactics used by Smyk and the old guard.

    Times are changing, along with McHenry County Republicans.

    It also appears the Reformers know how to get things done.

    Like electing officers for the Norwest Township.

    Something the old guard couldn’t get done in two years.

    It will be interesting to see what the Reformers will accomplish next.

    Honestly, they don’t have to do much to outshine the old guard.

  6. Miss Uppity, you hit the nail directly on the head! The “old guard” hadn’t accomplished anything in 2 years!

    From what I saw last night this new group of people are going to make things happen.

    I, for one, was tired of getting the run around everytime I wanted some answers.

    Michael McCleary has his head on straight and if he doesn’t know the answer he goes and gets it for you!

    He doesn’t tell you he’ll find out and then just never get back to you. Good bye to the “old guard”!!

  7. It would be funny if it were not so freightening; the reformers have shown themselves to be nothing more than the very thing that they claim to reject, a good ole boy club.

    The reformers have accomplished nothing but to build walls of devicivness within the party in McHenry County.

  8. Based on the posts on this blog, there was an attempt to vote on officers for NorWest prior to the convention but that was thwarted by the “acting’ chairman.

    Subsequently a call was made by 25 percent of the committeemen to hold a meeting and the “acting” chairman called the meeting illegal and told committeemen not to attend.

    Further, based on what was reported above, the State GOP approved the meeting to elect officers.

    Who is being divisive?

    It appears that what you call “reformers” are attempting to revive a dysfunctional NorWest group.

  9. Wasn’t the “acting chairman” an appointed precinct committeeman?

    Is that even legal?

    Shouldn’t a chairman of a township at least be an elected Precinct Committeeman?

    Perhaps, because he was only appointed he never got a copy of the Mchenry County GOP by-laws.

    If that is the case, then the people in charge back when Smyk was anointed “acting chairman” should have given him a copy.

    Another clearly dysfunctional symptom of ‘old guard’.

    The Norwest election should have been held the night of the County Convention, when the majority of the precinct committeeman were there.

    Another, dysfunctional symptom of the ‘old guard’.

    Same goes for the Grafton Township.

    Their election was also stalled by the ‘old guard’.

    Besides Smyk and the ‘old guard’ being divisive and dysfunctional, how about hypocritical?

    If the election could not be held the night of the County Convention because proper written notice wasn’t given, then how can Smyk call a meeting via email?

    Without proper written notification?

    After all, that was what Smyk and the ‘old guard’ were complaining about the night of the County Convention.

    They didn’t receive proper written notification.

    Now that proper notification was given, they try to deem the meeting illegal and use scare tactics to keep precinct committeeman from showing up at their election?

    How divisive is that tactic?

    Let’s even throw delusional into the mix of adjectives to describe Smyk and the ‘old guard’.

    If he was anointed “acting chairman’ while being an appointed precinct committeeman, how does he not understand his term ended?

    This Chairman position is not a dictatorship.

    It’s an elected position.

    He doesn’t get to be ‘acting chairman’ forever.

    It’s in the best interest of the Norwest Township to hold an election as close to the County Convention as possible.

  10. Thank you to everyone who showed up.

    It was a rather quick meeting with a lot of pizza and delicious desserts (Diane Evertsen can really cook a pineapple upside down cake).

    Special Thank You’s go out to Chairman Tina Hill, County Board Members John Jung, Nick Provezano, and Mayor Brian Sager for attending.

    Long road to travel down and definitely more events need to happen where we are not voting.

    Thanks Again!

  11. These four new officers are Simply Superb!


    Please don’t expect any kudos, however, from great personages like ex-Chicago Ward-heeler Al ‘The Sausage King” Jourdan, or his sooty minions, many of whom have recently been seen at the Brookfield Zoo, clamoring for a special pen of their own.

    they claim they’re ‘endangered predators’ from deepest, darkest McHenry County.

    The Zoo, however, scotched their tearful requests, calling them “rodentia,” “common,” and ‘mixed w/ invertebrae more suitable for the Shedd Aquarium’s mullosk beds.

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