Police Roadside Safety Checks

A press release from the Illinois State and Crystal Lake Police Departments:

Illinois State Police Announce Roadside Safety Check to be Conducted

Crystal Lake Police used The Breakers parking lot to issue tickets.

Crystal Lake Police used The Breakers parking lot to issue tickets during this roadside check.  One car between Ridgefield Road and McHenry County College was on the lookout for those using cell phones.

Elgin, IL – The Illinois State Police (ISP), District 2, and Crystal Lake Police Department will conduct a joint Roadside Safety Check (RSC) in Crystal Lake, McHenry County, during the weekend of May 3rd, according to Lt. Brian Windle.

The ISP has zero tolerance for impaired driving in Illinois.

Officers working this detail will be watchful for drivers who are operating vehicles in an unsafe manner, driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license, transporting open alcoholic beverages, or Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Alcohol and drug impairment is a significant factor in nearly 40 percent of all fatal motor vehicle crashes in Illinois.

RSCs are designed to keep our roads safe by taking dangerous DUI offenders off the road.

This project is funded through the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Traffic Safety.

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Besides The Breakers’ parking lot, the lot of the new VW dealership building on Route 14 has been used as a ticketing area.


Police Roadside Safety Checks — 22 Comments

  1. Expect a press release on Monday praising their resounding success by issuing 35 seat belt tickets and citing one driver for daring to have a glass of wine with dinner.

    When did primary purpose of our police become harassing the people?

  2. This is an absolute disgrace!!!

    Shame on you police departments.

    It’s really a form of tyranny.

  3. Velcome to Nazi Germany.

    Ve do dis for your protection.

    Nothing more un-American than this police state nonsense.

  4. I guess no one in Illinois ever heard of Terry vs Ohio.

    But Illinois Pols and cops are going to show us who’s in charge, right?

    Just make sure your ‘papers’ are in order.

    It’s for your own good you see.

  5. What are you people all nuts?

    Skeptic, a disgrace, shame on you police dept?????

    Harassing people Mark, welcome to nazi Germany?Are you people kidding.

    One of those stops could save your kids life.

    Not to say that if your not breaking the law, then who cares if someone stops you for a few minutes.

    The above comments are not only irresponsible but pure stupid.

    Guess what, people have to follow the law and police enforce those laws.

    They even tell you so you can’t say it is entrapment.

  6. “One of those stops could save your kids life.”

    It’s about a million times more likely that one of these stops could ruin your life for having the audacity to order a second beer with your dinner.

  7. Voter – Give the 4th amendment a read, sometime…

    There is a reason for the notions of “Probable Cause”…and “Innocent until proven guilty”…

    Until then you must be free to go about your business unmolested!

    There is another fairly well notion as well…

    “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

    That really is something that has survived the Soviet Union and has arrived in the good old USA.

    “Show me the man,” says any federal prosecutor, “and I can show you the crime.”

    This is not an exaggeration.

    Youtube is chock full of examples of innocent people being randomly stopped for “safety checks”, etc., only to be locked up for some other non-sense having NOTHING to do with why they were stopped.

  8. “Voter”. You really don’t get it, do you.

    First of all the argument that their “doing it for public safety” is an absolute fraud.

    They are doing it for money and to assert their power.

    Also, THEY decide in the field who is guilty.

    I assure you all their pals who are guilty of any violation will be forgiven on the spot and told to move on.

    The argument is a fraud.

    Why not just force us to give up our cars too.

    The other issue is simple freedom.

    Police and government, please just stay OUT OF OUR LIVES.

    “Help us” when we request your help or patrol neighborhood where VIOLENCE is likely….not seatbelts unbuckled.

  9. I can see some of your points and also know their are a lot of bad cops.

    I see your point.

  10. Was quite happy with the comments until I ran into voter.

    I am so glad that you folks have the patience to try to educate that poor soul.

    I would not have been nearly as nice or quite so calm.

    I absolutely agree with everything that everyone else here said.

    Only, maybe a little more vociferously.

  11. Cindy go back to your trailer.

    You have no class and the way you would have treated me I really couldn’t care less.

    As for the other remarks,I have said that I did see your points but people still have to follow the law.

    I don’t agree with a lot of the laws but they are the laws.

    Cindy maybe you should live in the foot hills of Kentucky

  12. It’s not the law voter.

    You are presupposing that statutes are something that should be revered.

    The others seem to get that point.

  13. Voter, I don’t usually come back to someone I’ve previously written off but in this one case I’ll make an exception.

    After your threats against me before Easter with the “lol’s” I had your comments analyzed.

    I was told the vast majority of individuals who feel perfectly at ease being rude(as with Cindy), making threats(as with me and many others) and being a bully online are teenage girls.

    Following this thought by my friend I decided to give you the benefit of doubt.

    Given you’re likely an isolated lonely emotionally damaged young lady who is lashing out at others to hide your own feelings of inadequacy I’ll offer you small solace.

    IF you can refrain from threats, bullying and showing your ignorance daily on this blog it is possible the very intelligent people who comment here will forget your past transgressions to give you a fair shot at growing into a well educated well mannered young lady.

    If not then feel free to enjoy the support of my dancing monkey at the kiddie table in irrelevancy.

  14. Paul: Thanks for your post and after checking what you said I now understand where everyone is coming from.

    Sorry, I’ve really had a bad day.

  15. So, when will the police stop this “roadside” nonsense?

    When will the police stop placing patrolmen outside of high schools to ticket 16 year olds or by train stations to ticket hard working citizens on their way to work for “crossing the line” after the bell?

    When will the police start HELPING us…..rather than attacking us?

    C’mon, police who read this blog.

    What’s your defense for your repeated attacks on the very people paying for your bloated and early pensions?


  16. I think everyone should take a step or two back….

    There will always be injustice, wars, rules, starvation, terrorism, evil, killings, bombings, and safety checks.

    This world is in a sorry state.

    There are so many more important things to worry about in this world…so..REROUTE YOURSELVES PEOPLE, you know where the checkpoints are…..have a beer… take your seatbelt off… eat a sandwich…smoke some weed… put your makeup on…shave…text your friends…call your friends..turn up the radio and sing…loud……

    I know the checks are a violation of the 4th amendment, but….. We are not required to know all of the rules, statutes, and amendments for the world…take another road and calm down…Priest,

    Please pray for us all

  17. Last winter a vote came before the County Board for a special appropriation for funding these ‘safety checks’.

    There were 3 or 4 votes against this, including mine.

    I spoke out against the use of public funds, even if they are Federal funds, for police actions of this sort.

    They are most often deployed during holidays and special events like St. Patrick’s Day and Superbowl.

    They are infringements on citizens’ rights of being secure in their persons and property, and an unnecessary micromanagement of traffic flow.

    I will continue to speak out against this type of activity and vote against its funding when I can.

  18. Nick: I just read the minutes.

    For the record, if Diane Evertsen had not pulled the item off the Consent Agenda you would not have had the opportunity to “grandstand”.

    You appear to do that frequently!

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