Mental Health Board Outside Executive Director Search Sputters Out

How long has it been since the McHenry County Mental Health Board had a permanent Executive Director?

The 2013-14 McHenry County Yearbook published every two years by McHenry County Clerk Kathie Schultz lists Todd Schroll as “Interim Executive Director.”

He replaced Sandy Lewis, who got her graduate degree at taxpayer expense and moved to Virginia.

Resigning in November, Schroll was replaced by Lyn Orphal, a former McHenry County Board member to fill in until a new permanent Executive Director could be selected.  That was last December.  Orphal’s contract runs until mid-June.

Agendas of the 708 Board show lots of secret sessions for discussion of “personnel matters.”

Now word has reached McHenry County Blog that the four finalists, recruited by a paid head hunter, have been told that none of them will be selected for the permanent post.

I asked former County Board member Scott Breeden for details and he sent the following:

Scott Breeden

Scott Breeden

We are in the process of ending our relationship withthe search firm that had been doing the executive search for the Board.

We feel that with the MHB staff having been reduced and the MHB no longer providing service its self, the requirements for a director have changed tremendously.

It is my feeling that we offer the permeant position to Lyn Orphal who has proven herself over the past several months to be more then qualified and get on with doing what the MHB needs to be doing. Not all of the Board Members hold my view, but I’m working on them.

Someone capable form the local area at $80,000 to $90,000 or someone from the outside at $140,000 plus moving expenses……… know which one I’m supporting!