Nunda Township Road Commissioner Hiding Audit of Senior Bus Services

McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer conducted an audit of the grant to the Nunda Township Road Commissioner for Senior Bus Service.

Since County government was responsible for awarding the money, it seems appropriate that the Auditor should see if it was spent according to the terms and conditions of the grant.

The audit has been brought before the Finance and Audit Committee a couple of times, but Palmer refuses to share it with the public.

She claims it is an internal audit and, thus, exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

Maybe so, but she has shared it with the Nunda Township Road Commissioner.

The buildings on the east side of the Nunda Township Road Commissioner's complex.

The buildings on the east side of the Nunda Township Road Commissioner’s complex.

Mike Lesperance used the same excuse to keep it secret.

He used the same excuse Palmer trotted out–that it was an internal audit.

I appealed the FOIA denial to the Public Access Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General, arguing that, while it might be an internal audit to McHenry County, it was an external audit to Nunda Township.

It usually takes months to get a finding from the AG’s Office, so sit back with me and be patient.

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This is somewhat similar to McHenry County College’s refusal to share its audit management letters. Such letters tell what is wrong with operations which are not serious enough to make the audit.

Nevertheless, they are often quite revealing.

Only the junior college staff and board are worthy of examining them, it seems.


Nunda Township Road Commissioner Hiding Audit of Senior Bus Services — 6 Comments

  1. What?

    Transparent with the taxpayer’s money? Forget about it!

    The only surprise here will be if the audit comes back clean.

  2. The time has come for the McHenry County GOP to work on a replacement for Palmer.

    Her involvement with the NorWest Township group was an abysmal failure and now the price is being paid with confusion within the group.

    IMHO there is no justifiable reason to deny public access to any record created by an employee paid with taxpayer dollars.

    Withholding information from the taxpayers ranks right up there with illegal public closed door meetings.

  3. So at what point do taxpayers get tired of all the grade school drama and fencing with these fiefdoms called Townships and decide to get rid of them?

  4. Someone needs to demand an audit of the auditor!!

    Keeping secrets from the taxpayers right after we received our once again, increased tax bills, as the economy tanks, gas, food, comed prices rise; and our income can barely make ends meet is unacceptable.

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