County Auditor Pam Palmer Reticent about Releasing Internal Audits

Something is going on at the McHenry County Boards Finance and Audit Committee which some members think should be made public and McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer does not.

It seems to relate to audits of Senior Services Grants from what I can gather from the top paragraph on page 4 of her April 22, 2014 memo.  I believe this refers to property tax money raised pursuant to referendum that has been distributed to deliver services to senior citizens.

I also notice that internal audits have been done of the jail.  I wonder if any have been done of the Sheriff’s gas pumps and the repair of vehicles.

Read the memo and draw your own conclusions.

Palmer Audit Memo 4-22-14 p1Palmer Audit Memo 4-22-14 p2Palmer Audit Memo 4-22-14 p3Palmer Audit Memo 4-22-14 p4


County Auditor Pam Palmer Reticent about Releasing Internal Audits — 5 Comments

  1. Is anyone concerned about the sudden secrecy surrounding the county government these past few weeks?

    What are they hiding?

    Maybe there needs to be an audit and investigation.

    Now that they’ve lost control of the party & some positions something’s looking pretty fishy.

    Just looking at the two recent posts here is enough for the citizens to ask ALOT of questions!

  2. Pam, is that a grizzly or polar bear you have in mind?

    Cover up, stall tactics, from our auditor with a wee bit of whining.

    Time to replace her with a real auditor.

  3. Bill Prim…… I can hear those shredders going too…. and more budget costs for the new Sheriff… better add some new shredders for that office too !

    Any other office need them ?

    Please make a committee to replace all shredders BEFORE BILL PRIM TAKES OFFICE !!

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