County Looking for Person Who Knows the Difference Between Right and Wrong for Ethics Commission

Actually, the press release below from the McHenry County Board doesn’t indicate that the Board members are “looking for people who know the difference between right and wrong.”

That would be nice though, wouldn’t it?

Maybe someone who still believes what they were taught in civics class.

Or what that line in the Jaycees Creed says,

“Government should be of laws and not of men.”

It reminds me of what my legislative seatmate Tom Johnson used to tell me:

“Skinner, your problem is that you still believe things are on the up and up.”

Here’s the press release:

The McHenry County Ethics Commission

The McHenry County Ethics Commission

The McHenry County Board is accepting applications from persons interested in appointment to the McHENRY COUNTY ETHICS COMMISSION.

One vacant position is available for a term ending February 1, 2016.

Application forms are available at the County Board Office, Room 209, McHenry County Government Center, 667 Ware Road, Woodstock, IL 60098 (815-334-4221) or at the County’s website at

Applications should be returned to the County Board office located at 667 Ware Road, Woodstock, IL 60098.

If mailing your application, certified or registered mail is recommended. Mailed applications should be sent to the following address: McHenry County Board, 2200 North Seminary Avenue, Woodstock, IL 60098.

= = = = =
If you do deliver it in person, get a receipt. I know of at least one application for another commission that got lost.

Melissa Hernandez, one of the two commissioners to vote to send Zane Seipler’s complaint about Andy Zinke’s use of the Sheriff’s Office to the State’s Attorney’s Office for further investigation, is retiring.

Potential applicants might want to read the following stories:


County Looking for Person Who Knows the Difference Between Right and Wrong for Ethics Commission — 14 Comments

  1. One vacancy ???????? They should have 4.

    One for the person retiring,’ 2 for the ones who didn’t think it was important to be at the Zinke hearing and 1 that has no b____ to vote what he knew was the truth.

  2. Voter; so I’m looking forward to seeing YOUR name as an applicant since you SEEM to think you know right from wrong-yeah, right-not

  3. ‘AZsupporter” You lost….

    And, no one wants to listen to you…..

    Go talk to “Fukoku”

    She’s probably lonlye, and very broke….lol..

  4. AZ
    didn’t anyone tell you Zinke NEVER had a chance.

    You probably think he still is going to win the primary. l.o.l.

    Can’t wait until he works as a LT. for the Sheriff’s department.

    Guess he will have to learn to listen to someone else.

    He’ll have to do the right thing.he will be in withdrawal.

  5. Speaking of Fukoku…

    I understand she attended the recent Norwest Organizational Meeting requesting to be appointed as PC…

    Apparently, circulating a petition is too much work…

    Or perhaps, she doesn’t feel her neighbors would actually cast a vote on her behalf!

  6. Does anyone know the results from the re-count?

    They were done yesterday?

  7. So far, there is no change from the canvass results. For an official change there would have to be a court-ordered recount.

  8. The County Board should immediately replace the two Commissioners who blew off the hearing on the recent complaint about Zinke and the Chairman.

    Why in the world are they worrying now about replacing a Commissioner whose term expires in February 2016???

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