Real Estate Tax Bills Posted

If you would like to view your property tax bill before it arrives in the mail, click here.

Below is a bill from the Nunda Township portion of Crystal Lake.  It is up 2.3%.

(If you look yours up, please tell us in the comment section the percentage it increased or decreased, your school district, municipality and township.)

RET Nunda CL 2014 collection yearRET Nunda CL 2014 Collectoin year totals
If you would like to see how much more or less local tax districts will get from the property tax, most district comparisons are found below:

  • Find a comparison of this year’s and last year’s municipal tax takes (Crystal Lake has the highest increase) here.
  • A township government tax comparison is here.
  • Schools, junior colleges, McHenry County and the Conservation District are here.
  • Fire Protection Districts are here.


Real Estate Tax Bills Posted — 14 Comments

  1. Taxes, especially PROPERTY TAXES, are so out of control that local politicians better act soon….or they’ll be out of a job.

    Franks is the king of the phony-world on this issue.

    He claims he is a tax fighter.

    The facts: He’s been a legislator with the Democrat majority since 1998 and our PROPERTY TAXES have more than DOUBLED in that time.

    Not in Chicago.

    Not in Cook County.

    McHenry County has seen their property taxes sky rocket.

    PROPERTY TAXES were way too high in 1998 too….

    Franks himself told us so in order to convince us he was “on our side”.

    What a laugh.

    Now the taxes are more than double; in some cases they’ve TRIPLED.

    What a legislative loser. We, the voters, are to blame.

    What does Crystal Lake do in response?

    Raise our taxes of course.


    When does this nonsense end?

  2. It ends when the status quo County Board members lose to their Conservative opponents! (or get impeached).

    I’m all for the latter!

  3. Let’s get that impeachment process going…

    I am all for some new board members…

    They are going to miss their popcorn…lol…

  4. Clean out the whole lot.

    County board, city councils,, school boards (get some non union in there), mayors, Pam Althoff (MCCD tax hike proposal), Jack Franks, Tryon, Wheeler, MCC board members who aren’t. fiscally conservative.

    If I missed any one you know who you are!

    We need a spring cleaning throughout the county, state & country. Anything is a start – just like the local GOP & sheriffs office!!

  5. **The facts: [Franks has] been a legislator with the Democrat majority since 1998 and our PROPERTY TAXES have more than DOUBLED in that time.**

    Umm… you do know that the local governments control property taxes, not the state, right?

    And you do know that local governments in McHenry County are dominated by Republicans, right?

    But sure… blame Jack Franks.

  6. District 15 & 156, Nunda and McHenry.

    Assessed values down an average of -5.9% while the amounts due went up +4.9%.

    I spent the last couple of years protesting the artificial run up in values that these slugs took full advantage of.

    Now after just one year of normalcy, were back on that Property Tax elevator.

    Worse, we can’t finalize getting out of Illinois, because of the still depressed market and losses in valuation, which will never recover.

  7. Not true, “Dave”. Nice try.

    Though the needs for funding are the most important LOCAL factor for property taxes, your property TAX RATE is determined by a “FORMULA”.

    This “FORMULA” is what really determines what your taxes will be.

    This “FORMULA” takes into account a series of factors, including local schools, police, fire, etc. but it is determined by the STATE, not the local officials.

    It is the “FORMULA” wherein your pal Franks gets to hide from the responsibility of our outrageous taxes.

    That “FORMULA” allows the Democrats in Springfield to levy heavier taxes on Republican areas in order to subsidize the liberal Cook, Sangamon, and Rock Island Counties.

    And political dolts like you fall for it.

    Did you ever wonder, Dave, why your house has a tax bill of $7,000 a year and the same house in Chicago would cost you $3,200 a year?

  8. Skeptic,I am not happy with the taxes out here however you are way off as far as cook county taxes.

    A bungelow on a 25x125foot lot in Ravenswood is just under $10,000.

    Now about taxes in Mchenry county, it is outrageous that 55.98% of your tax bill should go for teachers when the taxpayers must work a full year not part time.

  9. tinkerbelle you hit the nail right on the head as so many of you have.

    I live in Crystal Lake and I checked my property taxes and up again close to $10k a year now.

    I am so done you can stick a fork into me.


  10. Insatiable appetite for more money is UNSTOPPABLE FORCE.

    Only self defense against unstoppable force is IMMOVABLE OBJECT.

    IMMOVABLE OBJECT= Law Capping Property Tax at some Percentage of Home Value (1.75% ?).

    It is only complicated when it benefits those who make it complicated.

    Take your tax bill, divide it by your property value, and you have the percentage of your home value taken as tax.

    In California, they have long had a Property Tax Cap (Prop 13) at 1% of property value.

    They seem to provide more than adequate education and governance in California with this 1% Tax Cap.

    *(PLEASE NOTE: The percentage increase of stated “percentage taken for McHenry County Pension” rose 31.2%. This should alarm all homeowners in the county as we are all legally obliged to provide these funds for life of recipient and survivors, and they must rise with COLA. School District 200 Pension percentage rose 22.35% year over year.)

    Percentage increases of my property tax percentage by taxing body as stated on property tax bill of 2014 (compared to 2013):

    McHenry County: up 7.31%
    *McHenry County Pension: up 31.20%

    McHenry County Conservation District: up 10.76%

    MCC: up 9.84%

    School District 200: up 11.83%

    *School District 200 Pension: up 22.35%

    Seneca Township: up 6.7%

    My Property Tax data:

    2014 data:

    Taxing Body Rate Percent

    MCHENRY COUNTY 0.945481 8.57
    MCHENRY COUNTY PENSION 0.150564 1.37
    MCHENRY CO CONSV 0.274794 2.49
    COLLEGE DISTRICT 528 MCC 0.429772 3.90
    COLLEGE DISTRICT 528 MCC PENSION 0.000872 0.01
    SCHOOL DIST 200 7.439407 67.46
    SCHOOL DIST 200 PENSION 0.302812 2.75
    WOODSTOCK FIRE RESCUE 0.757490 6.87
    SENECA TOWNSHIP 0.187291 1.70
    SENECA TWP RD & BR 0.312990 2.84

    Totals 11.028512 *(% of 1/3 of home value)

    2013 data:

    Taxing Body Rate Percent

    MCHENRY COUNTY 0.881056 8.94
    MCHENRY COUNTY PENSION 0.114753 1.16
    MCHENRY CO CONSV 0.248082 2.52
    COLLEGE DISTRICT 528 MCC 0.391268 3.97
    COLLEGE DISTRICT 528 MCC PENSION 0.000792 0.01
    SCHOOL DIST 200 6.652401 67.49
    SCHOOL DIST 200 PENSION 0.247494 2.51
    WOODSTOCK FIRE RESCUE 0.681136 6.91
    SENECA TOWNSHIP 0.175517 1.78
    SENECA TWP RD & BR 0.277957 2.82

    Totals 9.856870 *(% of 1/3 of home value)

  11. Tax payers paying pensions in property and income taxes is wrong on so many levels; a persons retirement should be ones personal responsibility, not the burden of the tax payers.

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