NorWest Township Republicans Splinter Group Meets

There was a Woodstock meeting Wednesday night, the same night the Grafton Township Republican Central Committee organized.

It consisted mainly of the little townships Republican Precinct Committeemen who did not attend the organization meeting called by Michael McCleary and enough other Committeemen to compromise more than 25% of those elected.

In attendance were the following who did not attend last week’s meeting.

  • Mark Gummerson, Seneca 1
  • Barb Klasen, Greenwood 3, Township Supervisor
  • Don Lockhart, Marengo Mayor, elected in Marengo 2
  • Pam Palmer, Coral 1, McHenry County Auditor
  • Michael Symk, Riley Township Committeeman, appointed in Marengo 3 last term when he was Chairman of the NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee
  • Monica Young, Greenwood 7

Chemung 1 Committeeman and GOP nominee for County Treasurer arrived near the end of the meeting.

Brian Sager casts his vote at the organization meeting.

Brian Sager casts his vote at the organization meeting.

There were four present who also attended the meeting at which McCleary was elected Chairman of the NorWest Townships Republican Central Committee:

  • Bill Matteson – Chemung 2
  • Michael McCleary – Greenwood 2, elected Chairman of the organization last week
  • William Parker – Dunham Township
  • Brian Sager – Greenwood 6, Woodstock Mayor

Last Wednesday, the total attendance was ten before Miller arrived.

Eleven elected Committeemen attended the meeting McCleary called.

The officers elected were

  • Michael McCleary, Chairman
  • Lori White, Vice Chairman
  • Rachel Smith, Secretary
  • Mark Shepherd, Treasurer

Discussion ensured over the lack of by-laws, which former Chairman of the organization, appointed by then-County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon, said was almost completed, the relevant committee having met six times.

Sager attempted to mediate between the two factions, but was unsuccessful.

Symk said another meeting would be called to elect officers.

Symk was contacted for comment, but did not reply after four hours.

= = = = =
About 15 hours after I requested input from Symk, he sent the following:

I feel it was a productive meeting with nearly 2/3 of the townships represented.

There was a lot of discussion on

  • the finalization of bylaws which are mostly completed, yet needing overall input on a few items,

  • the direction of the NorWests moving forward, as well as

  • a timeline established as a goal to have a couple meetings in the upcoming weeks and months for both ratification of said bylaws and elections of the newly established organization at that time.


NorWest Township Republicans Splinter Group Meets — 11 Comments

  1. The splinter group needs to be shown the door.

    Their open defiance to the Chairman Sandra Salgado needs to be addressed at the state level.

    Contact the Illinois Republican Party to let them know of the divisive and distraction these elected officials are creating in Mchenry County.

    If you are part of the McHenry County Republican party, ask yourself, how will these tactics, used by Pam Palmer and Glenda Miller help us win elections?

    Obviously, they only care about their tax payer paid positions.

    They obviously used the Republican party name to get elected in McHenry.

  2. Funny…….they didn’t invite me.

    At the 4/16 meeting I asked Mark Gummerson for a copy of the draft by-laws and he stated that he hadn’t seen one.

    I then asked Mike Symk to send me a copy and I haven’t seen anything to date.

    Scott Erickson
    Richmond 1 Committeeman

  3. Former Grafton Township GOP Executives set the bar high with the manner in which they welcomed the new Executives.

    I wonder who is the driving force behind Smyk.

    Let’s look at the attendees: Gummerson, Lockhart, Klasen, Young, Miller and Palmer.

    Are they all supporters of Jack Franks?

    It does appear that Sager did attempt to bring a little bit of common sense to the meeting.

    With Klasen passing a petition for Harrison, why has she not resigned from her position as a GOP committeeman?

  4. Wow! If you don’t like the results of a LAWFULLY called meeting (which they did not even bother to attend) they pretend they are still in charge!!!

    I guess they are still up to their old practice of making up laws as they go along.

    Kinda sounds like vigilantism doesn’t it?

    Wait…isn’t that the latest definition of the legal party take over by the true conservatives?

    I’m so confused…

    I thought liberals were in charge of upside down, inside out!

    Way to go Mike S…you have learned to manipulate from the very best…

    Time for the IL GOP to toss these impostors out!

  5. Why is Klasen passing a petition for Harrison !

    Has he become a Republican again!

  6. He flip flops.

    Look at Cals article on 4/23/14

    Jim Harrisons Appear on Democrats Web Site.

    He was asking people to donate to the Democratic Party.

    (go back to older posts # 9)

    So good question Knowledge voter and Bazinga about Klasen.

    So what is Harrison, Republican or Democrat?

    Maybe he will give us an answer because at least the people know that Bill Prim is a
    Republican and doesn’t change his mind and ” flip Flops to win an election.

    Yes why is Klasen trying to get signatures at a GOP event when by what I can tell by articles that he is a Democrat.

  7. symk and his cronies are not in charge there terms are done.

    Sore loosers.

    miller calls herself a republican?

    she has an election to win in a few months.

    palmer wants to be re elected in 2 years.

    how would miller like it after she is sworn in and lefew tells her he wants to be treasurer 2 more years and doesn’t respect her and step a way?

    symk and his idiot looser cronies should step down or forfeit there republican precinct positions!

  8. It has become quite apparent that these people who have run the county GOP for the past couple of decades are not really republicans.

    They are having tantrums because they lost, acting like spoiled children that didn’t get what they want.

    They were promised, and it looks like it backfired on them.

    I believe some of the losers were actually Democrats by their actions now & before they lost but now showing their true colors.

  9. Smyk, Klasen, Lockhart, Miller, Palmer, Gummrson, Young, have shown their true delusional colors.

    They can call themselves Republicans all they want.

    Their actions speak louder than words.

    They are acting like Obama, who also disregards the laws and rules and tries to circumvent in anyway possible.

    It’s time to replace these Demonrats now!

    Jack Franks can have them!

  10. Cal

    I the attended the meeting for the Norwest township on April 28th
    in which everyone was invited.

    I was well understood that at this meeting we as a group would elect new officers to the group
    some chose not to attend now those who did not attend are claiming that this meeting was invalid….

    But first let me back up a bit here,the night we had the elections for McHenry County in March, we as the Norwest group called for a side meeting to discuss electing new officials at a future date..April 28

    Mr. Gummerson, Mr Smyck and Mr Lockhart both objected saying it was illegal to do so…

    Now after attending Norwest township meeting’s since I was appointed to Chemung 4, now elected Chemung 2, I have never seen either, Lockhart of Gummerson or Monica Young at any meeting……..

    Mike Mcleery sent out notices via email and U S Post…

    Mike Smyck also sent out a letter calling for a meeting in which all those who chose not to attend the first meeting attended this one the main objection was that the new group could not be a legal group without a set of BY-Laws………..

    that being the case ,how then can the secondary group be valid at my very first meeting a couple of years ago the topic was by-laws…at no time ever were any copies passed out to anyone about By-laws , at no time was I ever asked for any input nor do I know anyone that was…….

    the By-laws was just a topic that sounded good and always going to get done but it was only mentioned in passing that we should do it..

    Two years latter I find nothing has progressed ……….

    At the May 6th meeting it was plain to see that a lot of discussion had taken place between the group prior to the meeting and that there was an agenda taking place………….

    The May 6th meeting was your basic muscle flexing contest and I shutter to think how it would have turned out if Parker,McClerry.Sager and myself had not shown up..

    Also at this meeting they want another meeting to review “by-laws” and hold a new election
    We have had the election, it was legal, fair and valid

    No new elections are warranted

    Bill Matteson
    Chemung 2

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